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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 282 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 282: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 12 Part 2



Click, at that moment the cogs inside of my head start to turn and the various clocks point towards the same number. Right about now I could see the end clearly, but it was on the other side of a vast bottomless pit, and the road ahead was thin like the single thread of a spider’s web.


Right there!


Saiga-100 could see it.


A demon of both fire and thunder, coming into contact with it would obviously cause her unknown amounts of damage. That demon jumped into the air with its bluish sword with golden core, only to fly towards the ground at high speed.


At this point in time she did not have the time to express just how shocked or confused she was anymore. Any form of thoughts slowly started to disappear from Saiga-100’s brain. Right about now, she was just like a computer, coldly assessing the information that all of her five senses were feeding her brain.


Weapons, throw away…… Above, coordinate advantage, sword, not in time……)


Based on that, a certain conclusion was drawn.


It was already too late for her to recall her swords and formulate a new formation. If so, she would have to recall all other swords and put her faith in the Holy Sword that was resting in her hand.


Even if the attack comes from above, she still had a good chance to block or deflect it, so there was nothing for her to be afraid of.


“Sword Art: Solo”!


It was a total mystery for her why would the class of a Sword Saint give you an ability just like that one. The ability to hold additional swords in the air around you, deploying them as you see fit. And with the passage of time and you gaining experience, you would unlock stronger skills and more swords would be added to the floating combination.


From the bottom to the top, Saiga-100 traces the trajectory that the falling blade was supposed to travel, and then she chose the perfect place at which she was going to pierce the burning thunder.




The golden slash traces a magnificent arc in the air from the bottom to the top, responding not to the Sword Saint’s words, but rather her will. This one swing was like a raising dragon.


It was a slash based on intuition, not s calculation. By all means it was supposed to hit Sanraku for sure……




But he ended up slipping through it.






Did you become dazzled by the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake?


There was a quiet sound of something landing on the ground.


Because it was such an extreme moment full of unique conditions, Saiga-100 failed to realize that Sanraku in the air did not make a slightest move. It should have light a red light in her head, but it did not.


Even if it is not used to gather the aggro from the enemies, Utsuro Mikagami can still be used as a decoy that deceives the eyes of the enemy.


His jumping power and distance greatly enhanced, and Flip Float added to further increase his agility and athletics…… And then the return towards the “Blue Rabbit Moon” thanks to the Formula Drift, made possible thanks to the shortening of recast times from the “Fool” Arcana.


It’s time for the finale.


He then equipped a second sword, but instead of thrusting it forward, he threw it up in the air.


The sword’s edge wrapped in the bluish glow resembling the moon. And the golden glow of the sword’s core, just like a full moon. There was a bright flash of light, different from that of a Holy Sword, and the whole blade starts to be surrounded with raging winds.


A combination of both “Eclipse Vorpal” and a skill reserved for the great swords “Gale”, using the whole body to make a mighty blow.




But even so…… the Holy Sword has endured.




To be able to pull a clench like that off five times in a row…… That was a true miracle in the working, if there ever was something like that.


And weather it was Saiga-100 who was just lucky, or if it was Sanraku who was simply unlucky…… That was only for the game’s system to truly know.


“Gale” is a technique that utilizes the whole body. And after you use it, you won’t be able to move for a short while. If so, does that mean that the Sword Saint should have been grateful for this opportunity? No, she should have stay vigilant instead of trying to use it to her advantage.


………… Ah.


This blow should have brought Saiga-100 victory. Even thought it would not necessarily bring my HP down to zero, it would certainly give her all the edge in this fight that she needed. The absolute confidence in that statement caused Saiga-100’s stalwart concentration that she’s been keeping up until now.


…… Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the weather forecast.


Even though Sanraku was unable to move for the moment, he still murmured those words.


Even though the weather is sunny for now, there is a risk of weapons raining down from the sky right after that, so you should be extra careful.


Even though us shitty game hunters often hope for a good RNG, we are never so foolish as to trust them without fail. But even if the probability of something happening is sitting at one percent, we will try over and over again for us to get that one percent. This is the last preparation that I had up my sleeve here.


The moment I let the “Blue Rabbit Moon” from my hands, a new kind of opportunity arose for me, since I technically had my hands free. Since the dropped sword is no longer treated as a weapon but an “object”, I could use the system’s assist to deploy additional weapon in my hand from the list of the weapons available to me.


That Utsuro Mikagami was in fact a double decoy. A sudden downpour, that was going to be followed by the rain of weapons.


Those who were watching from the spectators’ stands could probably see it clearly. That the moment in which Sanraku jumped in the air, he threw all of his weapons high in the air. And according to the physics engine ruling this game, those weapons would now start to fall down directly onto Saiga-100 down below.


This, this is……!?


A Hero who is lazy and does not exceed all that much effort should just drop dead, don’t you think……?


Just then, a few weapons appeared right in front of Saiga-100’s eyes. The long Dullahan Blade. The Scorpion Gauntlets that seem strangely out of place here. And the long since forgotten the Dual Swords of the Emperor Bee. All of those weapons shoot forward and strike the body of the Sword Saint, breaking her defenses……




That being said, the miracle did not happen sixth time in a row.




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