ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 304 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 304: The Fastest Capping Girl In the World Part 2

…… Yeah right! As if! There is no way I’m getting fooled here!

(Does it get incorporated into your avatar simply by virtue of being invited there? Or could it be that it is something that the system fails to recognize for some reason?)

The only job that is still listen in my “Status” window is “Mercenary”. No changes here. Could it be that there is some sort of job-changing quest that you must first complete in order for the “Avenger” to get registered?

In other words. I do not know if there is something more to it than what was already presented to me, but this I know for sure: as long as there was a quest to be completed, there is going to be an event that is going to accompany it for sure.

At the very least I do not think that this is going to be the kind of work where I get exploited by some evil organization until I am no longer useful. It clearly is a system where for a job well done you get an appropriate compensation.

You can think of it in the same way as the professions such as “Gods” or “Grandmasters”. They all have their respective events related to them. However, here’s the thing. Even the quest related to Blacksmithing “Grandmaster” had a fair share of fighting connected to it. So if a “production” class had something like that, then just what is going to happen in case of the “fighting” class?


「Alright, have no fear for I am here!」

There was a loud scream that cut through the otherwise peaceful and tranquil night air of Eightdolato, the one that was short and immediately got cut off, as if someone placed a hand on the mouth that let out such a scream. It was honestly surprising that the nearby players did not took notice and did not rushed towards the scene to investigate.

It was certainly a scene of the nature that someone was being chased and was trying to run away, but unfortunately they got caught before they could make their escape to safety.

A weak-looking but desperately struggling woman. A ragged man who was holding her and trying to drag her into the dark back alley…… Oh, I see what’s going on here. I guess it’s alright to act on my sense of justice here, right?

「If you see a woman being dragged away somewhere against her will, it is but natural to try and save her, right……!」

It should be alright here. I’m wearing clothes and all, so even if I step in here, I should not be mistakenly taken for a pervert. Right about now I’m a pretty girl who rushes in to save the damsel in distress!

「Now, let’s get this thing going…..」

「P-Please! Someone! Anyone! Help me!」

I was about to start running and save the day, but then something stopped me dead in my tracks. Someone placed their hand on my hand, and it was a really small hand. When I turned around I saw a small child looking up at me with tears in its eyes.

「My little brother! My little brother is being attacked by a scary monster……!」」


Your little brother is being attacked right now, and you decided to come here of all places seeking help!? Shit, if that was any normal game, there would be a moral choice here, leading to branching paths…… Even a complete fool would have been able to understand that!

Which is it!? Which is the correct answer here……!? Or could it be that both are actually separate events!? Could it be that I have raised some strange flags without even realizing it!?

Which is the correct answer and which is the wrong answer here!? I do not have the time to deliberate on that and think it through! And this choice here may or may not influence my opportunity for a job change…… So if that’s the case!

「Five seconds.」

Shit, not enough caffeine again? I heard a rumor that caffeine is something that your body can naturally secrete under a certain set of circumstance, so it would be nice if you got to work on that, my body!

Using the Levin Trigger / Disaster Hand would be ideal solution here, but in those dark back alleys it was way out of the question. But since the moonlight was clearly visible I could use my other movement skill “Managarm Pride”, the Pride of the Moon Wolf. I won’t be nearly as fast as during that first option, but it’s still faster than any normal player!

「Right here! Right now!」

Coordinate random numbers, seems good to me. There is a straight line connecting myself and the struggling pair that was about to disappear into the dark back alley.


Alright, alright, let’s start dashing. There was a minimum loss of time because I had to free myself of the little girl’s grasp, but let’s do it! I’m still okay!


Suppression procedure, very good. Remember all of that training you had, and remember that this is not a mere punching bag, but rather a normal human being. Time to put those martial arts to practical use!

Because this was an alleyway here, there is very little space here, but the left and right walls can serve as scaffolding when necessary.


I never thought that I could really do it.

Even though I used Zero Gravity just in case here, I still managed to fly dead ahead at the astonishing speed, ricocheting off the walls in a zig-zag fashion, launching myself at the very end and delivering a splendid flying kick right to the ragged man’s jaw.

Then I land in mid-air, which would normally be impossible due to the laws of physics…… No, it might be even said that I danced gracefully through the air after manhandling an evil villain. I still think that I could have done this faster and better, but at the very least I did not suffer any HP reduction here, which was always a good thing.

Also, it seems that the limit of three minutes already passed, because my clothes turned to ash and drifted away. And even though it was only a game, I could feel that it was especially chilly in here right now. It’s annoying that my clothes disappear like that, but worst case scenario, I can always use Bone Shatterer to warm myself up.

「I think that this here was the fastest I have ever been……!」

That was a marvelous move, something that was downright broken. If there was ever an event where you would have to Time Attack this game, I would have easily snatched the first place!

However, just at that moment there appeared someone who happened to disagree with me, raining all over my parade.

「–––– About four seconds? I feel like it is such a waste, but it’s not bad either. There is a room for improvement here, and that’s a good thing.」

「S-So fast!? No way……」

Was that perhaps a short distance teleportation? No, that’s not it. I can see small clouds of dust gathered around the little girl’s feet. If she used teleportation here, the clouds of dust would have went upwards, but they went forward and slightly to the left instead.

In other words, the answer could only be one here: it was an ultra-fast movement skill that was entirely grounded in normal physics of this world.

No, wait a moment. This movement was different from Ruthia-chan’s “Mach” skill that allowed her to move super fast. It was something that was much more similar to the speed that the Levin Trigger / Disaster Hand would grant you. And that would fit in here, since the movements in the “Overflow” state are something that can barely be traced with naked eye.

So this must mean that this person right here is capable of moving at even faster rate than Ruthia-chan……

「–––– Think of this as an aptitude test. Originally it was Ruthia who was supposed to be put in charge of you, but she was delegated to take care of some other errands. This means that you are stuck with me.」

This is,

「A little girl! Tias-sensei!」

When I turn around, I can see the little girl that was previously wearing a bikini armor at the counter. She looked like a powerless child, but the way in which she was looking at me with her glossy eyes looked anything but powerless.

Now I really start to think that the workings of those Dress-Up Corps guys is weird and overly-specific.

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