ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 275 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 275: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 5 Part 1



Player name: Sanraku.


His first appearance was on a screenshot taken without permission. On said screenshot he was talking to a fully dressed Vorpal Bunny.


Next instance was the overly dramatic escape from the members of the Ashura-Kai, who ambushed him and threatened him to reveal all the unique information that were in his possession.


Then there was the instance that gave him the most recognition throughout the game’s server. Not only did he manage to defeat the Unique Monster “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”, which made him the first player to bring down a Unique Monster ever since the game went online, but shortly after that he also managed to take down another Unique Monster, “Kutanid of the Abyss”. This made him one and the only player to defeat more than one Unique Monster in the entire game.


Defeating the “Gravekeeper Wezaemon”, a secret closely guarded by the Ashura-Kai…… From what she managed to gather from items in “Library’s” archives and interviews with the former members of the Ashura-Kai, the following picture emerged: Gravekeeper Wezaemon was a true “monster” that was impossible to defeat unless you possessed the inhuman reaction time and attack power needed to overcome its ultra-fast attacks, are of effect attacks, insta kill moves and special gimmicks. So if someone was able to defeat such a monster, that would make that player almost the same kind of monster.


After that fact, a number of guilds tried to defeat the Unique Monster on their own, but every such attempt met with a spectacular failure. And even though Saiga-100 did not try her own luck in this battle, she somehow knew that she would fall short in there as well.


Next, the formation of the guild “Wolfgang”, where Sanraku was one of the founding members. Normally Saiga-100 would not try to dig deeper into that, thinking that such guild name was only a coincidence with no strings attached to it…… Until that fateful day.


The day when the Nightprowler Luukan was defeated by a group of only three people (and two NPCs, but that’s beside the point).


It was something that had way bigger impact on the game’s community than the defeat of the first Unique Monster. It was way grander than the discovery of the talking NPC monster. It was something that every player in the game was secretly dreaming of.


The fact that someone else managed to defeat Nightprowler Luukan in their first try, whilst the monster would always decimate the best members of the Black Wolves in a matter of seconds, time after time, had made and impact on Saiga-100 as well. Of course, it was mostly negative impact.


Nightprowler Luukan. A Unique Monster assuming the shape of a giant wolf. When she was still a beginning player, way before she became the leader of “Black Wolves” and a Sword Saint, she happened to encounter that particular monster together with a stray party of people she’d met right after the game went online for the first time. Needless to say, they were all decimated in a matter of seconds, ruthlessly and without mercy.


When they all respawned afterwards and discussed what just happened to them, Saiga-100 knew. She’d already been captivated by that Unique Monster.




There are two types of gamers in this world.


Those who enjoy the road that needed to be travelled to achieve some results, and those who only enjoy the results themselves.


To make the matters simple, the former is the type of player who will find every single weapon, fight every monster and finish every single subquest before going to challenge the final boss. The latter will go and challenge the last boss as soon as they think they have enough firepower to handle if, no matter if their armor is old rags and their weapon a wooden stick.


Technically speaking, neither of those ways are wrong when you want to enjoy the game. After all, the primary purpose of playing games is to have “fun”, and some people take a special kind of delight in the process of trial and error on their way to victory.


But if so, then for someone like Saiga-100, who has begun her adventure with video games fairly recently…… Her goal in this game is to defeat the Nightprowler Luukan. It is the sole purpose for her being here, and for that goal alone she was still playing the game.


But upon learning that someone else managed to best Nightprowler Luukan in battle before her, she was furious. She even chugged down five beer cans one after another and lashed out on her little sister in frustration.


However, since all the way to high school she had to deal with Towa Amane and her shenanigans, Saiga-100 knew a surefire way of relieving stress. Once she gets drunk and goes to sleep, she would usually wake up the following day, calmed down and recovered.



The very first thing that calmed down Saiga-100 though about was: how on Earth did that happen?


She could have understood if it was a boss with a gimmick, something that could have been overcome with lots of in-game knowledge and experience. In that case pure effort would have been enough of an explanation.


However, the Nightprowler Luukan had no such gimmicks. At least the version of Luukan that you would randomly encounter on the field. So how in the hell someone managed to defeat it, and with a team of less than ten people, and less experienced players at that. How could they achieve something that veterans like Black Wolves were unable to do?


Her younger sister, Saiga-0, surely has the biggest firepower in the entire game. However, it does come with a fatal drawback, one that you need time to activate the skill and execute it correctly.


However, with the determination to even become despised by her younger sister, she managed to obtain the knowledge that during the fight with Nightprolwer Luukan, Rei’s “Armageddon” had been activated.


…… Yes, indeed. If “Armageddon” had been activated, it could have only been thanks to the work of the other two player that were with Rei at that time. And surely they must have been acting as Avoidance Tanks.


Two Vorpal Bunnies are out of the picture here, since there is no way that they could be a mattering factor in this entire battle. Same could be said about the player named Akitsu Akane, since he entered the fray much later. The problem here was Sanraku, the player that was going toe to toe with Luukan for so long and managed to live through the experience. It was seemingly impossible of a task…… and he still somehow managed to do it.


He was the one who managed to figure out that the big wolf was just a proxy and that the real Luukan was lurking in the shadows. Nobody even noticed that before he did. He was also the one who came with the idea of counteracting that, by removing the clouds that were covering the sky. Had he made a slightest miscalculation or a bad call, it would have been all over. But he managed to pull through and emerge victorious…… That was the player known as Sanraku.


Apparently he had nothing when it comes to defense power, so he is someone focused solely on agility and evasion to keep himself alive. And even though such build seems biased and not all that good, he still managed to defeat Luukan with something like that, without excessive skills or firepower.


For Saiga-100, that was actually good news. Because she had a faintest of inklings that Sword Saint might actually be a sub-class that is actually ill suited to fight Nightprowler Luukan.


But still, if a half-naked agility-based dual-wielding beginner could do it, then Sword Saint should be able to do so as well.


As a matter of fact, Saiga-100 had no idea of knowing that Sanraku’s build was actually totally extreme, with vast majority of his points being sunk into mobility, and with bare minimum of actual attacks skills.


That is the reason why Saiga-100 decimated her three opponents without mercy and prejudice before. She wanted to go all out against Sanraku. But that was actually half of her reasoning. The other half was……




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