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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 305 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 305: Little Girl’s Secret Nighttime Classroom Part 2

You be that this is a good clear time (almost laughed here but managed to hold back)…… There was also something that I wanted to say about Sensei’s taking a nap right in the middle of the battlefield like that, but I chose to refrain from doing that as well. I was getting a feeling that I might regret it if I opened my mouth right now.

「The work of an Avenger is a difficult one. If you make even a simple mistake, it might actually result in your payment getting cut by ninety percent. And that’s an optimistic variant.」

Ninety percent payment reduction seems to be a bit excessive if you ask me, but it’s not like I can’t understand where is this all coming from. I mean, some materials from monsters are really valuable, and destroying them in the process can defy the whole quest to begin with. Yeah, nothing better than a full payment plus the money from rare materials.

「The work of the Avenger is also an irregular one, so you never know when you might be called to show up. Best not to get your hopes up.」

Being an irregular may be a little bit tough, but if it is something that is randomly assigned during every log in process, I think I can get behind that.

「…… And if you really want to survive in this line of work, there is one important thing you need to remember at all times.」

「…… One important thing?」

Tias-sensei then proceeded to explain that when it comes to Avengers, there is no such thing as hierarchy. That is, there was once a person that everyone called “Boss” in the organization, but the relationship there was not like your typical boss and the underlings, and it was purely a cosmetic title.

However, when it comes to humans…… No, this may very well extend to all living beings. If there is no hierarchy, even the slightest inklings of it, everyone will start to feel anxious and uneasy.

That is exactly why. Tias-sensei made an effective pause here to underline her words, and then she turned around for a moment, only to look back at me. She probably wanted to look cool in front of her student like that.

「…… If you would like to call me “Sensei” even after this is over, I would not mind that one bit.」

「Of course! I’m going to call you that for the rest of my life, Little Girl Tias-sensei!」

So now I have a Big Bro Weissash and a little girl as my Sensei! The amount of good things that happened to this avatar is almost incomprehensible, even for me! Oh well, there’s nothing I can really do about it, but I’m not going to complain here. I only need to take care that other players do not find out about this, otherwise their jealousy towards me might become a serious problem.

But that being said, in video games you often meet the characters that are full of contradictions and somewhat questionable design choices. Race? Skin color, Sex? It all is but a secondary preference. Hell, I would welcome a slime into my party if it had stats that would allow it to basically one-shot everything in its path.

Besides, I cannot complain about a Loli-sensei. I mean, in fantasy and in games it is a very common trope, for a woman to look like a child but actually being older than her students.

But it seems that this here Tias-sensei had no personality quirks associated with being a thing called “loli-baba”. Her teaching methods might be rough, sure, but she was caring and adorable, and once we got back in to the “Wandering Sword”, she even treated me for an apple parfait for a job well done.

It was an item that was on the cheaper side, but its taste was really extraordinary, almost as if there were not taste limitations on it. I always thought that the taste of food in this game was lacking severely, but…… could it be that for Avengers this was different? No, it would be really weird for a video game to implement such preferential treatment for one profession only. It would make a whole lot more sense if this establishment had a skilled cook, one that could enhance the flavor based on his Cooking skill or the ingredients used in the process of cooking. But other conditions? It might actually be worth a shot to ask Library about details surrounding cooking in this world.

Additionally I managed to take a screenshot of Tias-sensei eating her parfait with delight, as well as managing to maneuver her into wearing that school swimsuit that I received from that other guy. All it took for me to convince here was that these clothes were highly water-repellant. I wonder if I’ll be able to sell it for a hefty price?





There is one thing I have learned by acquiring that title of “Gourmet Tongue”. Most probably, the taste of the food is directly linked to the quality of ingredients in this game. This means that if you want to eat delicious food, you must possess the appropriate amount of money.

So, does that mean that what we’ve been eating until now was just…… Standing in Fifthsia right now, I cannot help it but feel that the world of capitalism truly is harsh and oppressive.

「I wonder why? I have been in a woman’s body for no longer than a whole day, but actually going back to my male form feels strangely nostalgic here for some reason……」

I guess that the Crystal Scorpions will not go easy on you even if you are a cute female character. Heck, I even got a feeling that they were even more aggressive than usual towards me because I was a female. But that’s actually a good thing…… They advocate gender equality and welcome every guest in the same way. But I was also able to recover some top quality ore alongside that suicide trip, so it was actually very good outing.

Today I want to go hunting together with Rei so that we can both get ready for our voyage to the new continent. And if my memory serves me correctly, we are going to hunt for the materials for high grade potions, which are dropped by rare monsters in a remote location on the world map. Which also means that there won’t be any players there, which is a good thing. Not to mention that said potions are really expensive right now, since people tend to overfish the ingredients for them.

And taking a new route will be an added bonus here. Before I have run straight to Fifthsia, without getting sidetracked. So aside the Flame Butterfly at the bottom of the crater lake and the Ancient Iron Ruins I do not know the neighborhood all too well.

「Alright…… It should be about time when we were supposed to meet up.」

And since I’m a little bit too well-known throughout the community right now, just standing on the main street is too dangerous for me. It’s too risky that someone might recognize me and start chasing me.

That is why until the right time was up, I was hiding in a back alley, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. And when the time was right, I jumped out onto the main street……

「Umm, Sa, SaSaSa, Sanraku-sasasasasan, whwhwhwhwhwhatatatatatatat, isisisisisisisisis, thisthisthisthisthisthisthis……」


I think anyone would be scared and surprised is a dark knight appeared in front of them in the middle of the night, and the one who was trembling all over and making so much noise.

All that noise seemed to have gathered the attention of surrounding players who looked at Rei with both pity and compassion. Was that perhaps a bug or something like that? Rei even stretched out her hand towards me, but the outline of it was so blurred that at some points it was even disappearing completely.

「Now, this is some serious issue……」

I know that we had plans for tonight, but those plans would have to wait. Right now we had a bigger problem on our hand…… pin-pointing what was wrong with Rei’s body and returning it back to normal.

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