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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 289 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 289: After the Disaster Part 1



[UNIQUE RAID] New World Information Exchange Thread Part 182 [Tenha-san]


13 E-miria

Noirlind crushed us. Completely and utterly.


14 KAnpan VI



15 Tororoglycerin

That sucks, E—miria-shi. Also, that thing sounds dangerous as fuck.


16 Takashi Luck Shine

Seriously, tough, there was no way that a battle like that would turn out any other way. Who would have thought it would chase us all the way to the base and destroy it?


17 Basashi Musashi

And because your base is destroyed, you have no safe place to rest or save your progress while exploring the wilds out there.


18 E-miria

Once it stopped attacking us for a moment and ordered us to beg for our lives, I swear that I could have seen a slash-like mark somewhere around the base of its neck. Or at least a symbol that looked as such.


19 Takuan Tiramisu

There was also supposed to be one more player who would be working together with E-miria as a back row support, a guy wearing a Noh mask who would hardly even say anything…… Ahh, umm, oh shit. That’s bad, he might actually be here and be reading all this……


20 Jupiter

But still, Tenha-san? As far as we players are concerned, was that event connected to some Unique Monster? What are your thoughts on the subject?


21 Plum King

Would that not be Siegwurm or some other Dragon-like boss monster?



I went and a trip to the thread reserved for discussion about the Elves and People of the Forest! It seems that some player named Tottori, who was together with the Elves not until long ago as a Hero of their tribe, had come into contact there with another dragon! Some Green Dragon called Brockentreed or something like that.


23 AB Heaven

Seriously? But I guess that is our hero Tottori for you! Only he would be brave enough to go against a thing like that on his own!


24 Basashi Musashi

I think that it is honestly amazing that there is a player in here who would rather go and chase after Elves than trying to fight against all sorts of dinosaur monsters out there.


25 Plum King

You’d better watch out while you are playing with the Elf ladies in the shades of the trees, man! Who knows when a triceratops might decide to come your way and spoil all of your fun!


26 E-miria

It also turns out that the armor plating from the Trikeros Dinobread can be used as materials for strengthening one’s base. Specifically, to enhance the base with protective barriers and platings. So if you guys can afford it, or if you simply have some of those to spare, there is going to be delivery box set at the base. You can donate materials there, right into that box…… That would be a huge help.


27 Surplus Gum

I don’t know why, but I somehow get a savage or cavemen vibe from all of this……


28 Ando Romeda

This feels almost insulting, at least to me. It makes you think as though the New World was not yet ready to be introduced, and that they want us the players to do their towns building for them. Not cool, devs. Not cool.


29 KAnpan VI

I don’t know if anyone else was paying attention to this story or not, but I would like to point out a certain interesting fact. Namely that  the ones who got attacked by this whole Noirlind in the New World were not amongst the players who were trying to defeat Siegwurm.


30 Takuan Tiramisu

Well, I must say that the second disaster was pretty terrible as well. I mean, as you would expect from the battle between two dragons: Siegwurm and Noirlind.


31 Rock Black

But at least Noirlind in that second battle did not manage to destroy any save points. That would have been terrible if he managed to do just that.


32 Tottori the Simane

Seriously though, back then I was cutting it pretty damn close, I won’t tell.


33 Plum King

Speaketh the Brave Hero’s name and he doth appear!



Oooh, if it isn’t out main man Tottori himself!


35 Tororoglycerin

So? How was it? Fighting against the Green Dragon, I mean.


36 Tottori the Simane

That thing is bad news, let me tell you. Since it is green in color, it must be connected with its abilities somehow. I mean, it must be absorbing magical power from the ground and the surrounding plants. No matter how many arrows I put into it, it still refused to die and back down.


37 Basashi Musashi

Ahh, I see, this really sucks when you put it that way. …… What about your recorder?


38 Jupiter

In fact, we can already start to see a clear distinction here. Either we are going to fight against Siegwurm itself, or those other color dragons.


39 E-miria

What do you think? Is it decided at random? Or is there some sort of a secret way that is going to let us choose the path we want to take here?


40 Cappenter

In fact, now that I think about it, the vast majority of the New Continent and its denizens can be pretty much be divided into pro-Siegwurm faction or pro-Noirlind faction.


41 Thunder Nut

But still, there are players and NPC out there who still want to challenge Siegwurm for one reason or another.


42 Takashi Luck Shine

Well, if you were to ask me, I would say that I want to challenge and beat Noirlind. But it is also kind of awesome that this is a Unique Event in which so many people can participate all at once.


43 Basashi Musashi

I guess we can all agree that a certain person holding a monopoly on Unique Monsters was getting kinda boring and stale at this point in time.


44 Beatovan

It is a story from a second hand, not anything all too sure, but one of my buddies claims that this guy also managed to beat the shit out of Black Wolves.


45 Indoor

I have been insisting on that fact for a long time, so let me reiterate here: it must be that damn Arthur Pencilgton who controls the flow of information here. That person surely must be the victim here as well.


 46 Ludoire

I mean, that person is really specific example. I somehow think that I would not be able to accomplish nearly half as much as he managed to accomplish.


47 Basashi Musashi

On the contrary, there are also potential witnesses who claim that you can communicate with him normally, to which I grow even more confused than ever before.


48 Poultrice Angry Waves

It also appears as though he is in some sort of contact with some members of Library. So I guess that’s actually a good sign?


49 Trologlycerin

But the downside of working with Library is that they will not disclose any obtained information unless they finish considering all of the possibilities themselves……


50 Takuan Tiramisu

If you want to discuss anything related that person, it might actually  be better to go into the game and search the bulletin board instead of discussing possibilities here.




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