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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 275 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 275: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 5 Part 2



This was no longer the battle of Saiga-100. From now on, it was the battle of Saiga Momo.


The reason why her younger sister, Rei, was always losing her composure whenever this Sanraku person was in the vicinity was obvious for her. Apparently Rei had fallen in love with this guy…… Which also meant that her younger sister beaten her when it comes to the field of romance.


That is all the more reason why there was a certain connection that this Sanraku guy had to Momo, in more ways than one.


Then this means that as an older sister, there is only one thing she must do right now.


Right about now Momo had to find out for herself just what kind of a man is this person who not only managed to stand his ground against Nightprowler Luukan, but also managed to capture her younger sister’s heart.


Well…… I must say, even though I may not sound like it, I was really looking forward to fighting you, you know?




Sanraku…… Your name and appearance were all known to us for a while now, but that’s about it. What kind of weapons you use, in what way do you fight…… Those are still things that are unknown to us. And then there is also that declaration of yours, that you possess the firepower equal or even greater to that of “Armageddon”.


Technically, she was right about what she said. And that is because every single player that witnessed me in action was now a member of guild Wolfgang. So there was no one who would be willing to share the information with Black Wolves.


So in other words, Black Wolves were completely in the dark when it comes to my weapons and equipment, since there was no potential source for leaks anywhere in the game as of now.


All of a sudden, I get a feeling to look throughout the arena’s audience seats. And sure enough, I could already see someone who was either a member of “Wolfgang” or “Black Wolves” there. The Magical Girl Wannabe from Library, to be exact.


In other words, whatever tricks I was holding up my sleeve until now and decide to use here, this is going to be revealed to the public…… Oh well, guess some things cannot be avoided no matter how hard you try.


And besides, there is something I would like to try at first here, you can even call it a priority if you want.


…… Hoo? Does that have something to do with something Unique in nature?


No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just about a playstyle, you see.


Itching for battle, I take out my sword and assume a battle stance. I have no idea if this stance in particular has any name, and I do not really care. It is just a copy of what I have witnessed, so it does not need to capture the essence of the original. All I want here is to see if the movements that are going to be the result of this stance are going to yield me the results that I want.


I wonder? Why is my heart like a burning fire? And why is my mind like a coursing river?


If that was supposed to be a joke, it was not funny at all…… But it doesn’t matter. I shall accept that little provocation of yours and respond accordingly.


Provocation? I wonder what is she talking about?


I titled my head slightly, pondering why she would consider that as a provocation. Just then, a sword that was even faster than the ones from her battle with Kyo-Timate flew right at me.


The key to why Ryuuguin Fugaku was so strong is really simple. The gist of it is that you need to pay close attention to your opponent’s movements, and if you manage to do that, you can come up with a perfect counter to them every single time. That’s about it.


And just like always with that kinds of situation, you are your own worst enemy. Mainly because you are unable to see that simple fact and come up with a proper solution to it.


Two front swords are just a bluff. The one you are going to use is always the one that is in the upper right corner.


I see a sword coming towards my left shoulder, so I twist my body lightly in order to avoid it. Then I casually deflect the sword that was coming for my right flank with my own sword held in my right hand.


Then I spin around while Saiga-100 was seemingly aiming at grabbing her favorite sword, only to block the attack from the Magic Sword Las Pegasius that came down onto me directly from above.


Weapon destruction effect? Go right ahead, see how it goes for you.


You will find out that Admiration is Unbreakable!


Unless all of my weapons break to pieces, my will to cut and to fight with everything I have shall not be extinguished so easily!


The blades clash with one another, and I can almost feel the weapon destruction effect starting to eat away at my precious weapons.


However, the weapon that I use right now has a very peculiar ability. An ability that restores part of its durability every time I manage to land a successful critical hit!


So no matter what it is! A giant scorpion made entirely of golden crystal, a giant fish monster shooting beams of energy or a sword with weapon destroying properties…… I am not going to back down! I am going to push forward!


And just like that, my own sword manages to push away the Magic Sword, overcoming the weapon destruction effect and showing that its radiance and brilliance is not going to be dulled by anything or anyone.


I’m sorry, but ambush-type divine punishment is not going to work against me. I’m resistant to it.


If you really wish to kill me, you’ll have to do something better than that. Like, “Surprise Attack From the Sky Aiming Simultaneously At Every Body Part Type of Divine Punishment”. You see, the players from the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate were so passionate that they would always come up with new ways of performing Divine Punishment, even when doing friendly fire.


This concludes our light greeting. Now, the real fight between commanders could commence. The clash of guild “Black Wolves” against the guild “Wolfgang”, no holds barred!




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