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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 300 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 300: Inherited Dreams Part 2


But surely, without a doubt…… Yes, I think that the one that appeared before poor Tooru here was none other than the famous member of the formation widely known as “Tias-chan Dress-Up Corps.” What a delightfully sounding name, don’t you think?






Oi, don’t tell me…… That dispute from before…… it was all about this guy right here!?


You fucking moron! We were not talking about this monstrosity! We were talking about Ruthia-chan in a maid outfit!


We can do this! We still have the time! We can exchange this!


I’m sorry, everyone! But I think that I fancy Ruthia-chan in a swimsuit more than in anything else!


You bastard! You’d do us dirty like that!?


Ah…… Oh shit, what the hell? This looks mighty fun! Those guys consider the PH Penalty as a merit, so they are practically invincible!


However, in my case PK Penalty remains only that: a penalty. So as much as I would like to join those guys, I can only sit here and watch from afar. Now show me some interesting things! Both when it comes to Bounty Hunters and  the so-called Prize Hunters! This is going to be a valuable experience, I think.




Incidentally, what are those? The weapons that the Bounty Hunter holds in both of his hands? This looks to me like a combination of both tonfas and knives? Bladed tonfas? Stakes mounted onto arms? It’s honestly kind of hard to tell with some of those things.


And what is their category? Twin swords? No, are those even swords? I think that with a weapon like that, you can either strike or pierce, or maybe even crush at that? Talk about a universal design.


This whole Ruthia would not even betray the way in which he would be using those Tonfa Edges from his stance. But just as he was standing silently and watching this Tooru guy, in the next moment he leapt forward, aiming to strike Tooru’s head. The movement was so smooth as if the tonfa was an extension of this man’s body.




ORA! Just hurry it up and drop dead!


Shut up! This is my fight and I will choose what to do!


I also think that Ruthia would look so much better with a swimsuit on!


Sword and shield guy manages to repel the initial attack, but his shield must have taken quite a beating, because he unequipped it in a hurry and assumed a stance only with the sword in his hand.


However, when it comes to Bounty Hunters, I guess that the expression “TAS Murder Machines” is by no means an over-exaggeration. Those tonfas are pretty dangerous as they are, and you also need to watch out for them changing into a piercing weapon at all times. But if you turn them around, they will act like crushing weapons instead.


They do not hesitate, they do not lag, and the viciousness with which they are fighting can only be described as Silvia Goldberg level. They will constantly change patterns and attack strategies, while also being able to perfectly respond to anything that the player is going to do.


Just the sheer aura of this Bounty Hunter makes you feel as though you would not want ot perform PK ever again……


That weapon looks mighty strong……


See this, Tango? It is a good idea to set goals for yourself in life. Motivation is important. With enough motivation, even the strongest of shitty games won’t be able to stand in your way.


Even if the thing that stands in your way is a Tonfa Mace that quickly becomes Tonfa Edge. And seeing that they should be similar in concept to those anti blade swords that I possess, or that they might even come from twin daggers…… Should I ask Break to make a pair of those for me somewhere down the road?


Kuh…… So strong…… Guwah!?




Did someone happened to take a screenshot of those beautiful LEGS just now!?


I have it set to take multiple shots one after another! This is perfect!


Now aim for some low angle shots as well! I’ll even pay you!!!


Not to spoil the fun for you, guys, but that guys looks more or less done for here.


That’s right, the one-handed sword guy was blown away by the barrage of tonfa attacks…… Blown away right towards where we were all standing.


Watch out.


From a kick alone?




Ruthia-chan is most probably a female character. But it seems that the appearance does not go hand in hand with the strength of the actual character. The testament to that can be the fact that Tooru was blown away in the air, made a splendid arch and landed on the ground right at our feet, making a miserable squeal.


Hey, Mister? Are there any rules here regarding what to do in case of a ring out?


I’m sorry, but…… I have no idea!




Oho, could it be that the Bounty Hunter is going in for the finishing blow here?


Huh? Wait a second, the way in which its getting ready to strike, the trajectory of the tonfas, the way they move…… Whoa there! Don’t get me involved in this! I don’t want to get caught in the cross-fire!


Say, Mandragora?


Uhm, who is that? And why Mandragora?


Does this game come with the mechanism of self-defense?




The moment the Bounty Hunter jumps in the air, I take out Duxaram from my inventory and get ready to intercept the certain “death” coming right at me from above.


Tonfa Edge is in slashing mode, with the cutting part facing forward. According to the physics engine, if they were to make a plunging attack right now, they should get enough force and momentum to cause a fatal injury should the attack be received up front with little to no means to defend yourself.


Ugh, that’s heavy. I mean, even with my current Strength. I wonder if I had some more points into that stat, would the effect be slightly different? Would I be able to endure it? But for now, even with a successful block I have lost a portion of my HP.


It’s not good to get the crowd involved in a fight, you know? So get back to the ring and do your job!


The only reason why I was able to avoid taking this blow face on was simply because in the past I was able to withstand and react to attacks of similar speed. Otherwise I would have been a goner right about now.


By the way, normally I would most probably be in for some penalty for drawing my weapon on a Bounty Hunter like that, but if self defense is really a thing in here, then I should be okay. And Tango could be my witness here.


…… Yup.




…… Wait just a freaking moment. I have never committed any PK in my life here! I swear! I have people who can testify that!


The bladed tip of the tonfas are being pointed right at me for some bizarre reason.


Then the players that were surrounding me take a few steps back, as if they were trying to communicate a “Get Ready” message to me. Thus one fight ring closed and a new one has taken its place right after.


No, wait, the fuck? Why the fuck am I the one who is being targeted here?


Whaaat? Why you……




That’s right, Tooru-san! Don’t you have an important mission to fulfill here? The one that is to put this here Ruthia-chan in a swimsuit or something alongside those lines? So get back up on your ass and…… Huh? An Item Transfer request? But from who……


I don’t really get what is going on here, but…… You have to do it! You have to make our dreams come true……!




Custom made by GONBURITION, it gives the wearer a high resistance against any kind of water or moisture.

Author’s note: I have finally succeeded in installing the function of displaying the wearer’s name in hiragana on the name tag! With this, our dreams can finally come true…… BY GONBURITION



How am I even supposed to react when I am faced with an inside joke of this caliber? I cannot even……




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