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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 292 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 292: Fugitive, Looking At The End Part 2


Saiga-0: I am really sorry for the inconvenience that I have caused you……!


Sanraku: Nah, don’t worry about it.


Saiga-0: I must have caused you all sorts of trouble……!


Sanraku: Like I said, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.


Sanraku: So, back to the main topic at hand. What was that important thing that you wanted to talk to me about? It’s something ShanFro related, right?


Saiga-0: R-Right…… Actually, regarding the “Antimony” sword and “Antimony” armor set that I own……


Sanraku: Ahh, that.


Saiga-0: Umm, actually, while we are being at it…… I don’t think that Unique Scenario is over quite yet……


Sanraku: How come?


To make a long story short, that person, Rei, talked to me about becoming a fully-fledged ShangriLa Frontier Hero.




Some people already treat her like a Warrior God, but I take it that you had no idea? Hm?




While squeezing Emul around, I relayed to him the contents of the conversation I had with the Saint-chan, Iristella, the Saint of Charity. I talk about the quest that was presented to me, as well as possible methods of overcoming the roadblock that would most likely become a major obstacle on my way to completing it.





Over at the New Continent…… It seems that the World-Devouring Dragon fights with the Dragon Heavenly King.


Hm? Ah, I see, I get it……


For a moment out there I thought that one of those titles sounded familiar, but with the Saint’s next words, it all becomes pretty clear.


And in the not so distant future, that conflict is going to cause a coup in this country as well……




I cast a quick glance at Joset, and after a brief moment she nodded her head, affirming my silent question.


How can you be so confident about what is going to happen in the future?


…… You see, I can see and hear more than most ordinary people……


I may be standing corrected here. I thought that Saint Shield’s Territory were just a bunch of roleplaying whackoes, but that might not actually be the case after all.


This woman here is surely not just a normal NPC. She seems more like an “Oracle” or someone else like that.


So, what about the schedule for the Flying Get……?


…… Please, will you do it?


Whoa there, whoa there, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?


I thought that they were a bunch of weirdoes that just are overly attached to a single character, but that does not seem to be the case here. But since she seems to be the real deal, the sheer advantage that they can have from having her around is just ridiculous! They can have knowledge about certain events before they even take place! That’s something Library can only dream of!


…… (And don’t let her charm you or anything! This Saint-chan is hella cute, but this thing is really confusing for some reason!)


Or it may be just a cover up, and her real intentions lie somewhere else. It’s always a possibility. Because let’s face it, why would they ever need help from someone like me, some nameless adventurer without anything to back me up in this world? I would like Joset to provide me with some answers here, but it does not look like I am going to get any anytime soon.


The mastermind behind this coup is going to be Alex, the Fist Prince of this country.


The First Prince is staging a coup?


Why would he even stage a coup in the first place? He need to just sit on his ass quietly and he would succeed the throne either way. Does he really want to make a bad impression on the general public or what? No, wait…… could this be why I was called here……!


I see, so I am to be a disposable gunball once more……


……? Ahh, no, that’s not what you think.


Huh? It’s not the order to secretly assassinate the First Prince?


Personally, I have no problem with assassination roleplay. I was doing that in the previous games I have played, and originally I was supposed to assassinate the Demon Lord Pencilgton…… Well, that last one did not end up as you might have expected.


But if it’s not that, than what’s the purpose? The Pioneers are the perfect pawns for that role, because even after death we just revive. So we could even go over to the new continent and wait for the uproar to subside. But if that’s the case, then wouldn’t some of Holy Shield’s Territory be better suited for the job?


It’s a coup, but not in a traditional sense of the word. It is going to be carried out through the means of “The crown will be passed onto the First Prince the moment the King decides to go tour the New Continent.


Ah, now I am starting to see the whole picture more clearly here.


NPC do not respawn, and when going to a new continent, there would be plenty of “opportunities” for some “unfortunate accidents” to take place. But if some Pioneers were there by “accident” and helped the poor man…… That would change everything.


What’s the possibility of the king being assassinated on board of the ship?


The visions were hazy…… But I think that if anything was to happen, it would be only after the ship reaches its destination.


So, does that mean that Future Prediction is realized through visions? And does that mean that the future that is most likely to happen is more clear than the other things? That kind of divination was present in other works and media as well, so I can see why people think that it is creditable to some extent.


That is why I would like to ask this of you…… I would like you to protect the king while he makes his tour of the New Continent, and I would like you to help with the establishment of the branch of the Holy Church there.


This time around I really get it…… You need a Pioneer who happens to have as little connection to this kingdom as possible?


Yes, that and…… because you seem to have a connection with that country as well.


……………… Yeah, I might actually run out of roleplay here.


Oho, does that mean you know about my Big Bro as well?


Yes, because I happened to meet him once in the past.


Casting a quick glance at Joset, it seems that she does not know what we are talking about, so I guess I am in the clear for now.


Now then……. How exactly did I manage to find myself in my current predicament?


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