ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 287 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 287: Epilogue – Spreading Dragon Disaster – Part 1



Dance of the Red Dragon, the One Who Does Not Know the Brilliance of Soaring Above the Tree Line.


–––– Requesting Subjugation Help…… So far we have tried over two hundred and thirty two times, and each time ended with a spectacular failure. The damage it deals to every party member is simply too great to overcome.


The doll’s expression remains ever unchanged. And if you cannot hear you own voice, the place you should be looking to is not above your head or below your feet, but right inside of yourself.


–––– Right arm becomes unusable due to taking too much damage.


–––– Left hand becomes dull with pain and numb from excessive work.


–––– Too much pressure of the equipment worn on legs resulted in both of the legs getting crushed beyond all recognition.


–––– Way too many consecutive encounters resulted in almost all pieces of equipment reaching zero Durability.


–––– As for the target that was supposed to be taken down…… The damage dealt to it was sitting at zero as well.


Nothing was happening, I was just learning more and more about the current situation, and that severe wounds needed to be treated with haste and utmost care. All this time I kept on wondering what could have happened to the doll with no expression.


As far as I am aware of, the doll was doing its best in order to fulfill the reason for its existence, but it was then that it encountered the dragon in its path. A red dragon with scales in color of crimson lotus flower…… This is the result I managed to find in the shared database: the doll happened to encounter the individual named “Doured Howl”, and even after exerting its full power, it was unable to defeat it. The only reason it managed to survive was because it sacrificed its limbs and majority of its equipment while it was running for its life.


Its right arm was blown off as a resulting impact from the massive “tail”. Its legs were both trampled by the super heavy “legs” and its armor and weapons were made full of holes thanks to the super sharp “scales”. Then the doll was forced to jump off the cliff in order to save itself from the dragon’s “breath”…… Its left arm, not too long ago used to support one of its comrades, now fell off when the doll tried to desperately hold on to the rocks that were making the steep cliff.


If one were to look at it from a slightly different perspective, it could be said that the “target that was supposed to be taken down” actually ended up saving the doll’s life.


S-Stop fooling around and give it a rest already! Ugh, why things like that does had to happen to me as well……


The importance level of the target designated to be taken down: “Full Scramble”. I ask of thee, if thou possess the intelligence high enough to allow linguistic understanding with me, I personally recommand that you stay here and do not move from here for a while.


No way! I don’t want to be in a place like that! I don’t want to! Not for so long!


We recommend this place in particular because it is exactly like that. This place here……


In the very next moment, a loud roaring like sound could be heard, followed by the sound that could only mean a landslide. However, this was not the sound of a collapse. Quite the contrary –– that was the sound of the unstoppable advance.


The crystal earth shines in a bright color that looks like a bright mixture of blue and green under the brilliant radiance of the sun. At night, the same crystal earth would take the brilliant glow of the moon and look bright red, as though the whole ground was bathed in bright flames. And below the mysterious plateau that was shining so fantastically……


There was a doughnut-shaped canyon that seemed to surround the elevation that shone like a fantastical jewel. There was a massive overrun in the already elevated space reaching all the way to the top of the formation. And the designated target was also there as well, slightly above, a slight depression localized at the boundary in between the canyon and the earth.


The name of this place is “Sigmania Frontline”, it’s the nest of the great centipedes that pierce the earth.




The name that this particular player chose for himself was Trainor Sentiped Gustav.


There was a huge explosion near the place from which he was hanging from. Fragments of the crystalized earth went airborne as a creature emerged from the depths of the earth. It was almost the size of Arctus Regalex, and the way in which it was moving was nothing like the graceful movements of the underwater predator. This thing was moving in a way that resembled an express train that just so happened to fall off its tracks and was rampaging in all possible directions.


The creature would look like your typical centipede, if it was not for the crustacean-like armor covering the entirety of its back and the fact that its claws looked more like small and thin cannons rather than actual limbs used to push its body forward.


However, in this circular valley with a grand jewel in its center, it was not Treinor Sentiped Gustav who climbed on top of the plateau and who was the apex predator here.




Warning! That beast is a Fortress Spider…… It looks as though the war had begun.


Then a huge cannonball flies through the air towards where the centipede was located. There was a giant spider attached to that cannonball thanks to its sticky thread, and just before the cannonball hits the wall you could see the armor on spider’s body harden considerably. Upon impact, there was a huge explosion that shook the whole wall at which Treinor Sentiped Gustav was hanging.


Just as the name might suggest, the figure facing the centipede right now boasted a colossal body, and that body was covered in thick hair all across its length (although each individual hair was like a grown man’s arm from human perspective). The name of such vile arachno monstrosity was quite fitting here, as it was Faultless Gargantua.  


That monster could also spawn its own children in huge numbers on the spot, utilizing them as both weapons and defense forces. This allowed it to possess a huge mobility while also exhibit huge combat potential, with offensive and defensive powers that could virtually never run out. Such was the power of this monster.


With both monsters being insects, there were no words to be throw around to their opponent. No roars and no cries were needed here.


However, while the centipede and the spider face one another in combat, their limbs moved around like crazy, making loud, disturbing rattling noises that would send goosebumps all over the skin of anyone who would be unfortunate enough to listen to this.


Compared to those two monsters, while the target kept on watching it could not help itself but to notice that the two dolls looked like small ants right next to mighty giants.




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