ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 303 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 303: A Strange Fated Reunion Shrouded In the Scent of Apples Part 2

φSurvival…… He was that kind of player who would fearlessly go against the toughest opponents on the server while only being armed with basic fist weapons. And he would always live to tell the tales of his exploits with a smug look on his face. Not to mention that even though there were guns there, he would always prioritize melee weapons instead. That’s just who “Survival” was –– the most violent and fiendish of players would likely avoid meeting if you could help it.

「For crying out loud, talk about a terrible experiences resulting from run-ins with this guy.」

And just before I even realized it, the limit of three minutes was already upon me.

And because the time limit was up, the provisional armor covering my legs and torso turned to dust, never to return again. (total price of equipment lost that way nine hundred thousand mani).

Also, alongside the impact of my clothes ripping themselves open, my boobs shook and swayed violently.

Of course, the player that just happened to be in the vicinity and happened to witness this opened his eyes wide, his eyes becoming glued onto my avatar.

But that was his doom. Because not missing the occasion that just happened to present itself like that, a wild Vorpal Bunny jumped out of the thick bushes and sunk its knife into that player’s neck, killing him on the spot.

「…… I want to correct my previous statement. NOW I am in a terrible mood.」

「…… Sanraku-san, I would like to return to Rabbitz for now. Today was a rather bad and…… chaotic day, so I am sure that you would also like to catch a moment of break for sure.」

「Oh, alright, then I will go to Fifthsia…… No, wait, scratch that. I will go to Eightdolato. Yeah, that sounds about right.」

「Yes, yes, of course, of course. You go on and meet with that friend of yours. Meanwhile, I will be waiting in Rabbitz.」

Well, that is one thing being taken care of. However, there was also something else that needed to be done here before I would do anything else.

Café “Snake’s Apple”. It is an establishment that you can usually find somewhere around the back alleys and dark corners of every major city in this game. The main clientele of those cafes are usually rogues people you would usually not want to meet in a back alley after dark. Additionally, every shop has the exact same shopkeeper to itself, which is really weird. But I don’t think that such an advanced game would ever like to go on compromises in terms of the NPCs’ looks, so this surely must be some form of a setting.

Also, no matter what kind of food you order in the many restaurants in this game, they all tend to taste bland and about the same. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and this here café was one of such exceptions, where some products had more character to them than the other restaurants.

However, as far as the sweet products are concerned, no matter if it’s a simple cookie or a cake of some sort, the taste here would always be the same: that of a huge lump of sugar. As far as drinks are concerned, if Pencilgton’s words are to be believed they all taste the same as well, either like water or sweetened carbonated water. So yeah, that’s about it I guess.

「…… Welcome welcome! What would you like to order?」

The reason I came here in the first place is because of the words of the Bounty Hunter Ruthia-chan, which indicated at this establishment.

And with that being said, it is time to engage in some roleplay centered around that exact subject. Let’s get onto that right away.

「The scent of the apple’s flower invited me here. By the way, do you serve any apple pie in this joint? Asking purely out of curiosity.」

「…… And let me ask you just in case, who happened to tell you about our shop’s “secret menu”?」

「I heard that from a woman named Ruthia. We happened to have one hell of an intense and passionate night together, her and I.」

No, it truly was intense as hell. I mean, it made me realize the horrors of fighting against a PKK-oriented NPCs. Especially that move that divided my decoy into six equal pieces. That was something taken straight out of a horror movie!

While delivering such corny lines completely nonchalantly, I place at the counter the other thing that Ruthia-chan gave me…… the card. It was in fact a letter of introduction with a picture of the Stag Beetle emblem right in the center of it.

「………… I see, certainly. In that case, please go to one of the private rooms and wait there until your apple pie is baked.」

「Sure thing.」

There was a few seconds of pause there, but ultimately the shopkeeper took the letter of introduction from my hand and stashed it inside of his own pocket. Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the entire world, he pointed towards a private room at the back.

And perhaps my appearance of the delicate girl right about now, plus my unusual getup, was the reason why the other patrons of this place only stared at me from afar, without the courage to actually approach me.

Huh? The fuck do you think you’re looking at, asshole? This is not a spectacle, so scram! Before I go there and punch your ugly face in!

「Alright, I wonder what is going to happen next……?」

With the NPC looking away from me in panic, I went towards the place that the shop keeper pointed me. Speaking of which, just what kind of private room they can have here? I can only imagine some nasty things because this place just reeks of underground and all that……

Unlike the “gates” that Emul was able to produce, I was met with a pitch black darkness and a feeling as if I had roughly collided with something.

「…… Nouah!? What the hell!?」

My body was overwhelmed with a feeling as if I was suddenly afloat, kind of like you feel when you happen to slip on a discarded banana peel. Or it felt as if the balance of your body, carefully maintained up until now, was thrown out the window and a new one took its place. Fortunately, there was the floor at my feet, so I managed to stay upright without losing my balance and falling.

It’s like being blown away by a huge monster, that moment where all of your semi-circular canals are running berserk…… In other words, it was nothing short of a transfer magic.

「And a pretty rough one at that……」

「Ara……? I heard that the one coming my way would be a man, but……」

The one who said that was a young woman, but her voice indicated something completely different. You would think that it was actually an old hag rather than a young woman, that’s how low her voice was.

Looking up, that woman was wearing a dress, but it was the one that was different from the ones that nobles would wear. Was that a cabaret club dress? Or a brothel, perhaps? I wouldn’t really know.

「I may be a woman for a moment, but I assure you that I am one and the same person you were expecting…… So? When will my apple pie arrive? I’m starving.」

「…… Fufufu, I see that you have guts, I’ll give you that. Good, you truly seem like someone deserving Ruthia-chan’s invitation.」

Oh, who would have thought?

The woman drew closer to me. She was smiling and that smile was somewhat similar to that of an amused Pencilgton, but at the same time way different. Less malicious? But still it was more than enough to give me the creeps.

Then the woman spread her arms, spun around as if to show the place that I was currently in and said with a smile on her face:

「Welcome! Welcome to the café “Wandering Sword”……! Now then, my little Avenger, let me show you the contracts that need to be done.」


It looks that the good old unemployed me will have a chance as scoring myself some real job really soon.

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