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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 306 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 306: How Are Things With Saiga Rei Part 2

The school districts are kind of like man-made islands or man created bounded fields, with all the students from a certain regions being assigned to a certain school in their respective region.

And because this here school district is the place where the number of population was always high ever since the early twentieth century, this resulted in a naturally high amount of students each year. I once asked my parents why would they want to build their house in a neighbourhood like this, and their response was truly down to earth and made a lot of sense: it was simply because at the time the price of the land in this area was relatively cheap. I think that they were not the only ones who thought like that.

And when it comes to my specific age group, I can’t think of that many kids living near me. Or at least I’m not aware of them being here. But as luck would have it, from here on out Saiga-san was applicable to this area as well. So that’s at least one other person who goes to the same high school as me.

「Umm, alright, so I should make a turn to the right here, and…… That’s it? This should be the place?」

The location that I have arrived at was only a fifteen minute walk from my house, so that makes it relatively close.

But, I mean, well…… This place right here, the map app displayed it as a huge block with many single houses, but in reality it was one big patch of land? Also, the wall that was surrounding this place…… Uwah, talk about big. Maybe even oversized would be the right word here. The grounds here must surely encompass the neighbouring parcels of land, so it should be WAY bigger than any normal house…… Judging by the map app, you could easily play baseball here, or even build a small stadium.

「Could this be…… The power of the Saiga family in full display……!?」

I mean, where is the main entrance here? I think it must be some sort of a huge-ass gate, the kind that you would always smash open with a battering ram in all those historical dramas, right? Could it be…… a samurai residence? Because no matter how you look at it, this looks exactly like a samurai residence. Who would have thought that there would still be a place like that here in modern day Japan?

「No matter how you look at it, this is simply no place for a courier to make a normal delivery……」

I knew it, it would have been a whole lot better if we were to simply meet in front of Rock Roll and be done with it…… No, but if we were to do that, there would be no way for me to check what was wrong with Saiga-san’s VR system. And since Iwamaki-san was busy conquering the whole Imperial family at home, and family restaurants did not have places where you could plug in a system like that, we were out of options. Speaking of Iwamaki-san, isn’t that strange for a man to be playing otome games? Like, assuming the role of a commoner maid at the Imperial court, and going to conquer the hearts of all pretty boys that were present there? Just a food for thought.

Being in quite the predicament here, I guess that my only option here is to simply send Saiga-san a message: “I have arrived, but where is the entrance?”. Should I simply wait here for the time being? …… Hm?

「…… Mera…… Huh?」

「Dead…… Dead space……」

「… Kuzo.」

What this? Right in front of the gate, there was a group of children making strange poses. At the first glance they looked like a bunch that would go around and cause all sorts of trouble, so what were they doing in a place like that……? Ah, and now they are running over here.

For some strange reason, the looks on their faces when they were passing me seemed to be screaming “Oh shit!”…… Oh well, not that it matters to me at all. I then proceeded in front of the gate. Ah, what a relief…… A normal door was there as well.

「…… May I ask who’s there?」

「UWAAH!? Huh? That gave me quite a fright.」

So those kids were not just standing here, they were messing around with an intercom as well!? So does that mean this here intercom has a camera implemented in it, monitoring for visitors all day long? Talk about a display of wealth!

And thinking about it carefully, the only reason why the answer came so quickly, as soon as I got to the main gate, was only because of those damned brats playing the “Ding-Dong-Dash”. And those strange poses? They must have been so that the intercom’s camera would not spot them. Kids these days surely must have lots of free time on their hands to do stupid shit like that, huh……?

Alright, but let’s get back to business here.

「Hmm, ahh, umm…… I have a delivery meant for Saiga Rei-san.」


Uwah, amazing! I can feel the distrust coming from the other side of the intercom, even though I was unable to see the person on the other side of it.

「…… Did you make a prior appointment?」

An appointment…… If we count SNS as such then I guess yeah, yeas I did.

「Ahh, yes, that’s right. I have contacted Saiga Rei-san in advance about this.」

「………… Please wait for a moment.」

After a brief moment, the door opened with a small metallic click of the lock. Oh, over there, huh?

No wait, that’s not it? The car is going from the inside of the mansion? And here I thought that I would finally be able to invade the castle Saiga just like that! Or could it be that the person over the intercom confirmed that it was okay for me to enter and sent a car for me?

But no, thinking about this visit like an invasion was wrong to begin with. While I was thinking that, a middle-aged woman wearing a kimono appeared in front of me from god knows where. Whoa, a kimono like that is pretty rare to find in modern times like today…… a maid? So they really exist in the real world as well, huh?

「You must be Hizutome-sama, correct?」

「-sama is a little bit much, but…… Ah, yes. That’s correct.」

「Rei-sama is going to come see you in a little while, so for now please, come this way……」

I wonder if there is a proper dress code for visits like that? I was wearing some really plain and ordinary clothes, but at least I was not in a jersey. So that’s something, right?

Am I really going to be able to get away with just taking a look at Saiga-san’s VR system like that? Thinking that to myself, I proceeded forward inside of the Saiga residence.


「Please wait here for a moment.」

The green tea that I was offered had a single straw standing upright in it, looking like a single pillar amongst the green sea. It should have been a sign that I would have a great luck coming my way, but I don’t know about that…… Be strong, my heart!

Before we got to this room we massed through a myriad of corridors and other rooms…… If this was a game, there would be monsters lurking all over the place to ambush you, or there would be random teleports, like in some kind of a maze. Just then, when I was sitting and sipping on my green tea, I then noticed something shine in the corner of my eye.

「Huh, is this……?」

It was a strange white thing that could be said to be a “a key chain imitating a surfing board, with a hole with a thin wire going through it”.

Whatever this is supposed to be, I know what this is. Or at least I think I do. I have seen something similar to that, in large quantity.

「…… Fumu, I should have something similar to that in my house as well?」

「Eh? Ekhem……」

While I was wondering what this thing was specifically used for, I heard a voice behind my back. Turning around, I have seen an old-man that looked like a master of the Japanese sword arts, who was staring right at me.

Without a doubt, this was going to be the last boss of this here Saiga Castle…… I know it’s a little rude to call someone a last boss, but that’s the way I felt right now.

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