ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 314 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 314: Megaton Bracelet and a Certain Erotic Radish Part 2

Apparently, sea bream was hard to eat even for a seagull…… They managed to swallow them down, but only after a good moment, eating it piece by piece. I guess that for seagulls smaller, slender fish are better to eat. Ahh, nostalgic island-style diet, eating whatever you could find, not even caring about potential food poisoning and other stuff like that……

Every single animal in this world needs to eat regularly if they want to survive, but humans…… Humans are completely different. Humans can survive for days on bare minimum of food or a single mushroom lasting them for at least four days. It’s survival games like that that make you aware of all the bounties of the wilderness out there and how much of it humans have thrown away due to the evolutionary processes. Wow…… what the hell? What is an octopus doing on the deck all of a sudden?


「O-Our leader got devoured by an octopus all of a sudden!?」

「Even though tentacle play is right down my alley, there is nothing erotic about this in here!」

「F-For now, call some Tanks! Let’s hide behind them!」

It was something that could happen only inside of the game, but all of a sudden, one of the players who was fishing from the top of the ship’s deck got a bite. However, instead of dragging the fish out of the water, he was the one who got dragged into the sea himself, alongside his finishing rod. Just then, a huge octopus-like monster emerged out of the water, throwing all of the players into a state of panic. Of course, the nobles NPCs from the upper decks only looked down with interest, laughing and pointing fingers towards the chaos-struck players. Way to kill the time, laughing at those inferior to you.

Maybe it’s just me, but is that octopus…… No, that’s impossible, it could not be. Maybe this thing is just emulating Kutanid? Yeah, that’s a whole lot more probable. Yeah, especially since it was omitting me, probably due to my carved wounds.

「Oooh, back so soon……? Come here little fella? Are you perhaps the one I sent ot Rei?」


Alright, here’s a sea bream for you little fella! Be sure to eat the eyes up! They are good for your health, after all! As for the reply itself…… Hmm, hmm, I see, I see. Oh, and wouldn’t you know it? The seagull I sent to Akitsu Akane is back as well.

I was thinking that perhaps waiting for the response might take a while, since animals cannot fast travel, but apparently I was wrong here. Maybe the animals of this game are even more amazing than I would have thought?

「Fufufu…… Great job, you guys. Really great job.」

「「Pieh! Pieh!」」


The two seagulls standing at my protruding arm were squealing out loud. The Vorpal Bunny resting on my head was also squealing like mad. I wonder, should I actually join in on the unnatural chorus?


「Uwah, what a demonic screeching is this……?」

「I would guess that this is a sonorous battle cry of a creature that is very slimy and has a whole lot of tentacles protruding from its face.」

That one reference might be something that not all that many people will be able to understand properly, but it is something that Hizutome Rakuro is proud of knowing all the same.

Incidentally, while the octopus here was starting to overflow the boat with its tentacles, the sound of alarm was ringing louder and louder.

Judging by the testimonies gathered from both Rei and Akitsu Akane, it seems that the café is only present here on board of this ship. No other New Continent Research Vessel seemed to have one. That is weird.

What is even weirder is something I happened to learn from the Saint-chan herself a while ago. That out of all of the ships heading towards the New Continent, only this ship would accommodate the high ranking NPC beside the players.

But that can at least be explained to a certain degree. I mean, if we take into account that there is someone of such a high social status that they are called “King”, it is not a surprise that there is actually a “Sanke’s Apple” here. It’s no surprise that there would be Avengers in here as well.

「Alright, since I am already here, I might as well say hello to the owner. Good manners never really hurt anyone before, right?」

I had no intention to disclose to the people that one of the Bounty Hunters was taking a vacation on board of the New Continent Research Vessel, but I was personally curious for the reason. So I might as well find out about it all for myself……!

「…………」 <- There was a familiar looking leg equipment sticking out from the floor. The rest of the body was nowhere to be seen, submerged in the trapdoor leading to the underfloor storage.


STRUGGLE! I cast a short glance towards the owner of the “Snake’s Apple” café in hope of hearing some explanation here. However, the man only smiled bitterly and shook his head. On a side note, he looked a little bit younger than the rest of the owners around towns, so that could possibly put a wrench in the clone theory that I have conjured. But no explanation here? Oh man……



「!?!?!?」 <- The legs suddenly started to thrash about, and I moved away to counter them, but unfortunately I have lost my balance and fell to the ground as a result, only doing a handstand at the last possible moment here.


For some reason, right about now I was feeling really, really sad. So sad, in fact, that I have taken a screenshot of this provisional Ruthia-chan’s butt before leaving this place. I wanted to have a talk with a Bounty Hunter, but I need their upper half, not the lower one. I mean, the erotic radish growing out of the floor sure looks nice, but of what use is it even to me?

「Just how and why did this even happen……?」

Right about now I was feeling like Don Quijote upon realizing that the giant that I was going up against was in truth nothing but a windmill. I was so sad that in fact I took a screenshot of that Ruthia-chan-like erotic radish and passed it on to Survival, just for the heck of things.

「I am in deep sorrow right now, my dear Rocinante……」

「And who is that Rocinante supposed to be?」

「A donkey.」

「I’m a Vorpal Bunny, no matter how you look at it!」

Yes, of course. Yes, of course you are, without a shred of doubt. Let’s just leave it at that for now and go back to the main subject at hand. Otherwise we won’t get anywhere anytime soon.

It is especially in times like this that you need to get moving and do things right, otherwise you will just keep on putting it off and off without end. And the more you put something off, the less efficient that work is going to be in the end. Not to mention that it is going to feel to you as even bigger of a drag than it already is. …… So for now, let’s push forward that weapons strengthening plan that I had in my mind for a while now!

If that’s the case here, then let us proceed forward! Onward to the Sanctuary of the Unseen Clouds!

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