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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 265 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 265: Loss and Defeat Sometimes Are Not Synonymous Part 2


Turning my gaze to the side, I witnessed a most peculiar sight: a Vorpal Bunny riding on top of a boar. Could that have been the messenger that was sent to deliver a message to Weissash? Was he back already?


Hey, you there Bunny.


Hyowah!? Wa, wawawah!? It’s a birdman! Amazing, it’s a real bird-person in the flesh!




Ah, yes, that’s right. Sanraku-san looks like a bird-person indeed.


Hmm, I wonder. The fur of this bunny was black and it did not resemble Emul at all, but for some reason I was getting some serious Emul vibes from that bunny.


It is smaller than Emul and it looks like his little sister, but…… Honestly, that bunny does not look too strong.


This here is a battlefield. And from now on, things will only get harder and more dangerous, so you’d better evacuate to someplace safe.


That was a bad step, but I must focus on recovering some of the MP that I have lost…… Ohh, and we have a strike.


Umm, this is, but……






AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa there you are~~!!!!!!




Ooohhh, what an amazing display of aerial Lucha techniques…… Or not, since Emul is a Magician, not a Luchador.


You disappear all of a sudden, so I follow you, and then where do I find you!? Right in the middle of a warzone!!!


I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Emul! I won’t do it again!


I understand where Emul is coming from, but to overreact in such a way in this situation…… Yeah, this seem like a little much to me. And while Emul keeps on scolding her sister, it would be nice if he calmed down a little bit, and fast. Right now I am recovering the best I can, but the rest of the gang is still there, fighting against the Goldunine. So the best Emul could do here is to consider both time and place.


Alright, alright, Emul calm down and listen to me! You hear me? I need you to focus here! I have a special mission for you.


Y-Yes! What is it!?


I need you to get out of here and bring Weissash with you…… Like, as fast as possible.


Right about now, there is a serious possibility that our entire party is going to get wiped out. And while for us players it is no big deal since we are going to get revived either way, I don’t want to imagine the chaos and the future that awaits Rabbitz should Edward fall in here as well.


Listen here, Emul. This mission is really important. It is actually a matter of life and death for us all.


R-Right…… I understand!


W-Well then, see you later, bird-person! Please let me know of your heroic story later on! Come now, my trusty stead! Run faster than the wind!




Watching the bunny riding on top of the boar disappear into the distance, I gulp down potion after potion. I was drinking so much and so fast that I was actually starting to feel sick in my stomach.


Gofuh…… Alright! Go, Emul! Go! Go! Go!


R-Right! I’m going!


…… Now, then. The only thing left to do now is to evacuate Edward back to safety. After that, we can fight to our hearts’ content, without having to worry about dying. Isn’t that sweet?


Alright, hope that you are hungry!


Thinking about it now, our current party roster is almost the same as that one time when we fought Luukan. Alright, let’s see what we can do here!


Until my left hand completely recovers, it is useless to try and fight with greatswords. That is why I equip the Blue Predator and stand up, holding it in my right hand.


I would say that my combat effectiveness is brought down to about forty percent of my original capacity, but I will still do my best here! Nothing is impossible if you give it your all!


Alright! Time to make you cry!


And who knows? Maybe if we are lucky, we will unlock the Unique Scenario EX while we are being at it?





Ahh…… Guys? Are you still alive?


Somehow, yeah……


I do realize that this is a game and all that, but…… After all, that was a little bit painful if nothing else.


Well, judging by the fact that we had to take care of four Nagas all at once, simply because the fight lasted more than five minutes it could be said that it was a good fight.


However, I managed to receive a wound on my right arm, Akitsu Akane got grazed on his left foot, and Reit took enough damage for her armor to be cracked all over.


Honestly, with something so crazy going on here, it was a miracle that none of the players and NPCs ended up dead…… Good luck out there, Gods of RNG. Good luck indeed.


Hey, Edward. You alone should get the hell out of here while you still have the chance to do that.




See, we will launch one more wave of special attacks. We will create an opportunity for you to escape, and then buy you as much time as you need.


It might have gone a little bit better for us if I had my reinforced armor and Tactical War Beasts available to me, but that option was out of the question since I had no reactor on me at the current moment.


Despairing over something that was unavailable to me is pointless right now. I must think of a way to focus her attention onto me. So does that mean the only option available to me is provoking her to attack? …… No, but if I do that, I risk getting myself attacked around my waist or face…… Being half-naked all the time sure is tough. Both performance-wise and convenience-wise.


Alright, you fucking snake! Come here so that I can flick you on the forehead one more time! And then I’ll do it again! Just because I can!


As long as I do not die and will be able to move, I will continue to fight, even if my body is going to be left in shambles…… Super moving! In fact, if I get serious, I can continue to fight even if I face an opponent that can seal away all of my five senses! Come on now, my left hand! It is time to unleash the secret technique sealed within you! “Forhead Flick Sakura Blizzard! (I just came up with that name!)


Those are some bold words, Sanraku boy. You guys are, yes…… Right now, the situation may not be so bright, but it won’t stay that way forever.




What was that weird voice just now? No, never mind that! More importantly! It’s the Big Bro Weissash to the rescue!




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