ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 299 Part 1



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 299: Brynhildr Baskerville III (Fourteen Years Old) Part 1


Guild Wolfgang


Sanraku: I know it may feel sudden, but I have a question or two for all of you.


Rust: A question or two? What’s that supposed to mean?


Sanraku: I am trying to come up with a cool sounding name. Any suggestions?


Rust: Hmm…… How about “Absolute Zero”?


Akitsu Akane: How about “No Blue Saisrent”?


Katsu: “Blood Infection”. Cool and edgy.


Pencil Warrior: Brynhildr Baskerville III.


Sanraku: And who the fuck is that supposed to be?


Pencil Warrior: The pen name of the guy who sent me a fan mail in real life. Some truly interesting and funny content inside.


Pencil Warrior: In honor of his courage, I thought I might give him some advice here and there. Now we shall wait and see. In about three years or so maybe this is going to turn into something pretty amazing.


Sanraku: Again –– Are you sure you’re not a demon, woman?


Kyogoku: Listen up, Sanraku…… You should come back to the video games situated at the end of the Edo Period…… Believe me, once you get there, we are going to have so much fun, you and I…… Hehe, hehehe……


Sanraku: Sorry, but I will have to politely decline. Besides, no matter how you try to sugarcoat it, this obviously sounds like an invitation for a Divine Punishment from some Bakumatsu nut.


Kyogoku: You fucking asshole! Do you have any idea just how long it took me to get out of that retarded Respawn Hell!?


Kyogoku: You can try to run from it. You can dread it all you want. But when you eventually wander there by accident, you are going to be in for a surprise! You are going to be the target of the slaughter so grand and bloody unlike no one has ever seen before!


Sanraku: Ahh, so it is a good old quest for vengeance, huh……? You will have to get in line for that, my friend. You are not the only one who has some beef with me.


Pencil Knight: The ending day of the Edo Period? I heard about that title as well. There are some guys out there who can do pretty ridiculous stuff while yelling some pretty ridiculous things, right? It’s like their words convert directly into their ability to hunt and kill their opponents.


Katsu: Ahh, this brings me back to those good old days of that Apocalyptic Round Table Realm. Nothing says more about the game world and its playerbase than good old: “Nice to meet you, and now die!”.


Sanraku: I think that what you meant by that was that in that world the word “Die” was synonymous to “Hello”. That’s way more fitting here.


Kyogoku: And as far as the cool sounding names are concerned…… “Ultimate Shogun From Hell”, what do you think?


Sanraku: Downright rejected, thank you very much for your input, won’t need anything more from you.


Kyogoku: Just you wait! You shall see! One of those days, my Divine Punishment shall reach your sorry ass!


Mold: What kind of question even is this?


Sanraku: You see, I did some extensive shopping in ShangriLa Frontier, but some of the things I have bought are yet to be named. Hence I am looking for some suggestions in that regard.


Rust: …… Incidentally, what did you buy? Is it something cool? Some sort of a weapon, maybe?


Sanraku: That is still a secret, so I’m not telling.



Whatever should I do with this? So far, this whole Brynhildr Baskerville III seems like the only plausible candidate.


Kuh, talk about being virtually useless when it matters to you the most!


However, I still have time to think this though. After all, the designer informed me that “It will still need more time until it is finished”.


Fufufufufu…… I knew it, other players simply cannot compare themselves to me as far as the ore resources are concerned. It took me a while to get done, and it was a whole lot of hard work, but thanks to all that, including its price and remodeling costs, I was able to add an extra five billion mani to my name!


Ah, I knew it…… Spending so much money in one go truly feels different…… I could really get used to this……


Hoo, HOOOOOOOOOOOO……!!! What is this!? Am I really holding one hundred million mani in my hands right now……!?


I took a look at Emul, who was visibly trembling with joy while holding onto a bunch of thick spell books. Then a certain thought occurs to me: it’s been a while since I last did any equipment strengthening. And since I was feeling pretty good about myself right now, why wait with that? Let us act immediately!


Hey, Emul? While I am at it, we might as well strengthen some of your equipment as well. Aren’t you one lucky Bunny, huh?


UHYAAH! Sanraku-san, you are the best! Truly the best out there!


But this means that you will need to work extra hard when we arrive at the new continent. So best be ready for that……




Hahaha, why the dead fish eyes all of a sudden, Emul? But no matter how you may look at it, if you keep associating yourself with me, it is only going to be a matter of time before you will be able to go against Nightprowler Luukan or Goldunine the Inexhaustible on your own. I guarantee it!


However, let us hope that the new equipment for you is not going to have that much of a different shape or size. Or else you sitting on my head is going to demand some true gymnastics on my end, both physical and mental.


And that is partially the reason why I decided to visit the very first area that I happened to arrive at when I started playing this game: “Rampart Forest”. There was also a nostalgia part to it, but it’s a secret.


Won’t you look at that, Emul! Isn’t it nice and refreshing to see a goblin running away from you with tears in its eyes?


Could it be that this is how humans feel when they encounter Nightprowler Luukan, I wonder?


Hey, hey! That was rude and uncalled for! Besides, are you comparing me to a monster? You are, aren’t you?


Uwah!? What the hell is this thing!? Is that a monster as well!?


B—Birdhead…… Is that some sort of a caveman?


It’s a Rare Monster! It has to be! Come on, let’s beat the living crap out of it and see what it drops!


But I am a Player, just like you, guys……


By the way, this is the twelfth time something like this happens today: me being mistakenly taken for a monster. And I am keeping Emul as a muffler this time around, since Emul in his Vorpal Bunny mode can attract Rare Enemies of this area towards himself.


I did not want to use the Holy Grail’s power here, since turning into a woman would be too much of a hassle here. Besides, since I am going to register myself at the Guild, I suspect that doing so with a different gender would bring some form of trouble down the line.


Ahh, talk about nostalgia. From my perspective not that much time have passed, but it feels like it’s been ages ago……




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