ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 262 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 262: A Snake of Hatred That Devours All Part 2


At the moment of me pulling the sword out, there was also another skill that was activated, apart from the one that was already in effect.


The name of said skill is “Eclipse Vorpal”, and it is a skill that is unique to the Blue Moonlight. Even if someone wanted to do so, there is no way to recreate or replicate it.


As a result of forcibly uniting the two swords, the sheathe was filled with vast amounts of magical power. It is a sword skill that accelerates the speed with which the blade is being drawn, and it is a skill unique to Kinshou alone.


As for the “Raging Gale” skill, it is a sword skill, but the one the nature of which is revealed the moment the blade is being drawn from its sheathe. That being said, the two skills of these two swords are compatible with one another, but only if they work together in the process of drawing out the sword.


How about that……!?


Normally there would be the visual effect of the storm clouds gathering, but here in these underground cavers there was no way to actually see it. Instead, there was a strike of thunder dancing across the blade’s surface, soon to be transformed into a gale. And right about now, both gale and bright moonlight were working in perfect harmony.


The energy blade that is pulled out of the sheathe is categorized as “Kinshou” rather than “Blue Moonlight”, or at least that’s how “Eclipse Vorpal “ tends to register it. Needless to say, it is an attack that cuts through the air faster than the poison blades, so there is nothing Goldunine can do in order to avoid getting hit by it.


What’s more, the attack not only manages to cut through the blades made out of poison, but it goes forward without stopping, managing to draw a deep wound right onto Goldunine’s neck.


Fuh…… Let’s finish this……!


When I land on the ground, I cancel the effects of Overflow and Levin Trigger. I then look back towards the self-proclaimed Goldunine, holding my swords in my hands, which went back to their original state.


For a moment out there,  there was nothing but silence. But it was then, when the twin swords made out of poison shattered to pieces and the purple pixels gushed out of self-proclaimed Goldunine’s neck that her scream shook the whole tunnel in its very foundation.




Guh…… I did not think that it would try to counterattack right away.


“Raging Gale” is a super attack that at the moments of connecting uses up all of the user’s stamina. The more stamina you have, the more you use. And the more you use, the stronger the attack becomes. Of course, since you use all of your stamina, this leaves you temporarily immobile. Knowing full well that I need to defend myself as soon as possible, I use the fact that you can still browse the inventory when the stamina is depleted and exchange the Whale Rabbit Moon for the Scorpion Gauntlets.


Off you go, off you go, off you go……


Itemized poison…… I pick up more of the crystals that appeared around. It would be nice if some of them were left over, but if it takes all of them to win this fight, then so be it.


I am sure that it was the same for my opponent. I could see it in self-proclaimed Goldunine’s eyes. Behind all that hatred and rage, there wa a desire to win, and she surely must have been ready to do whatever it takes to win.


Kill…… Kill…… Must… kill……!


Took the words right out of my mouth……!


From here on out, I am nothing but serious. I will beat you into a bloody pulp. Although our reasons may be different in nature, both of us possess a strong will to fight that keeps on pushing us forward.


One body that is dull and tired. One body that is frightened and in pain. While moving fast and trying to ignore everything that is unnecessary, we both try to think of a way that would secure us victory.





Unpleasant…… So, so horrifyingly unpleasant. Because I am myself, both humans and myself are really unpleasant…… Wouldn’t you agree?


That is why I managed to notice it.


It was the noise that made me realize what was going on. Otherwise, I was so preoccupied with the self-proclaimed Goldunine that I forgot to watch out for my immediate surroundings.


Then, it was only because of the short distance teleportation magic memorized within the Star Cloak that I was able to avoid sharing self-proclaimed Goldunine’s fate.


!? Appo……!




It was as if icicles were thrust all across my spine. It was as though something rooted me in place in fear. Hatred and malice so dense and abundant that it was more than enough to make your whole body go numb.


Before the game would even manage to warn me of the incoming danger, I was already on the move to avoid what was coming towards me.


Next thing I knew, my field of vision changed to a place that was roughly five meters behind the place I was originally standing at.




A huge mass of jet-black crushed into the self-proclaimed Goldunine from the side.


Self-proclaimed Goldunine was around three meters tall, but she was blown away and stunned as if she was a mere human being. And once my eyes got used to the darkness of this place once more, I was able to witness the form of the thing that blew self-proclaimed Goldunine away for the first time…… And the thing that would have obliterated me if I hadn’t used instant teleport at that moment.


A huge…… snake?


A huge body covered in scales, similar to that of Arctus Regalex. In other words, a literal train or truck of a biomass.


Its body giving of a strange kind of luster, so characteristic of what you could see in many reptiles in the real world. Also, the general direction of the tunnels from where it came from was a dead giveaway here.


Oi, oi. You’ve got to be shitting me……


You still alive? One unpleasant thing after another……


There was a small shadowy figure standing at the edge of the mortar hole.


It was way smaller than this self-proclaimed Goldunine here, its height was of that of your average high school girl…… Or not even that. She looked like your typical middle schooler, only difference being that it was petite and pure white.


And she must have been human at some point, because her beauty was quite exceptional. Of course, right now she was wearing some strange clothes which made her look really weird. As if she took parts of various folk costumes from all over the world and patched them all together.


But above all else.


There was no contempt in her eyes. Rather, the hatred and rage that could be seen in them surpassed even those of self-proclaimed Goldunine. Her eyes were red in color and with vertical irises, just like a snake’s, and it was more than enough for your body to be frozen stiff in terror.


There were four huge snakes behind the girl’s back. No, those were not snakes. They had horns on their heads and were more similar to dragons in some ways…… Were they perhaps Nagas, a common enemies in many fantasy games?




Do we have a monologue incoming? Or maybe those were the words that the self-proclaimed Goldunine would direct specifically at me?


I hate it all. I hate the one who brought me into this world. I those who would dare to threaten me. I hate those Bunnies for denying me…… And I hate myself for being this way. Ahh, so unsightly…… This world is so unsightly today!


The pure white albino snake declares with a wide grin and eyes filled with nothing but murderous intent.


Would you like to die for me? Pretty please?


You will!!!! Die!!! Die!!! Dieeeeeee!!!


However, in the next moment the self-proclaimed Goldunine managed to fight off her frenzy and got up, enraged. The four Nagas also shot forward from behind the back of the snake girl monster…… And thus began my battle against the “Goldunine the Inexhaustible”. 




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