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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 272 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 272: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast, Part 2 PART 2


Pardon! Please, have mercy, Your Honor!


Actually, I was thinking the very same thing here, but I am not going to say anything here. I’ll take it to my grave.


And could it be that Saiga-100 actually has low Vitality stat? So she sacrificed the defenses for offense, and was using the additional swords exclusively for defense?


No, I mean, if you could raise all of your stats through different means than normal ones, do you actually need to worry about HP and MP in the first place?


Correct. You see, Sword Saint is a class that burns through MP like any other specialized magic profession, so that’s where the magic part of the job comes from. You need lots of MP and you need to manage it correctly, otherwise you are going to burn through it in no time, especially with “Quintet”.


Even though the concept is similar to mine to some extent, it is surely different. We both have our own issues and merits, but we both must avoid getting killed at all cost.


But no matter the details of that special ability of Saiga-100, I think it is safe to assume that she is the same as me. She is used to dealing with pinches and tough situations, so it means that actually bringing her down might be really troublesome.


What I am talking about here is the fuel management when you are using a huge quantities of it. But is it enough to maintain it like that?


My sister seems to be making up the MP deficiencies and recovery with accessories……


At this point it was actually kid of obvious, wasn’t it? Normally you would need to fill your whole inventory with recovery items of various sorts and waste time on manually using them, but with the accessories you don’t need to keep your inventory spammed and you eliminate the need for animations of using the items.


…… Thinking about it now, it looks pretty similar to the way in which I tend to operate with storing up spells inside of the Star Cloak. That being said, I would very much like to acquire one of those MP and HP recovering accessories for myself in the future. I wonder where can you get them?


In other words, for as long as you behave in the violent enough way and have sustainability to survive anything they throw at you…… Does it not make you a boss character?


In this particular case I must admit with Katsu here…… We must crush that gap in between us with sheer force alone. If that means becoming a boss character, so be it. I am more than fine with that.


Armor penetration is the kind of ability that allows you to ignore the defenses of your opponent, bypass them and go straight for their HP instead.


Although it is an ability that is mostly effective against monsters with sturdy bodies and natural armor covering their bodies, it seems that Pencilgton was also in favor of using this ability when it comes to Player versus Player battles. However, even though you might be using a Holy Spear to attack, once you are render impossible to take advantage of the range control, it is all over. That’s the fact.


What are you going to do after that second time?


t first I thought that the performance of this weapon is downright unreasonable. But maybe it is actually an auto attack? Or semi auto? Like, it mostly operates on its own, but you can switch to manual control at will? …… Yeah, one more time and I should be able to grasp the idea behind it and how it works exactly.


Certainly, the idea that someone would be able to operate four additional swords on their own all the time is downright impossible. That’s a reality, and there is no one who would actually be able to do something like that. But the idea that some of the movements are full automated? Like floating behind your back or flying straight towards your opponent? Yeah, that is something that is possible and believable.


To make a long story short, it is an automated process that you can switch to manual seemingly at the moment’s notice. However, that knowledge gets us virtually nowhere.


Yes, that’s right. Sword Saints are by no means invincible. For once, if you allow your MP to run completely dry, you are going to be left with nothing more but your sword skills to take care of yourself. And even if you were to maintain your MP levels, operating four additional swords at once is not an easy tasks. There are bound to be gaps and openings in your attacks and defenses. And that is the very kind of opportunity we are looking for in here.


I see, just because every human has a brain inside of their heads does not mean that they are suited for multitasking. And even if they can, then there is a certain optimal capacity that they can perform. It is a basic principle for every computer operations out there.


In addition to all that, please don’t forget that I am the Player Killer with their level cap released, so my strength here is the real deal…… Just leave it to me. I will show you through my actions that I am worthy of belonging in the guild Wolfgang.


Twitch, twitch. While Kyo-Timate’s animal ears shake energetically a few times, Katsu and I give one another a long and silent look. Oh, could it be? Are we thinking about the very same thing here?





Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a splendid example of a strong character allowing themselves to be overconfident because of their own strength, which results in them seriously regretting it……


No, I think it is far too early to be passing judgements like that, my dear Sanraku-kun. You see those kind of stories everywhere these days, right? A character first falls from grace because of their own faults, only to raise up as a hero when the people need them the most.


One has to wonder: who is the hero in this setting? And who is the villain here?


But isn’t Saiga-100-san’s specialization solely in fight against Luukan? Is it not kind of cheesy for a hero to only specialize in one type of enemy fighting? What about player versus player situations? Suddenly they do not matter?


This is something only I and Rei know about, and others are oblivious to the fact: in real life, Saiga-san’s older sister is a formidable sword fighter, one that certainly may not be called a Hero, but a monster? That’s a more accurate description.


For some reason, every single one of us was starting to feel extremely anxious here. However, right in the next moment Pencilgton opened her mouth and said something that made that anxiety of ours even worse. Heck, it was something taken straight out of some cheesy villain speech from a historical drama.


Alright then…… It is time for us to hunt us some wolves.


Are you sure about that? You might not want to say things like that, or who knows? They might come back to bite you in the ass sometime in the future.


Shut up! Please, Pencilgton! Just shut up already! Stay! Stay and don’t say or do anything more!


If you keep saying any more words like that, you are going to raise some seriously deadly flags for us without even realizing it!




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