ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 277 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 277: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 7 Part 1


Each and every weapon in ShangriLa Frontier is somewhat unique in its own right, but there are weapons out there that can combine the characteristic of two or more weapons. Such weapon is the “Anti-Blade” weapon, a weapon that combines the different characteristics, but as a result of that is treated as its own unique category. And there are weapons that can “benefit” from combining different weapons of the same class.


For example, let’s take a look at the new set of five swords that Saiga-100 had deployed in the “Quintet” formation just now.


The way in which those weapons work is that they share the same characteristic, “Imperial” in their names, and because of that they tend to be way more effective if all of them are being deployed at the same time against a single opponent.


Each of those weapons serve to boost a singular statistic. However, if you use them all in combination like that, this means more or less that……


You get to benefit from all of the boosts at once! What a terrifying thing!


One sword boosts Strength. One sword boosts Dexterity. One sword boosts Agility. One sword boosts Technique. And one sword boosts Vitality.


This means that spades strike with more power.


This means that cutlasses are lighter than they would normally be.


This means that rapiers thrusts are way faster than ever before.


This means that bulats will have broader reach.


This means that falchions will hit harder and will be harder to break through.


So here’s the question. What if you were to add yet another sword to this combination, one that was already quite powerful and well-versed in terms of statistics? You get something that is downright broken, that’s what. I think that those boosts would have been enough to make even a simple weapon on par with Holy Sword in terms of battle power!




Kuooh…… Holy shit!


I managed to receive no damage from that attack, but the force of it was so severe that my gauntlets ended up being blown away. I also managed to avoid a follow up attack after that, but only at a cost of putting some distance in between us. Now, if I continue to back away like that, Sword Arts are going to punch out all of my fangs and leave me with basically nothing to retaliate.


Don’t underestimate me! You freaking bastard! Toooaaah! Hyaaaaaah!


The way in which you move never ceases to amaze me…… Are you an acrobat, perhaps? Or someone else like that?


I avoid the first blade simply by jumping in the air. Then, I avoid the second blade by doing a triple somersault with the help of the acceleration that Frit Float gave me. Then I do a wide sweep with one of my arms to deflect the third sword that was coming my way. Then, while I was trying to land the fourth sword shot towards me, which I avoided by forcefully twisting my body to the side. Although that last one made me lose my initial posture to some extent, I manage to quickly stand up and be on high alert again.


Saiga-100 asks me that while her swords all go back to their initial positions. At the same time, I try to assess everything that’s happened to this point, analyze Saiga-100’s behavior and patterns and think of a way in which I should go about this fight from this point forward. And since she said she was amazed, maybe I can gain some time to think here.


Oi, oi, is it not an essential skill in your arsenal for the fight against Luukan? Because if it is like that, then sorry to disappoint you, but you must have at least one person capable of playing the role of avoidance tank if you ever want to succeed.


No…… Rather than specific role, I think the factor that is more important here is the pure skill of the ones participating in the battle.


Oh, could you shut up, woman? Sure thing, anyone can play tag with an overgrown dog for three hours straight. But can you do that while also being able to respond to unreasonable attacks and the possibility of the divine punishment raining down on you form every possible direction? Take a look at the warrior from the closing days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, that should give you a nice example. Those guys are so extreme that they often conjure up tactics that combine both mathematical formulas, science and psychology, all so that they could deliver a defeat most crushing onto their enemies. It is a strange land of humanoid demons where sometimes the brain is far deadlier than any sword and literally anything can happen at any given time.


However, while we continue to talk in such a way, I can use that time to think about what pieces of equipment I am going to wear next, all while making additional plans at insanely fast speed.


Long term battle is something here that I must try to avoid at all cost. Sure, I have fought Luukan and Golden Scorpion throughout the night before, but those were mere monsters. Creation of the system governed by the AI, which with a little bit of effort you could have easily overcome. Their battle tactics had their limits and they possessed behavioral and attack loops that you could exploit to gain the upper hand.


However, this here Saiga-100 right in front of me possesses thirty five weapons, and the amount of combinations that you can do with that many weapons is something that I refuse to even think about. The more time we spend fighting, the more overwhelmed by her efforts I am going to become…… so what I need here is a short and decisive battle. But thing like that is easier said than done.


Since it is more than obvious that Saiga-100 has more aces up her sleeve than Overcoming Adversity alone, charging in blindly would be a bad move to make here. I mean, you can only allow yourself to rush in carelessly once you have seen everything that your opponent has to offer and you know how to counter it all. In that case, what should I do here? To tell you the truth, I have already reached a sensible conclusion about that.


Good grief, and here I was, not wanting to expose all of my trump cards to the general public…… Oh well……


Hoo? Does that mean you still have something with which you can amaze me?


Well, I think I do…… By the way, Saiga-100-san? You do understand that those markings covering my body are different from the normal “Curse of Luukan, right?




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