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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 263 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 263: Because This Tongue Does Not Know Anything Else Part 2


No, this is…… right? While we were talking like this, I was trying to gradually decrease the distance between the two of us. However, I have become so engrossed in our conversation, that I literally lost the feeling of space, and the albino monster girl was right in front of my face.


Umm, this is……


Here I allowed myself to take some screenshots, some of them more general and some of them more detailed.


After confirming that Goldunine’s expression has been properly immortalized, I must remember to be sure to wait and place it in the right places all over the Internet for everyone else to see.


Be glad and grateful. If I were serious here, you would have already died about thirty times or more.




But no, I mean…… She certainly looks small and fragile, but I bet that her stats are actually a total opposite of her looks. Now I wonder, does all “Goldunine” type monsters are as easy to agitate? Or maybe the individual monsters are more resistant than the other ones?


At that moment, the expression on Goldunine’s face changes. The corners of the albino monster girl raises slightly, but the expression on her face was far from being called a smile.


It was just something that looked like a smile, but in reality was anything but that…… that kind of face.


Just then, Goldunine said those word with a sickening expression.


So unpleasant.


Maybe for you. I’m having so much fun that you can only imagine it.


I say while tapping the amber of the glove to my chest in a hurry.






The signal for things to start was self-proclaimed Goldunine. She tried to move my way and attack, but only ended up dead as Goldunine stomped on her head with more power, crushing it on the spot…… Wait, self-proclaimed Goldunine!


Kill, no trace…… miserable!




You may have died here, self-proclaimed Goldunine, but rest assured! I am going to survive this ordeal so that the whole world might now just how formidable of an opponent you truly were!




Let’s go back in time for a little bit.


The days when the wars between nations or species could be won by sheer numbers alone are long gone. The development of the artificial intelligence, the increased accuracy of the remote controls, and even more advanced and deadly weapons. Those are the major tools of war in this day and age. Plus, the money, of course……


However, ShangriLa Frontier’s world is set in the medieval era. Which means that sheer numbers are what makes or breaks the conflict.


Of course, those principles do not apply to humans alone. It is precisely because of that very principle that the battle between Vorpal Bunnies and Goldunine’s offspring was now at a stalemate.


Eat this!


The oversized scythe makes a full swing through the air, managing to separate the snake’s head from its body. There was no skill to it, and no technique – it was just pure and raw strength.


This is…… Umm, isn’t that kind of dangerous!?


I swear…… If there is one thing that my brother does not have, it is…… reservation!


Goldunine’s offspring are scattered all over the place…… And there was so many of them that there was not even the time to pick up all the drop items. And currently, Akitsu Akane was also running all over the place, lending the defenders a hand wherever they were needing it.


Uuuh, this thing is really hard to use……


It cannot be helped, since there was no time to get yourself familiar with the weapon at all. However, you are doing pretty good, Akitsu Akane!


Kill all of the snakes in sight, push the defense lines forward, seal the side tunnels. On paper it was nice and simple, but in practice it was a grueling and tiring task. Not only there was little to no light inside of the tunnels, but you had to constantly protect the units sealing the holes, and the snakes were just coming and coming without break.


Think of it as a shuttle run! It is all worth the effort, since we are cooperating, not competing with each other!


The tip of the scythe slams dead in the center of the snake’s head, pinning it to the rock wall and causing it to explode in a geyser of red pixels.


Even though the sight of a player manhandling the snakes in such a manner was reminiscent of a Grim Reaper harvesting poor souls, for the Vorpal Bunnies Akitsu Akane was like a savior sent by the Gods themselves. After all, Vorpal Bunnies were always in danger of getting themselves swallowed up whole by the snakes.


Aaah, this thing is about to break!


I guess it cannot be helped under those circumstances, but Akitsu Akane! You are handling this scythe all wrong! It’s neither a hoe nor a plow! So why the hell do you use it as such!?


Ugh, even if you say that……


The most troublesome part of this battle was the fact that Goldunine’s offspring just keeps on coming and coming without stop.


Akitsu Akane…… He was currently a level ninety nine player, so there were enemies that he could kill easily with one blow, but there were also ones with which he had to work really hard to bring them down. But the worst thing was that the snakes looked more or less the same and there was no way to actually evaluate their strength by visuals alone.


So there was on way of knowing where the powerful opponents might appear, which required him to be constantly on the move so that he could deal with any situation.


There were many instances where Akitsu Akane thought it would be easy to defeat the snakes, but ended up getting thrashed instead. But even though the number of dangerous situations just kept on increasing, somehow Akitsu Akane managed to emerge victorious from every single one of them. However, the prolonging battle was finally starting to take its toll on him……


Ugh, I just want to take a break……


…… In that case, let me…… replace you……




As soon as those words were spoken, there was a loud roar of a hammer being struck echoing throughout the tunnel. In the next moment, the head of the snake that was lounging itself towards Akitsu Akane was crushed flat.


It was a mighty swing of a massive hammer. So strong and so mighty that even Akitsu Akane could feel the aftershock of that blow reverberating throughout his whole body.


I’m glad…… Looks like I’ve made it in time after all……


Mumumu, you are…… Saiga-0-dono!? What are you doing here!?


Hehehe, take a look at that, Bro! This person is armor that I brought here is crazy strong!


Looking back, Akitsu Akane saw a knight in full plate armor, holding a sledgehammer in her hands. At here feet, there was a small Vorpal Bunny.




H-Hello there…… Umm, Sanraku…… -san, where is he……?


He is fighting somewhere up ahead!


In that case……


In the middle of the defense battle of the Bunny country, a lone knight stands before the inexhaustible hordes of snakes that were relentlessly attacking without break. Just then, the player with the most powerful attack stats in the game muttered but a single sentence.


Let’s do this…… Let’s crush all of them.


It was a calm and composed declaration.




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