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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 319 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 319: Great Dramatic Runaway (Before and After) Part 2

Besides…… who said that? I look around and I see someone right next to me. The avatar looking like that of a small girl’s wearing an outfit of one of the Sacred Shield Territory’s, even though it looked really strange and out of place on that small child. She did not seem to be role playing, but her behavior and stance were showing that she surely must have been a player who has been accustomed to this game. But is it not someone who basically screams that you should be on high alert whenever a player like that is around you? At least that’s the feeling that my guts are telling me.

「The Black Dragon Noirlind, abomination-incarnate that once almost succeeded in destroying this base down to its very foundation…… However! Since our President took reigns of the matters here, we managed to rebuild the stronghold and make it even stronger than ever before! You could even say that it has been reborn!」

When someone like that is using the word “reborn” I cannot help it but to think of it as in the way an evil Necromancer brings back the dead to life or reanimates corpses to serve him as slaves.

Now, it makes me wonder…… Wasn’t the new continent supposed to be filled with hopes and dreams? But what is this tone setter here? A funeral party where everyone swears to take revenge on the common enemy? I get a feeling that even an empty and gloomy graveyard would be a livelier and happier place than right here and right now.

「Was this place really designed for the purpose of defense? Because it does not seem that way to me at all……」

「…… (Biggest and scariest grin that you have ever seen).」

Oh my, talk about scary, no way…… But if that’s so, then what is that big grin on your face is supposed to mean?

「Say, Emul? Here’s a question for you. Or rather, a problem. Try to think of a solution here.」

「Yes, what is it?」

「What’s going to happen to an ecosystem that inhabited about a thousand people the moment that yet another thousand new people are going to show up in it? For example, a forest?」

「Hmm…… I’m not too sure, but it will probably be something resembling one huge mess!」

「Good answer. Here, a carrot for you as a reward.」


Welp, it’s only natural that pretty much anyone would arrive at a conclusion like that. I mean, it is only natural for the players to be eager to explore the new area upon arriving in it, seeing what I has to offer in terms of resources and adventuring. There are those players who will be gathering information, opening up shops and businesses, and exploring as much as they feel like. It also helps that the players do not get tired from the sea voyage and can go into the wilderness right away. After all, only NPC would be afflicted by travelling fatigue from staying on board of a ship for seven days straight.

But that’s not what’s important in here. What I meant to say here was this:

The waves of new monsters that assaulted the base were not problem, since they got slaughtered almost instantly by the players that gathered in front of the base to repel them. However, it was just because the players managed to respond to the monster threat so swiftly and quickly, all of the conditions have been met for that monster to descend from the sky. The stage was all set.

「Eh, what?」

In that instant, the head of some random player pops from their neck and fly high in the air. But that player seemed like a tank, so their defenses must have been way higher than my own paper-thin armor. So what kind of power that blow must have been! But no matter how you look at it, that player was killed in an instant, which was still pretty much unreasonable!

「What the hell!? What was that!?」

「One hit sent this guy’s head flying!?」

It is surprising to see that the very first monster attack I have witnessed in this continent was a one hit kill. I mean, you need to have some abilities to be here in the first place, right? And needless to say, with their tank gone, the rest of the team was soon attacked as well and met with the same gruesome end. Of course, they did not managed to even scratch the thing that attacked them in the first place…… Is it not way too bullshitty, huh?

A player who seemed to be a Thief class was vertically split in half on the spot. A player that seemed to be of a Mage class was afflicted with some strange status effect. Just to be on the safe side I moved away from him, and a moment after that his whole body started to ooze out some sort of black miasma that exploded and ripped his whole body to shreds. And the nearby Cleric died in the same gruesome way, even though he was not hit directly with that status abnormality.

「Why, I should not have been afflicted by anything here…… Ah.」

And then she died , just like that.

「I have seen something like that before. Akitsu Akane was once afflicted by something like this, so sorry if I am not showing any amusing reactions to that particular death pattern.」

「The foxes that rush head first into danger even though they know they are going to die are the most dangerous kind of beasts.」

Well, I guess that from the perspective of the NPCs, all of the players must be like madmen…… But I think that Akitsu Akane’s ability to smile even in the face of certain death is the sign that he is having a blast when it comes to life, not only the video games in general.

Now then…… Here is the thing: when it comes to this thing, this True Quiet-like monster, there are good news and a bad news. Would you like to hear the bad news first?

The bad news is that we must run while we still can, otherwise we might get slaughtered in the same fashion as those players just now. Fortunately, when I suggested to Emul that we should haul ass for the time being, there was hardly any opposition on his end. So we made a mad rush towards the forest that was in the vicinity, while the other players were slowly but surely getting themselves killed one by one.

And the good news here? It’s simple, really. Both Emul and I have a whole lot of intel on True Quiet, mainly because we could witness Akitsu Akane getting murdered by it over and over again. Thanks to that we know of its attack patters, and this is all that I need in order to think of an appropriate strategy to fight this thing.

「Emul, are you ready for this? Keep the potions at the ready.」

「Yes, sir! Now let’s show this thing who’s boss around here!」

True Quiet-kun…… You see, I…… why am I even trembling like that right now? Is it from the excitement? Does that mean I was dying to see you again so badly?

And even though I know that it is only going to drop some crappy scythe as a reward…… But so what? It’s the overall fighting experience that counts here.

「Drop Items are just Drop Items! They are amazing no matter what!!!」

「I may be a bunny, but no Vorapal Bunny is going to be intimidated by the mere incarnation of Death itself!!!」

Death, grudges and incarnations of ill will and nasty emotions…… This is how True Quiet looks like in my eyes. Indeed, you just slaughter the players who had slaughtered other beings in huge numbers. But when you are in a possession of a cool drop item…… you’d better prepare yourself for being haunted by others!!!

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