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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 269 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 269: Blowing A Machine Punch Into Ruleless Black Wolf Part 1


There is an old saying that goes more or less like this: “Giving an Iron Rod to the Demon”. It means more or less making something that already possessed high DPS, attack buffs and tank capabilities even more brokenly strong and unstoppable.


…… Let me say this here: in the light of that saying, Tactical War Beast “White Tiger” and Katsu are like a match made in heaven.


Whenever combinations and equipment are implemented in games, there are those pieces that do go well with one another and there are those that do not. They can be called synergies or combos as well, but the concept behind them is more or less the same.


For some gamers, the ultimate thrill of playing games come from seeking the best combinations possible. Sometimes in their search they play along exactly as the development team anticipated, and sometimes they manage to discover something that even the developers did not anticipate.


So, how come we have decided that pairing Katsu with the Tactical War Beast “White Tiger” would be the best course of action here?


Just one look here is more than enough to understand that.


Umm, let’s see. How are you supposed to read this? Takeshi Scrotum? Highly doubt that.


It’s “Slash Shadow”! Brave Shadow Sword and all that……? Ring any bells……?


Mentioning that name sends me off into a short trip down the memory lane. A few years back there was such a title when it comes to anime industry. It was short lived, but during its time it was crazy popular. And who knows? Maybe there are still people who remember it to this day?


(Ahh, I remember now. Certainly , the main character of the show possessed some truly explosive-sounding name…… But what was it, again?)


It is really common phenomenon for gamers to adapt different personalities inside of the game, as opposed of their real life ones. It is also not uncommon to base your in-game personality on some character from the world of fiction that you happen to admire. However, even if the name of the ability or skill is the same as some fictional character, there is no guarantee that they will work in the same way.


No one here says that backward compatibility cannot be a thing, but depending on the age group that liked the thing that a certain piece of merchandise was modeled after, it can go both ways: people may either like it, or hate it. And sometimes the risks may be far too great than potential gains.


So? What kind of character is that Shadow What’s-His-Name?


Haa? Well, since you don’t know the guys in the first place, there is little reason to try to explain it, but…… Alright. Listen up: Slash Shadow is a vigilante who wields two swords, runs through the night and cuts down evildoers!


Ah, I see, I get it. So, he is the reason why you use two swords as well? Or is there something wrong with that assumption?




Oh shit, looks like my memories affected me too much, and I got a little bit too passionate about that certain phase from my past. However, it seems that Katsu was polite enough not to pursue the matter further, as he turned towards his opponent and focused entirely at them.


(Thinking about it now, it must have been nothing more but a normal person fighting with two swords. However, I remember that there was this commercial where he was incorporating shadows into his attacks. So does that make him a magic swordsman? When it comes to this game, magic swordsmen can use their physical attacks and magic attacks separately, but there is also an automated playstyle that allows them to chain both physical attacks and magic together to create some really powerful combination attacks. It may look and sound stupid, but if it works, than it is not stupid at all…… Yeah.)


Even though Katsu’s expression did not change, I could see it all to clearly when he cast a quick glance at me: he was more than convince that I have a screw or two loose in my head, for sure.


A screw or two lose, don’t you think that is a little bit much……? If anything, call it “All-Purpose Sanraku”. It may still sound quite bizarre, but in this state I can at least show increased performance when it comes to battle and strategic thinking. So everybody benefits from that.


You, Uomi Kei of all people, should know about it. That some people, especially those affiliated with the gaming scene, tend to work best under some sort of pressure or tension.


I’m telling you, building your levels down and experimenting can make you strong in ways that you would never even dare to imagine.


Hee? What’s up with that?


Leveling down involves training your gamer skills by equipping weapons and armor of lower levels, and taking less powerful skills into battle. By intentionally making yourself weaker, you must make for the numerical differences with raw skill if you want to emerge victorious.


And for some players, the exact amount of level downs and leveled down builds they managed to make work is like a personal badge of honor.


And sometimes, even though it might not sound like something you would want to brag about to others, you cannot help yourself but to do just that.


Well, not that I really care all that much to begin with……


I can tell that for a professional gamer like Katsu, this whole MMO setting is far from being preferable or compatible.


But I get it. Everything in here relies on your level and items and skills you have, so the interpersonal battle may have very little to do with actual player skill and be far from fair.


That is why Katsu is going to pursuit adjustments of his own equipment and focusing on perfecting his own movements rather than analyzing the equipment and movements of the other party.


After all, when you can move your body exactly as you want it to move, you have nothing to worry about. Even the enemy’s movements are nothing to concern yourself with.


Even a truck with legs is no match for me……! Now then, Mister Pro Ga…… Ekhem! Show those chumps the might of “Wolfgang”, White Tiger!


There was no complaints about sharing separate Tactical War Beasts between ourselves. However, it should come as a no surprise that Katsu would get to use it first over anyone else, since he was the one who originally got his hands on the reactor. Yes, it was obvious that Katsu should serve as the opener here.


Before this here battle, both “Suzaku – The Vermillion Bird” and “Soryu – The Azure Dragon” were already deployed to battle. But Katsu was pretty adamant when it comes to the machine he wanted to use. It must have been “Byakko – The White Tiger”. Why this particular machine?


If I could play Galaxia Heroes: Chaos with this thing, I would demolish Silvia Goldberg in a matter of minutes……




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