ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 280 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 280: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 10 Part 2


 You see, magic battles can be really fun and easy. As long as you do not create spells that are as long as some of the AV titles out there. Kinda just like that one genie character in that one particular game all those years ago. And because nowadays I am fully aware what AVs bring to the table with themselves, that I tended to stray away from magic spells up until now.


There was a certain player in that game, one that knew magic combat unlike no one else, and he was as strong as the Last Boss in many other games. But his strength was also coming from the fact that he was banned sixteen times in that game, always coming back even more powerful than ever before. The only flaw of that player was that he was a hopeless pervert with little to no redeeming qualities.


This is where my magic combat prowess comes from. Because together with a small group of other players we were the only ones who could keep that dude in check and make sure that he was behaving. And the sheer amount of times when we needed to pacify him gave me all the insight and experience that I needed.


…… And now you have made me remember something I wish I could have forgotten.


Oh well, all that matters is that we managed to kill the guys a whole bunch of times before the game ended its service, and that we managed to get something out of it for ourselves as well. Because the guy got so traumatized that he avoided new games like a plague after that.


But you have to hand it to the guy, his chanting abilities were spot-on. I mean, I never heard that someone would be able to correctly spell and intone various commas and all that other stuff while fighting and chanting at the same time.


Shoot and crush, oh mighty thunder! Bite like a hungry rabid dog! Act like a faithful hound, destroying my enemies according to my will!


The magic spell that Saiga-100 released just now was looking like a thunder strike. And here’s a funny thing about lightning magic: it often needs to balance speed and power. And needless to say, such balance is not always great for the spell itself.


And there is one more thing: Top or Forward? It’s about from where the spell is going to strike. Is it coming down from the sky? Or is it shooting forward from the caster’s hand? Once you get to know that, you can act accordingly and prepare an appropriate counterattack.


Full Throttle!


I activate the Levin Trigger/Disaster Hand and the moment I do that the world around me starts to move differently.


This is it. This here mixture of black thunder and the smoke and flames coming from my body are the last pieces of the puzzle that I needed. Now we can finally go towards bringing an end to this duel.




Exceed Charge!!!


While controlling the motion of my body in the Overflow state, I raise my shield towards Saiga-100’s hand, to protect myself from the lightning…… And then I raise it even further, towards the sky.


The swarm of swords that surrounded me all of a sudden would not let me escape, but it was something I was willing to take here.


The chanting is completed, the name of the spell is spoken. In the next moment, a beast made out of lighting starts to fall down from the sky right on top of me.



At the same time, the Dis Pater shield started to shine and bloomed.



Now, let me show you the power of the Exceed Charge that is no longer garbage…… The power of “Conversion”!


Then there was a loud roar, and the moment the lightning spell falls right on top of me, I am covered in a huge cloud of both smoke and ash.





–– There is no way I can beat this.


Deep down inside, Saiga-100 was more than aware of that fact.


The amount of her recovery items was constantly decreasing thanks to the constant use of the “Sword Arts”. And it did not look as though she could allow herself to stop using them anytime soon. Especially with the amount of MP that the strongest offensive spell in her possession, “Violence Thunder”, would consume with each use.


It was imperative for her to keep Sanraku rooted in place, since once she would start chanting the spell, it’s impact point would not be able to be changed. And in order to accomplish that, she would have to deploy all the swords in her possession just to make sure that this one magic attack would connect and count.


Being able to move freely and not being able to move freely makes all the difference here. It is like the difference between Heaven and Earth.


Also, Saiga-100 right about now was able to experience the uneasiness of having to be wary of your opponent just because they happened to do something that you were unable to predict.


Exceed Charge……? What is that? What the hell did you do!?


Was it perhaps a defensive skill? Something that has something to do with that strange shield? Or maybe it’s an attack skill connected to the weapon? Or maybe it’s not that either, and some sort of a passive skill?


The truth about the nature of that skill, whether it was an accumulated skill or something activated on the spot…… It was all going to be revealed when the thing standing behind the smoke screen would emerge from it into the broad daylight.


“Exceed Charge”, type “Conversion”…… By deliberately exchanging the ability to reflect magic for its opposite, you get the ability that acts like “lens” and not “mirror”. You do not reflect magic, but you end up absorbing it, and the amount of magic absorbed gives you a boost to all of your stats across the board. You also gain the “Black Flames” status as a result.


And then, the veil of both smoke and ash subsided, revealing what was hidden behind it.


There was something similar to an aura that looked like blue flames sticking to the thing’s right arm that emerged from behind the smoke screen. But that was not all, for when his whole silhouette emerged from the smoke……


Turned yourself into a monster, huh……?


Who knows? I’m not even sure myself at this point.


It wore a full body coat of black thunder, and it’s whole body was on fire, to boot. More than anything, it looked more like an alien than a normal human being.


Then how about this one shot gag right here!?


At that moment the head of the dual wielding warrior who was holding onto the golden and ultramarine swords changed shape that that closely resembling that of a fish.


How about this here grilled salmon?


…… Fufu.


There it is! You are wide open!


Before Saiga-100 could even realize what was happening, her body was sent flying by the ultra-fast roundhouse kick performed by the flaming swordsman who all of a sudden moved way faster than she was able to perceive.




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