ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 276 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 276: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 6 Part 2


Regalex Cestus has three basic abilities.


First one is the ability that reduces the damage your firsts receive when you punch something or someone with them. So even if you were to hit a sword or an axe that was coming your way, as long as you have the cestuses equipped, the damage you receive shall be reduced.


The second ability is the accumulating “gauge” that increases every time you hit someone or something, or you get hit by someone or something. So in a way, this cestus have some sort of similarity to an anti blade sword.


Right! Left! Upper right!


I can see three swords coming my way all from different directions all at once. Somehow, I managed to twist my body and strike my fists in such a way that I deflect all of the attacks and manage to maintain a safe distance in case more attacks were on their way.


There is a sound of the metal cutting through the air, and then the sound of metal colliding against metal. Normally, a fist weapon would never be able to withstand the attack of the Holy Sword, but right now the cestuses on my fists were managing to do just that.


Haha! Strong Fist!


By the way, I also managed to change my equipment on the spot! Just so that it could suit the player versus player type of battle!


Right about now, in order to shift from the defense to offense I even decided to wear the fish headwear! This is the proof of my resolve!


And just as I was about to make a move forward, I could see a sword flying my way, just in the nick of time to intercept my move. It was just like a certain Ryuuguin Style that I came to know quite a lot about.


Oi, oi…… That was dangerous, you know? What would you have done if you hit me with that?


Now I was a half-naked fish-head, wearing a cloak that was pure white on the outside and jet-black on the inside. You could even say that a bird person underwent a complete metamorphosis here!


Wearing this here Star Cloak, I can kind of shift my class to that of a Mage! Right about now, distance was a small concern for me! Because even if your opponent was to keep the distance of five meters, they would still be within my “range”!






I used that opportunity to move within the range of one meter from Saiga-100’s left side, and seeing that move her body stiffens for a moment. That position was advantageous to me, since Saiga-100 must have been right handed, as that was the hand in which she would always hold her swords. And apparently the idea that I can use short range teleportation magic never occurred to her.


Thanks a lot for using powerful swords on me just now! This was more than I could have hoped for to fill that gauge.


Now, the third ability of Regalex Cestus.


Upon collecting the entire gauge, this ability activates the power stored within the gauntlets and disengages the bands that were keeping it together all this time now.


This level of support……!


But unfortunately, this is still nothing more but an Imitation Roleplay.


If you manage to get close enough, Saiga-100 cannot use her swords properly, which gives you the advantage when it comes to movement. So all in all, Kyogoku’s idea was not all that bad, but the execution of it against someone who can perfectly control her weapons is really hard to pull off.


This kind of thing is best performed when you have other party members to support you.


The Excalibut is them swung sideways at me, and I manage to avoid it by the skin of my teeth. To be honest, the game that I was playing right now was really dangerous, but I was hoping that this will allow my opponent to run out of magic points sooner rather than later.


Here, look what I have just for you. A substitute of my business card. Please accept it!


There was a loud sound, and the Regalex Cestus transformed its appearance, wrapping itself around my arms and making them look one size larger than they really were.


It should also be noted here that in this state the cestuses looked to be only half-finished, so there is probably a room for it to grow even more. But this is only a speculation on my part, and for now there is no way in which I could see if that theory was true or not.






The moment my Regalex Cestus collides with the armor that Saiga-100 was wearing, a dull metallic sound could be heard.


In a sense, the ability of Regalex Cestus in this state is extremely simple: it completely nullifies the damage that can be applied to it.


In other words, in this state, if you were to put you hand into magma, or coat it in poison, or get bitten by Nightprowler Luukan…… As long as the damage was applied on the surface of the cestus, it would still become nullified as a result of the weapon’s skill.


No matter how hard the armor is attacked, no matter how hard the blade of the sword would hit me, my cestuses would not receive any damage from it. The only thing that the opponent would manage to accomplish is to hurt themselves in the process.


That being said, my actual body from the elbow above would still get damaged if it was attacked right now. And the Durability Damaging effect of Las Pegasius would still damage it slightly, so I guess that no weapon is fully invincible.


You’ll find out that this fist is quite like a sword! It cannot be broken that easily!


If it’s like that, just aim for the torso!


Yes, this is what imitation roleplay is all about.


I feel like I am about to lose my concentration here any moment now, but before that happens, I would like to achieve as much as possible.


It may sound easy when you say it, but this is actually something that is quite difficult to do. I must follow my escaping opponent while keeping a safe distance, and avoid the sword attacks that keep flying my way.


“Stand By……”


It is something that essentially comes out of your hand, right?


Then you can certainly avoid it by circling around her back.


Formula Drift, activate! Gliding at an accelerated speed I shift behind her back…… Ooops, is it here?


Isn’t that overdoing it……!?


I was trying to grab onto Saiga-100’s back, but a single sword slash prevented me from doing just that. If I already did not have some experience with gliding, I would have ended up taking some serious damage here. But fortunately, I was able to avoid it.


Now I am sure of that…… You are not someone I want to let get close to me.


Even though so far I have shown you only about ten percent of what I can actually do?


What? Well, I did not wanted to rush this in order to set the matters here, but…… In that case, I guess I should also stop holding myself back.


All of the swords disappear, and she even the Holy Sword is being replaced. Instead of the one set, a whole different one was now present, looking different and probably possessing different set of individual abilities.


Oi, oi, just how many weapons do you have in that inventory of yours!?


Fufufu…… About thirty five or so.


Seriously now? Just how many possible variation it would give us?


Or rather, why did you put the Holy Sword away? Don’t you need it for its special ability? Or wait, no, no way!? Don’t tell me that there is actually a merit for not using that special ability……!?


Incidentally, Sanraku? Do you happen to know what the  weapons “Best used at the same time simultaneously” are?


No, but I don’t think that any demonstration is necessary here……!


Hahahaha, no need to be shy……. “Imperial Five”, activate!


Umm, yeah, I think this is a little bit much. I don’t think this has anything to do with imitation roleplay anymore.




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