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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 264 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 264: Full Blown Game of Tag Part 2



At that moment Goldunine’s offspring fell into the state of confusion. At the same time the cracks of the curse of poison marking the Vorpal Bunnies started to disappear.


That meant only one thing: the person that jumped behind the enemy lines managed to find the commander and take it out, getting rid of the source of the curse.


Some bunnies had poison cracks covering half of their faces. Some had poison cracks covering their abdomens. And some bunnies were so unfortunate that their whole bodies were covered in it. In such a state, one wrong move would spell their doom and painful death.


Moreover, since the curse of poison was transmitting like a disease, so the bunnies that got infected by it were unable to go back home to their families and loved ones.


However, right about now the despair that was chaining the Vorpal Bunnies down was gone, and that fact gave them strength. That strength was what they needed in order to rally up and wipe the remaining snakes out until there was no snake left.


And then, when the very last cobra-like snake was crushed and sliced to death by the combination of sledgehammer and scythe attacks, there was nothing more but a strange, unnerving silence.


The Vorpal Bunnies started to gaze at one another in disbelief. But soon enough, they all started to raise their weapons in the air, only to raise a victory shout the very moment the realization started to sink into their heads.


[We…… won.]




But the festive atmosphere did not last for long. Soon, a warning cry could be heard echoing in the distance. At the same time, everyone could feel that something dangerous and frightening was approaching fast.


[Eh? Ehh!? What is going on!?]


[I’m sorry! It seems that I have brought the bad guy here!]


An apologetic voice echoes from the darkness. Alongside with that, there was a roaring sound, which sounded like meat being dragged all over the ground, but way louder and way worse. The vibration was also intense and unbelievable. Finally, the sources of those sounds reached the light of the torches set by the Vorpal Bunnies, but then……


[Uwaaaaaahhhhhh! Plan B it is, then!!!!!!]


A half-naked human starts to run like an arrow covered in black lightning. Of course, the moment I start to run I can sense that the four Nagas start to give chase after my bird head, but even though they were so strong and massive the tunnel stayed pretty much intact. With the corner of my eye I saw it…… the four Nagas lumped together to form one single lump of flesh…… And when that lump started to move towards me, I came to a stop and made a move with my right hand as if I was trying to draw something from the void.


In the next moment, I was holding a gauntlet in my arm and a cloak that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Readying my fists in a battle stance, I started to rush towards the snake lump.


[Remaining energy charge…… seventy five percent. “Exceed Charge”! “Reject!”]


At my command, a metal hook ejects from the core of the golden gauntlet, catching the side of one of the Nagas. After that, there was a brief moment of heavy silence. Then, as a result of the sudden burst of large amounts of energy, the Naga was blown back in a spectacular matter.


And just like a fallen domino piece, the one Naga bumps into the second one, causing it to be blown away as well. The ancient technology at seventy five percent capacity and the steel hook at fifty percent seemed to be super effective, blowing one Naga away which had direct effect on the other three snakes, causing the clusters of great mass to entangle and fall down.


It was a huge gamble on my part, but with just this one move I managed to disable all four Nagas at once.


[Why is it that the Gods of RNG only tend to smile at me at times like this……?]


[That way in which you desperately cling to life is starting to be really unpleasant.]


[Ah, I would say that this is what you should expect from a fool such as myself, but I feel like telling you this is a waste of time.]


But I had no idea what was coming. I had no way of knowing that a humanoid monster would use the commotion to crawl its way like a snake towards me…… And in the next moment the albino snake girl rose right in front of me, grabbing my head in her hands and lifting me in the air.


There was no hesitation or reservations in her movements and in her hateful gaze. Right now she was just like a predator hunting her prey, in the same way as she trampled all over her self-proclaimed self.


[Now then…… Shall we let the bloody flowers bloom here?]


[I-I, I may not be able to beat you here, but the second or third Sanraku surely will succeed……]


SWOSH! A damage effect starts to leak from the side of Sanraku’s head……




In the next moment, a huge sledgehammer slammed in the side of Goldunine’s head. And although her strength must have been extraordinary, but she still had the physique of a little girl. Therefore she was blown away slightly, letting go of me with her grip loosening as the aftereffect of the blow.


[Is…… Is this the enemy? It is the enemy, isn’t it? Surely this must be the enemy.]


[Sai…… I mean Rei, I have a lot of questions right now, but for the time being, good job. Really good job……]


[A-Are you alright!? S-Sanraku-san the way you were blown away right now was rather flashy and dangerous!]


[I would like to say that it was nothing, but this thing has given both self-proclaimed Goldunine and me a run for our money…… Incidentally, this thing here is the real Goldunine.]


The pure white monster girl, whose neck managed to go back to its normal position after that last swing at Saiga-0, stretches her body gently, as if trying to wake up the parts of her body that were still asleep.


[Ahh, that’s right…… This is so unpleasant.]




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