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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 270 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 270: Scrap And Build Part 2


The energy situation is starting to look bad here……


Well, small wonder, since you were blowing it all on big moves like that.


While Katsu was in the middle of fighting against the third opponent…… Riberiu…… Reberious, was it? Whatever his name was, I could clearly see that White Tiger’s movements were starting to slow down. It must have been running low on energy at this point.


This unique device certainly is annoying…… But, like every unique and powerful thing, it surely must have some limits or time limitation, right?


But of course it has time limitations. If there was no limitations to it, could you imagine just how broken it would be?


Katsu’s current level was sitting at eighty six, a level that was not low, but it was not hitting the ceiling quite yet. Right about now, he was certainly the kind of opponent that someone like Riberios could easily crush, especially if he has done some level down builds from time to time.


However, Just because Katsu’s level was not maxed out, it does not mean that he was to be underestimated. During his career as a Pro Gamer he has met many strong opponents and managed to emerge victorious from lots of unfavorable situations. Because of that he had experience when it comes to being at a disadvantage and overcoming such adversity.


For the time being…… Brace yourself, White Tiger! I’m going to make a full use of you for as long as you have juice to run on!




The White Tiger’s frame accelerated once more, with Katsu getting ready to swing his fists.


Kuuh…… “Slick Rampage!”


Riberios frowns his brow as he activated his skill. Certainly, the experience of fighting against the White Tiger must have been different from the spectator’s perspective, and actually getting to go one on one with it was unlike anything he would have expected. The effect of his skill covers the whole surface of the two-handed sword he was holding, and once White Tiger’s gauntlets collided with the blade, they just slid right off of it……


(Slick Rampage…… Was it an attack skill just now? But it looks like it got activated and nothing happened…… Ah, I see. It can also be used as a counter, it seems.)


After all, repelling and disconnecting are not one and the same thing. This skill is not all-purpose, and because of that, even though the White Tiger’s fist slides off the blade, some portion of the attack should be able to push through. It won’t be a direct hit, but it was better than nothing. If Riberios actually suffered a direct hit at one hundred percent power, he would have ended up just like his predecessors. But since Riberios managed to avoid that, it was now his turn to attack.


I’ll freeze you into a popsicle…… “COCYTUS!”




A flash. The jet of air that was emitted from White Tiger’s shin caused Katsu to be blown in the wrong direction. Right after that, the firs of the White Tiger got frozen solid in a gesture as if it was trying to grab onto something, but missed its mark.


So, that is the “Cocytus” I’ve heard so much about.


That’s right. It is a Unique Weapon, a magic sword whose power can easily be compared to the “Excalibur” that our leader possesses…… It is a sign of the office I preside over, the sign of the Vice-Captain of “Black Wolves”.


I’m sorry to break it to you, buddy, but my boss ordered me to take three of you down at least…… It is a little bit annoying that I cannot take all of you out, but oh well……




The White Tiger’s frame disappears upon announcing that the fuel storage was empty. The battering ram fists disappear as well. Of course, this would mean that Katsu’s battle potential disappeared as well.


The one who remained was a level eighty six fist fighter. But from the way in which he was standing tall and confident, you would not guess that his level was not maxed out and that he was at a tremendous disadvantage right about now.


I’m not like that idiot over there, overthinking things and performing flashy tricks all the time. I’m not like that fiend over there, thinking that that threatening NPCs to achieve your goals is all but ok. I’m just doing things my own way, enjoying myself. Recently I managed to unlock some new things, but I’m not interested in pushing them to their very limits right away……


Hack and Slash, then Chop and Slash. The essence of many games is just continuous loop of combat and enhancing your equipment, from the day the servers go online to the moment they get turned off. And sometimes that do not undergo any changes, and if it happens, they are purely cosmetic in nature.


By the act of piling up, you become stronger. It does not need to be multiplying. Merely by adding you can reach one hundred eventually.


If so, it does not matter if you are unique or not. Whatever the case may be, you will become stronger one way or another. And if the environment you are in allows you to grow stronger with each passing day, the amount of weapons and their quality stops being a factor before you even know it.


This is a foundamental idea for Katsu, difficult from the ideas of Sanraku or Pencilgton. They believe that in order to get strong, you must use anything and anyone at your disposal. Hell, they would even exploit themselves to the very last drop if it meant getting stronger as a result.


Scrapping and building…… It is simple enough of a concept, don’t you think?


However, Katsu responds with a bitter smile.


His current battle style, the one which seemed to be far remote from what I would consider acceptable, is like the flow of the Sanzu River.


This is the back of everyone’s hand…… A reward for the quest that occurs once you have maxed out the Job of the Monk. Right, let’s try equipping this……


There was a bright flash of light, and the handband that was tied around Katsu’s fist shattered to pieces. However, it was not done to its durability hitting zero, or as a result of battle damage.


Katsu destroyed that thing out of his own will and initiative.


Fighting weapons, self-destruction, Monk…… Even though he had nothing more but shred evidence to work with, being the vice-commander of “Black Wolves” was not just for show. It took him only but a moment, and Riberios was able to arrive at the answer.


It was a high ranking martial arts profession, a sub-class if you would like to call it that way. It was something that a Monk could evolve into, similar how a Swordfighter could evolve into a “Sword Saint” sub-class.


A high risk, high reward kind of a power up, created by combining the characteristics of a Monk, a fighter who mainly uses his bare hands to get things done, and the Gladiator who grows stronger the more his equipment gets damaged.


This sub-class derives its name from the scornful moniker placed by other players, seeing as though it was “Asset Destroying Class”. And while it is true that it requires you to destroy your own weapons and armor in order to gain power, the amount of firepower you could get as a result far outweighed the demerits of the weapons you were losing.




The lack of raw firepower is something that can easily be overcome thanks to scrapping and building anew……!


There was a bright light and a loud crushing sound as Katsu’s arm resisted the incoming greatsword.




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