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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 316 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 316: Impressive Giant Poor Elephant (Except Only at the End) Part 2

It was also strange, I did not use any MP or magic in here, but for some reason I felt as though the world around me was all of a sudden coming to a stop. So I just take up the right pose for this situation and…… Wait, what would such a pose even look like here, again? Umm……

「Let’s see how will you like this……!」


Right when we were about to collide…… a circle of magic was deployed in between us and the Cloud Diving Elephant, looking much like a mirror. There was nothing that Cloud Diving Elephant could do here. Since it was stampeding at full speed here, it could not change its direction or come to a stop in such short notice. So it was only natural that it would crush head on into the magic mirror.

At that moment, there was a pleasant sound echoing throughout the area, the sound of something heavy crushing against the magic mirror. In the next moment, the two long fangs of the Cloud Diving Elephant cracked and broke into pieces.

「Hyahahahaha! Hohohohoho! Look! We’ve got ourselves some ivory right here!」

「Yes, that’s great and all, but is it really something so important? Is it valuable, or going to be used for something?」

「Don’t sweat over the small details here.」」

Nice, very nice. Who would have thought that this spell could actually be so effective against power type of opponent? Now I was really glad that I have blown though all of that money to buy those magic spell tomes for Emul! The investment was already giving us profit here!

Just as the name might suggest, the “Full Counter Reflection” spell that Emul learned recently is a spell that allows you to reflect the enemy’s attack right back at them.

It costs a shit ton of MP and the incantation is fairly long, but the effect of the activated spell is well worth the trouble.

More specifically, the mirror absorbs the damage inflicted to itself and reflects that damage as magic damage onto the attacker. However, the damage reflected upon the enemy cannot exceed the certain amount that is calculated based on the caster’s max MP and Magic statistic. So obviously, the more MP and Magic the caster has, the more deadly its effect is going to be.

There is also the mirror effect. It may not amount to much, but the Cloud Diving Elephant was rushing towards the enemy it was sure it was there, but only ended up crushing into an obstacle. But because of that it did not hold back and was aiming for the kill, which proved to be its undoing.

And with the ShanFro’s excellent physics engine, when you collide head on with something at full speed you can be damned sure that the damage would be huge! It was probably even multiplied here by a huge amount! So the Elephant wanted to make a minced meat out of us, but it actually ended up mincing itself.

「Haaah! Hahahahaha!!! How does that feel, huh!? How does that feel!?」

It was actually an extra activity here, a bonus of sorts. But we have successfully managed to achieve what we have come here to do, and then even some more. All we needed to do now was to simply go back home…… But it seems to me that those bees would not just let us go that easily.

As the Cloud Diving Elephant writhes in agony over its smashed face and crushed tusks, some Dominion Hornets begin to gather around it.

Then the Hornets bore their needles and injected them into the Elephant’s body…… No, not injected. This was not acupuncture here. This elephant was not being stabbed with those needles.

Of course, the needles were not nearly long or powerful enough for the elephant to feel any pain from them. No, it was the act itself of getting stabbed that was actually the most painful of them all here. That is why it lets out a might roar and forces itself to stand up.

「I guess slaves and servants have it rough no matter where you go.」

It served its purpose. It worked itself to death and would now be thrown away. I know it’s only a game and that preaching some good values to monsters would not amount to anything, but…… At that moment the only thing I could feel towards that elephant was pity.


「…… Yeah, I know. We can give it a proper burial and mourn its death after we are done collecting the materials here.」

「No, Sanraku-san, that’s not about it, it’s about…… W-What’s that……?」

Hm? What? What the hell is……? Huh? The ground is shaking so much even though the Cloud Diving Elephant is not moving any longer? An earthquake? That’s funny, I could have sworn that the source of the tremors is actually getting closer and closer.



「C-Could it be……!? Mom and Dad!?」

I wonder: is that perhaps a coincidence? Or is it something that was inevitable?

Those damned Dominion Hornets! They were hiding yet another trump card like that, huh!? Both of them shouted out loud, their roars sending ripples throughout the sea of clouds here.

Could it be that the death cry of their child brought the parents here? Maybe they loved it so much that they rushed in, thinking it could still be saved?

No matter their reason, they were much bigger than that Elephant I have faced just now. Their roars filled with myriad of emotion, they looked about ready to stampede us to death.

「…… I would say that they are the same type of opponent as the Crystal Scorpions, huh?」

They both inhale the clouds from the surrounding area, and then the cold air inside of them froze the water from the clouds, and the compressed air from their trunks ejected the frozen water in forms of ice bullets.

Another thing to consider: these ice bullets must not cause friendly fire, because even though they broke apart in mid-air and looked like shotgun shrapnels, they passed the Dominion Hornets without causing them any sort of damage.

So it has heavy armor that protects it from the damage, they can shoot ice bullets and produce cloud screens for defense…… What the hell is this, a high-end battle tank or something!? That’s obviously an overkill!

The bullets did not work, but the Dominion Hornets got stampeded by the elephants that rushed towards their child. Then it turned out tha the smaller elephant was not dead and that in fact it was alive! But it reached out its trunk towards its parents as soon as it saw them, as if signaling that it was scared and hurting.

Upon seeing that the child was still alive, the parents rushed to its side and started to stroke it affectionately with their trunks, as if trying to say to it that everything will be okay now.

「Bravo! A wonderful display of parental love……」

「Very impressive! I’ll admit as much!」

What a touching scene! A reunion of lost child with its parents! It was magnificent, even though it was a scene where mob characters were the actors.

Well, I kind of get it where this anger is coming from. We have defeated one of the Elephants, so it was only natural for the rest of its pack to come right after us seeking vengeance, about ready to stampede us to death.

But it brought it upon itself! Please understand! This whole ordeal would not have to happened if it did not stray from the pack and kept sticking to its parents!

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