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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 283 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 283: The Sword Stands By Its Own Free Will Part 2


Somehow, I did not like the way you just said that……


Yeah, keep saying that to yourself, Kyo-Timate. It’s no use trying to act like the voice of reason here right about now.


Why do you keep looking at me like that? Keep it up, and my sword is going to be itching for a fight, you know?


Hoo? Wanna go, punk? Want to taste some of that delicious Divine Punishment? Hmm? You really want to? I may be tired right now, but my Divine Punishment is still spot on, I will let you know.


Hmm, it’s not that I don’t want to fight, but I get a feeling that if I were to fight you right now, I might be pushing my luck in more ways than one. So let’s leave that for another day, alright?


Hahaha, keep saying that to yourself! Come back and face me when you are able to score a win without having to resolve to sexual harassment.


I feel like I just heard a cracking sound of something nearby. That’s funny, I stopped using the Bone Shatterer a while ago, so I wonder what this is all about?


Hey, Katsu. It seems that even though this here PKer took part in this battle, she is still oblivious to what comradery is all about. Whatever shall we do with her?


No way, Sanraku, is that true? Even if you have meant it as a joke, it is a really poor one and I do not think that I can really laugh at it even if I wanted to.




It was only natural that we would want to pick on Kyo-Timate for the way she got her ass handed to her, but in Katsu’s case he needed to thread carefully here, or else he would be the one who would be targeted next for his own defeat.


Say, Sanraku? I know it might be a difficult of a thing to do, but have you thought about the name for this thing you just used in that fight?


Hmm? Well, I was thinking about something that would neatly combine the three effects that I was subjected to: being covered in lightning, being set on fire and having my body literally cracked open.


Fumu, could you elaborate on that?


I turned my head towards the source of that voice and wouldn’t you know it? It was the self-proclaimed Magical Girl-Wannabe. She somehow mixed herself into the conversation. However, thanks to everyone else, she was largely ignored for now.


However, you have to hand it to her, her social skills were spot on. Because right about now everyone else in here was looking at me with that expression filled with the hope that I would really go and elaborate on the subject. Which I would really rather avoid doing.


This is, well…… Yeah, as I said while we were fighting…… I got it from that one monster called “Goldunine the Inexhaustible”…… Yeah, a lot happened for me to get my hands on it. Yes, that’s it.


If you want any more information on the subject, please contact me through Arthur Pencilgton, who is the guild master of our guild.


Now this is…… Hahaha, hmm…… Would you believe me if I were to tell you that a certain jeweler made it for me? And yeah, it is not a unique weapon, if I were to explain it…… It is something more gacha-like? Yeah, this fits nicely here.


Ah, oh, yeah, could you contact me later about that matter?


This? Ahh…… Was I not supposed to say anything? Ah, right. This thing is called Re: Legacy Weapon. It is a creative take on the “Legacy Weapon”, done by the very skilled “Grand Master”.


Wait a moment there, Sanraku-kun. Did I hear that right? Could you elaborate on that last one information?


It looks like I am going to be restrained once more. Pencilgton holds onto my arm with a truly terrifying smile, Kyo-Timate keeps on playing with the sword hanging from her waist and Katsu’s gaze…… There was something truly disturbing about it. …… Damn it!? Is there no one who would be on my side in this!? Someone, anyone!?


Umm, I am sorry……


Rei! (Gaze filled with joy!)


When I turn around and gaze with the dead fish eyes at the savor that suddenly approached us, I could see Rei with her shoulder shrinking and her head bowed in apology. Saiga-100 shifted her focus to her sister then, and I could not have been more grateful for that manoeuver. Great shift of the initiative! I was sure that  there would be some protests, but I guess now that the deed was all but done, the two of them had no other way but to act like the proper adults and accept it. Even though both of them looked as they would burst into tears at any moment now…… Fufu, as for Riberios’s facial expression…… It was so priceless that I will probably never forget it.


Now, now, let’s leave it at that and just let the losers praise the victors, shall we?


You say that, but you don’t look all that happy about praising someone else.


Now, now, it’s just a rebellious phase of sorts, nothing too personal about it. Please, pay that no mind and do carry on.


After saying that, Katsu went towards Riberios and shook his hand with a big smile on his face, so I guess we can leave that guy to him.


It was a really good match. And believe me when I say this, I honestly believe that this is a power with which you would be able to stand up to Luukan on your own.


Ohh, yeah, right. I also think that this was a good match. Very much so.


I may act like I’m stupid sometimes, but even a human punching bag needs some genuine skill and effort in order to do its role right. In that regard, I must say that Saiga-100 deserves a perfect score, one hundred points out of one hundred.


Also…… I can already say that my foolish little sister have met some truly interesting guy. So good luck with that.




Behind Saiga-100’s back, Rei quivered all of a sudden, as if a piece of meal went into the hole that it was not supposed to go to. However, I have chosen to pretend that I did not see that, since Saiga-san’s behavior was often this buggy. You could even say that I got used to that.


Also, I was very curious about what happened between Katsu and Riberios that got the latter to tremble in fear like that.


Well then…… I do believe that we can count on the “Black Wolves” keeping their word just like it was agreed on?


Just then, Saiga-100 cleared her throat and delivered the news that surely must not have been easy for her to accept. However, she seemed strangely calm and okay with that.


We, the guild “Black Wolves” have decided to officially change our name to the “Black Swords”. As such, we would also like to form an alliance with the members of the guild “Wolfgang”.





There was once a guild whose emblem was a Black Wolf holding a sword in its mouth. But as of this moment, the sword and the wolf were to go each their own respective ways.



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