ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 278 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 278: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 8 Part 1



I knew it! Even though the system may support counters of various kinds, it is still hard to pull off with a figure like that! Must be hard being a woman in a video game!


How could this be!? How could you still accelerate like that!? What the hell is this! This is stupid! Just how much more power are you going to obtain here!?


Believe me, sister! If you are going to depend forever on the raw stats and numbers alone, with an attitude like that you can kiss the idea of defeating Nightprowler Luukan goodbye! I am taking from experience here!


With my last action, there was a sudden shift in the battle tempo right now. Before it was all slow and cut out more to fit Saiga-100’s battle style and strategy. But right now the battle was fast paced and perfect for my play style, with lots of single hits and backing away instantaneously. I was also keeping relatively close to Saiga-100, as to not let her use her skills effectively.


Right about now, the battle also received a psychological layer thanks to my actions. Right about now I had the appearance closely resembling that of a Spartan warrior, but the one whose body was covered in cracks resembling deep wounds. There were also flames gushing out of those cracks, which was quite a visual spectacle to behold. I could also sense that it was making my opponent kind of uncomfortable, or was that fear, even? Certainly, an appearance like that would give off a vibe of a monster in human skin, or rather a human who had forsaken his humanity in favor of obtaining unimaginable amounts of power. Better get used to it, for you are going to be seeing that for a while now.


Right about now, the player known as “Sanraku” was like the endless abyss of horror, one into which everyone else in here was far too afraid to look, afraid that it might actually gaze back at them and make them go insane. Even his guild mates seemed to be quite shocked by the spectacle unfolding right in front of their eyes. But that was to be expected, since even his guild mates were seeing this for the very first time right now.


So…… Which one of you were saying that it was Momo-chan who was acting like a boss character in here a while ago? Care to change that statement of yours?


Saiga-100 or Sanraku…… I no longer have any idea which one of those two is the Boss Character anymore. They are all monsters in my eyes. Also, this form…… No matter how you look at it, this is a freaking second form, right? It has to be! But do you think that there will be more?


Heeey, Pencilgton-kun! Nooo, hahahahaha, I must say, this is bad! Like, really, seriously bad! Like, totally crazy! With someone like that money farming would be breeze, so maybe I should ask that guy for help in the future? Of course in exchange for valuable information.


Aaahhh! Just look at that! This thing is getting out of hand! This is starting to get really annoying, even for me! I think I’m about to explode any moment now! Zero-chan, my dear! Should that happen, you are permitted to call me “Massive Dynamite” instead of “Pencilgton”, okay?


Ehhh!? Ehh, umm, this is, I mean, that’s a little bit, umm……?


Every member of the guild Wolfgang had something to say in this very moment, and each reaction to their comrade turning himself into a Last Boss kind of character was unique and amusing in its own right.


There are also those who do not view him like a Boss Character at all. For them he is more like a chest full of treasure. But unlike any normal treasure chests, this particular chest is filled with possible unique pieces of information instead of gold, gemstones and precious materials and items.


Then there are those who are confused and have no idea what is actually going on in here, but they are still somehow having a blast mainly because there they had someone who would cause a whole bunch of trouble to everyone else around them. And if there is something that is sure to bring you lots of entertainment, that is pure and unadulterated chaos for sure.


There are those who at this very moment were making plans for the future. They had their plans already in their minds, but right now they had to make necessary adjustments to them. Because as it was turning out, one player that they were willing to bet on right now was proving himself to be far more valuable than they would have initially expected him to be.


There is also a person here who wonders just how some women fight so fiercely against powerful opponents like that, especially since the way in which their chests seem to be jiggling and bouncing around would prove to be yet another obstacle.


Different parties. Different people. Different aims. Different worries. Different opinions. Upon witnessing the true nature of the player named “Sanraku”, up until now being hidden away because of his nature of a solo player, everyone had some sort of reaction to show, but each of them could be classified as the various form of singular emotion: that emotion was astonishment. And the intensity of those reactions and emotions would be more an enough to make someone’s head spin or turn completely blank on the spot.




Yes, astonishment was the most suitable word to describe the emotional state of everyone present here at the moment. Also, it was so huge that no one knew what to say or how should they even comment on that. But even though to everyone else Sanraku looked like a monster incarnate, this was actually his original play style. So right about now inside of Sanraku’s head, his thoughts were galloping trying to find the best possible course of action and strategies that would lead him towards victory in this battle. You could even say that this was his trade mark at this point.


Wha…… Eh? Why…… Just why?


His stance. The way he was moving. The way in which his weapon was swinging…… Every single one of those things was on a totally different level from before. There was no longer any flow in his technique, and the way in which he was moving and striking was optimal all the time, always there to intercept every action she was going to make.


And yet……


And yet…………


The way in which Sanraku was moving and acting right now screamed “Ryuuguin Fugaku” more than anything else. The way in which he was moving, the way in which he was swinging his sword…… Those were not the movements and attacks of the Ryuuguin style, but somehow they were more “Ryuuguin Fugaku” than anything else. In some way, this person managed to mimic the way in which her grandfather, who was no longer in this world, would move and fight. It was something that none of his students ever managed to accomplish. 




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