ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 259 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 259: Naked Murder Part 1


An area that looks like it have withstood a mortar bombing. A sword wielding Tsuchinoko that had arms extending from its mouth in a truly gross fashion. A field of view that was so dim that it was almost pitch black…… On paper, this whole setting seemed to have been impossible and quite an ordeal to overcome, but in reality, once that you have given this battle a spin it was not all that bad.


Thanks to the field of battle being ridden with mortar holes there was some room to maneuver and get the upper hand. On the other hand, it was making the movements of the snake to be extremely limited. Since its arms were not that long to begin with, it was easy to avoid them if you were careful enough. Also it seems that there would be no sneak attack attempts, which was weird considering the fact that the surrounding darkness was more than perfect for it.


But for me, that was even more of a reason to be on my guard. When things tend to go a little bit TOO smoothly, there is always a possibility that it may actually be a trap. Best to stay vigilant, just in case.


It is always a rule of thumb that monster born out of Unique Monsters are not supposed to be easy. You need to have a challenge if you want to beat them. They should basically be like bosses or mini bosses. But this one was surprisingly easy.


[There are no grabs. There are no insta kills. There are no unblockable attacks. There are no ranged attacks…… This is really fishy, so let us avoid direct contact for now.


Most likely, this encounter is supposed to be something like a multi staged boss battle. That in and out of itself is fine. The real problem is this: just how strong this monster really is?


There is always a possibility that this Goldunine offspring is similar in nature to Nightprowler Luukan’s alter ego, or maybe even like Tower Guardians from Lulilas, which were not all that strong in and out of themselves, but had powerful gimmicks to back them up in battle.


If it was really just an alter ego, this would be all good and manageable. However, if it was the Tower Defenders option, that would make things needlessly complicated and would raise the difficulty of a single enemy up tremendously. Rather, it might even be impossible if you are doing this quest solo, and would need help of other players or NPCs.


[I know that I promised that I will destroy them all…… But at the very least I can always choose to back away and regroup!]


I slowly approach the dead Tsuchinko and gently flip one of its jet-black scales up with the tip of my blade. The scale peels off with ease, making a nice sound and does not resist at all. The rest of Tsuchinko’s body then shatters in the darkness…… and then something begins to crystalize in place where Tsuchinko’s body was until a moment ago.


In ShangriLa Frontier, the drop items are decided by the system depending on the randomly generated “item” from the possible pool for every opponent. Now let’s see what item Tsuchinoko was holding onto. I approach the item while throwing my sword in the air in a display of skill, only to catch it skillfully with my left hand.


[Umm, what do we have here? “Ingredient Crystal: Goldunie’s Leptica Number Three……?” Is that the name of this thing?]


I get a strange feeling that a name like that is more suited for a machine rather than a living being. Ohh, and you will have to excuse me, “Meiki”. For now I will have no use for your abilities, but worry not! I will most certainly not allow you to become an “industrial waste”, even though this is probably what your fate is going to be. Just…… please try to endure you uselessness for now.


I have bought a whole bunch of recovery items in advance before coming here, but unfortunately a huge amount of them was used when I needed patch myself up after ending my wild run. The “Overflow” state surely was useful, but its demerits were a real pain in the ass to deal with.


It’s no use…… I may not like it, but I must do something so that the impact and damage can be minimalized here.


[You’re wide open!]


Kakuto Ranma. Sengoku Takeyori. Sword Art “Spinning Blade”. I start attacking in such a way that every single attack is a clean transition from the previous one. 


Multi stage combination attacks like that tend to consume stamina like crazy, but at the same time they are crazy effective. The black Tsuchinoko writhes in agony on the ground, its arms unable to do anything about my attacks. Those arms may extend from its mouth, but they are not as flexible as tentacles, they are normal flesh structures with bones and joints restraining the way in which they were able to move!


Turning your arm in any way would be incredibly difficult in a position like that!


[No matter how many forms there are, I am going swiftly crush all of them!]


What’s wrong, buddy!? Are you not going to respond with an attack of your own!? Better do something about it, or else this may be bad for you! But it’s not like I’m going to make it easier for you! Not a chance!


It was a good thing to be enthusiastic and be on the offense, but this thing is still a boss monster, so I needed to be cautious at all times. And even so, its toughness was nothing to scoff at. Rather, I was getting a feeling that even though my attacks were connecting, they were hardly even causing Tsuchinko any harm.




SLASH! (Attack the arm)


SPILL! (Bodily fluids gush all over)


SHSHSHSHSH! (The surface of “Knsho” makes weird sounds and looks like it was about to melt)




Are you kidding me!? An attack that decreases the Durability of the equipped weapon!?




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