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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 281 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 281: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 11 Part 2



There was no longer any place for role playing here. From this point forward, it would just be one swordsman versus another, a clash of pure skill and wills to emerge victorious.


If I take a step back here, it may be all over for me. However, I still have my mobility skills and acrobatics to back me up, so I have some options of maneuvering the battlefield, either to the sides or upwards, using the void of the air as a stepping stone.


Still, I cannot go on the offensive, at least not yet. I must see what Saiga-100 is going to do here, try to get used to her movements and wait for the most suitable opportunity for a counterattack.


This is not really a damage race anymore. It would be more accurate to call this a battle of wits, concentration and intellect. Both of us would go any try to read the moves of the opponent, waiting for that one hole in their defenses and then exploiting that hole to the fullest.


A single blow is enough to send me to the afterlife here. But on the other hand, if I manage to break Saiga-100’s concentration and flow of action, she is going to be as good as  finished as well.


Our skills are more valuable than ever right about now. Each and every single one here can be called a trump card, and they shall decide of the victory or loss here.


[Go to hell!]


[Is talking the only thing you’re good at!?]


While the world is still in slow motion, I change my weapons and slash away a few times. Then I change the weapon once more and use a certain technique I learned in the previous game I have played, a wide area slash called ‘Sunny Side Zanmato”.


Needless to say, some of the swords that Saiga-100 was using were used to counter the slashes I was sending her way. The remaining ones could be used to try and attack me normally, but that’s about it –– she would not be able to use them for anything complex or complicated, not without having to break her concentration even for a moment. While paying close attention and looking for a suitable opening, I switch my weapon back to Whale Rabbit Moon and wait patiently.


The time limit was approaching fast. If I don’t do something here quick, I might run out of gas before I will be able to do anything and bring this battle to a close!


[The guage here is accumulating nicely…… It’s about time we bring this thing to a close!]


[Try it if you can! I’ll beat anything you will throw at me!]


This strategy is a one time only creation. You can easily compare it to the fortress that was built throughout the night, with faulty nails and boards instead of stone. But the materials here are the partial information I have on Saiga-100, assembled from the various corners of my brain.


According to this strategy, I activate the majority of my skills, leaving only a handful for later, and leaving some of them that would be meaningless in this situation right now.


This gauge effect…… I know that I have only used it a few hours ago, but for me it feels as if a whole lot of time had already passed.


[A pure confrontation with no strings attached, just the two of us and  our weapons and skills…… Interesting!]


Understanding what I was about to do, Saiga-100 raises her Holy Sword and takes a stance, about ready to intercept my incoming charge.






For a moment, there was nothing but silence.


When it comes to the situations where even a single mistake may prove to be fatal, the thing that comes to mind is the proper stamina management.


Only this time around the pauses between our exchanges are so long that we can both regenerate our staminas to the fullest. Or those moments were like pauses in between the matches, and soon there would be time for another round.


[–––– Announce my will to this crooked world!]




It’s time to start.


The words quickly start to flow from Saiga-100’s tongue, causing her eyes to open up wide. She looked as though she did not believe that she needed to resort to this, but…… Oh well, probably she was about to pull all the stops as well and hit me with everything she had.


[Space filled with nothingness, myriad of flickering lights, deep darkness, an astrograph shining in the sky……]


[Kuh…… Like I would let you do that!]


Saiga-100’s sword start to dance in the air, and I get a feeling that something bad is about to happen soon. I also get a feeling that whatever this spell may be, I need to stop her from finishing the chant at all cost. Everything according to my predictions, more or less.


[Crimson…… Aurora! Mountain Spring…… of flowing sand!]


Avoidance, avoidance, and then advance. This strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, but I cannot know what is coming to me. That is the advantage Saiga-100 has here. But at the same time, I can stop her from chanting, effectively rendering the spell useless.


[Flowers from this bank of the river! The sky that turns into the endless abyss! From the old epic, the courage to go towards the light!]


[Kuh…… In that case!]


Upon realizing that sitting around and waiting is going to be a bad move here, I start acting without delaying. So I ready my sword and……


[Stan Beat!]





The moment I hit Saiga-100 with her very own magic, I could not stop myself from smiling like a maniac.




Why do you think the first thing that people do when they fall suddenly is to act surprised?


But she certainly must not have expected to fall down here.


[O Great Heavens! Sing, the world! Dance, the world! Rebel against this improbable reality that happens right before you!]


In response to that, I started to jump like crazy all over the place, dodging the incoming swords that Saiga-100 tried to send my way. Then, when the assault stopped for a moment, I started running at full speed so that the two of us would come face to face.


Why the sudden onslaught of attacks? What is going to happen once the chanting is completed? What is she going to do? What is her ultimate aim here? There were so many things to consider here, but in reality what you need to do is simple! In that regard, the player versus player and player versus mob is the same! Sometimes you just need to stop overthinking things and just go for it!


[Weave and spin, O Demonic Thread……!!]




The lightning shoots forward.


Despite being fazed, Saiga-100’s eyes did not lose their focus. It was also truly incredible that she would not stop chanting all this time, about ready to activate yet another “Stan Beat”.


Everything will be decided right here!




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