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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 307 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 307: Communication Boss Rush Part 2

What is it, sir? What did you see after learning my name, sir!? I am really starting to regret that I have come here! This boss is too powerful! This is too much for me! Are bosses allowed to be so overpowered!?

「Well then, it’s time for me to go. I will leave the two of you alone…… Oh, yes, that’s right. Before I forget.」


「Could you please pass my best regards to Senji-kun?」


Right about now, in this exact moment, I felt as though I was driven into a corner. And about those words coming from the mouth of the literal last boss, it felt as though you were facing your arch-nemesis, only to learn that he is your long lost brother or father, the kind of a revelation that would usually lead to the main character to get critically wounded or even end up dead. Not to mention, why would someone like my father be friends with a last boss character like that? No, I mean, I get it, my dad could one day catch nothing but oysters or nothing at all, and the very next day he would still get up early and go fishing with even more of a fiery resolve. He is just that kind of berserker that never gets discouraged. It is that kind of thing that keeps on attracting people to him.

「D-D-Does that m-m-mean that our f-f-f-families know, e-e-each other……!? And hang o-o-o-out……!?」

「Umm, Saiga-san?」


「Say what now?」

I guess that Saiga-san still must feel a little bit buggy from the last time, but as you would expect from the daughter of a wealthy family like Saiga-san…… I have never seen a high schooler wearing a kimono at home.

「I knew it…… Saiga family really is something else……」

「No, it’s nothing all that amazing, not in the slightest…… Umm, I’m sorry that you had to trouble yourself with coming all the way here today……」

「Nah, as I was saying, no need to worry about it. I was the one who proposed that idea, and as I was saying, a change of pace from time to time is always a good thing. This device is all but ready to go, but you might want to give it a slight dust off before using it, just to be on the safe side.」

It’s true that the proper maintenance of any device can be time consuming and difficult to do…… but it is something that is necessary. That being said, it’s a whole different story with a chair-type like the one in my room. Especially with vacuuming the room, when the cleaning robot tends to hit it constantly and make a big deal out of it.

「Oh, yes, that’s right, thank you so much for that…… I’m sorry, but could you wait here a little while longer? I will go and bring my device here……」

「Oh, yeah, sure. Go right ahead.」

「Right! I’ll be right back!」

Just like that, Saiga-san went away, while I was left in the room ,casually sipping on my green tea. Maybe my tongue is not used to rare delicacies, but this tea tasted rather normal to me.

However, who would have thought that there is this kind of connection between my father and Saiga-san’s grandfather……? The world sure is a small place nowadays, huh? Or it could just be that my RNG was getting all over the place nowadays.



No, wait, calm down, me! This is a trap! It must be! And the kind that instantly one hit kills you when you try to react in any way! As long as I understand that I can use the appropriate reaction command to get my way out just in the nick of time, but it still does not make it any less scarier…… In other words, I should be scared right about now.



What the hell, what is this even? Could it be that the whole Saiga family would keep on coming here, trying to see just who it was that happened to come to their household? Is that what this is here?

I guess the meeting time continues just like that, but this time around, the one to enter the room very silently was another kimono-wearing woman. I don’t know why, but I want to avert my gaze from her. For some reason, looking at her gives me chills, as if I was staring right down the gaping maw of an insta-kill death trap. That is why I wipe the sweat that started to crop up all over my forehead while trying to look as calm and composed as humanly possible.

「…… Are you perhaps a friend of Rei’s from school?」

…… She spoke to me!? No, I mean, it was a given at this point. It’s only natural that you would want to strike up a conversation. But what the hell!? What is this!? Another freaking hidden boss makes an appearance!?

「Umm, that’s right. But we are in different classes, however. But I guess that we share similar interests?」

「Interests……? Like, perhaps, that strange machine you put on your head and pretend to be asleep?」

「If it’s a Full Dive VR helmet, then yes, that’s exactly that.」

Even though the woman was similar in looks to Saiga-san, I could actually feel an aura of intimidation oozing out of her entire body like crazy. I now started to understand just how the NPCs must feel when someone with the Luukan’s Curse Marks approaches them all of a sudden.

「That thing…… Actually, how does a mechanism like that even work?」

「How, you ask…… Ah, umm, it uses special electric signals to send the sounds and images directly into the wearers brain, and allows for the brain to make certain actions within the system’s limitations.」

Yup, that sounds about right. Also……

「Think about it like a device that allows you to share your dreams with myriad of other people.」

「Ah, now I see……」

I know for one that Saiga-100 is Saiga-san’s older sister, but could that actually be her here? No, that’s impossible, the way she talks is entirely different…… Could it be that Saiga-san has some other sister aside from Saiga-100? I have no way of knowing that. Besides, I have no idea what the real name of Saiga-100 is in the first place!

「You are…… Umm……」

「Ah, that’s right. My name is Hizutome. I came here today becaue Saiga-san…… I mean, Rei-san told me that her VR device seems to be malfunctioning, so I came here to have a look at it. While being at it, I also brought my spare VR device, since I’m not using it anymore. I am going to lend it to Rei-san. 」

「–––– So you’re saying that you want to lend to Rei something a boy was using for a prolonged period of time, is that it?」

Even though that woman smiled at me just now, I could literally feel the temperature of this room dropping below zero. At this rate everything around here might actually start freezing.

「No, no, no, no, no. I was not using it for a long time now, and besides, I cleaned it and washed it thoroughly before coming here!」

For now, that answer seemed to have brought the temperature here back to the level at which humans could survive in it. Hoo, that was a close call……

「I see…… Yes, truth to be told, I am really interested in the things that Rei and Momo are so passionate about these days……」

Momo? Isn’t that the name that Pencilgton always mentions quite a lot? No wait a moment here: Momo of the Saiga family? Saiga Momo? …… Why do those sisters have such peculiar tastes when it comes to naming their in-game characters?

「–––– That being said. Mid if I ask you a couple of questions?」

「A couple…… Ugh, go right ahead.」

I barely even managed to squeeze out a response like that. I get a feeling that listening and speaking with the members of this eccentric family is going to be a whole lot more tiring than conquering the Crystal Scorpions.

I wonder why? Ever since I have come in here, it feels as though I have been doing a non-stop Boss Rush with short event scenes in between them.

Help! Saiga-san, please save meeeeeeeee!! (For the second time today)

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