ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 321 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 321: A System-Based Horror That the Physics Engine Cannot Fix Part 2

However, the moment the player put the apple pie in his mouth, his eyes opened wide in disbelief. Next thing you know, he jumped to me and started asking me questions like: “What’s this!?” or “Where did you get an apple pie that tastes so good!?” It was honestly kind of annoying to me, so used yet another horror game technique from my arsenal of forty eight techniques to get him off of me. It was the “Vibrating your head at a very fast frequency while twisting your neck”. It’s a common scare technique in doll-type horror movies. But was that a little bit TOO effective here?

「…… Sea cucumber.」


「……………… Sanraku?」

Yeah, this is really, really fun. I was making my way through the woods on my own after going through the back of Skull Azuchi castle, intending on scaring as many players shitless as I possibly could, when I happened to stumble on a somewhat noisy group of players. When I tried to get closer to them as stealthily as I possibly could, I discovered that it was actually Rust and Mold here.

The guys that Rust an Mold very clearly arguing with turned around and upon seeing me they cliqued their tongues and after mumbling “Tsk, called for backup, huh!?” decided to leave…… And then one of them turned back for a moment and traced his finger across his throat, a gesture that was leaving very little to the imagination.

I was unable to think of anything cool or badass-sounding here, so I just resulted to saying out loud what I had for dinner last night? And since it was just a sea cucumber, that’s what my line was.

「………!!! ………!!!!!! ……… !!!???」

「…… How is this possible? How did you managed to find us.」

「Oh believe me, it’s just a coincidence. There is no deeper meaning behind it.」

「…… Is that so? I see.」

However, what a contrasting combination these two are. From their physiques alone you would presume that it was Mold who’s the Boss and Rust was the underling, not the other way around. When you are a duo it is only natural that there is the one who calls all the shots and the one who carries out orders. But that being said, they are a formidable duo that would not go down without a fight, and even if they did go down, they would not stay dead for too long.

「Y-You should really stop doing that! It’s bad for my heart, you know!?」

「My bad, my bad, sorry. But really, am I really that scary right about now?」

「Honestly, if we have not seen your player name first, we would have ended up attacking you without thinking.」

Whoa there, I would very much like if you could refrain from doing that. The equipment I have sacrificed to activate this thing is not of the best quality, so with very little effort here you would be able to send my head flying.

Apparently the carved wounds and the RIP gown make for quite a nasty combination here. Also, every time I was making a step forward I could hear a sound effect similar to the cracking of ice for some reason, but since nothing was happening to me, I assumed that it must be okay.

「Which reminds me, how did you exactly managed to get on board of the ship? It was with some merchant from some trading company, right?」

「It’s all because Rust was “curious to see what a cornered NPC would do if we pressed them for it”. However, we got that quest the moment we mentioned that we would like to go to the new continent.」

「But that one particular NPC was making good reactions and it was pretty amusing to watch him squirm the way he did. I won’t lie.」

Oh yeah?

「Oh yeah, that’s right…… Rust, we finally settled with a guild base.」


The way that Rust’s neck moved just now and her eyes shone bright was really disturbing. However, she must have caught on the meaning of my words and knew what was going on.

「So, does that mean……!?」

「Well, for the time being the reactor is with the other members, so you will have to wait until they get back from doing what they are doing.」

「…… But you have the means of fast travelling here! So it should not be that hard for you to join them if you wanted to!」

「I think that there is no need for me doing that. They are in the middle of doing that underwater Unique Scenario EX, and it should be just about time for them to wrap things up in there.」

I should have heard from them at this point in time, but seeing as the last part of that quest is running away from the “Blue”, it may actually make sense that they are unable to contact us.

「Although after doing so many clears of this quest they actually got so good at it that they wrapped it up instantly and felt no need to contact us, just for the heck of it.」

「…… Muh.」

Thinking about it, it was actually a miracle that we managed to clear that quest the way we did on the first try, even with Rei on board. But now that everyone knew about that quest and were willing to go there and try their luck with it, that place lost some of its luster to me. Not to mention that I have obtained all information that were to be obtained there.

「Well, if you stopped and think about it for a moment out there, I guess that you can say that I am also a Magical Girl deep down at heart……」

「…… Wow. I never would have thought that I would hear someone saying a line like that out loud. It’s definitely not something you would get to hear in modern day Japan for sure.」

「Are you really sure that you are a Magical Girl at heart? Or maybe you are just an evil Witch that’s just trying to pass for a Magical Girl? Which is it?」

「Gee, I don’t know? Want to check out my Soul Gem and find out for yourself? But don’t blame me if that is going to result in the destruction of the world or a total reset of the whole Universe every three days or so.」

「Huh!? Something like that!? What the hell is wrong with this threat level!? Isn’t it way too great!?」

Even greater than Pencilgton managing to kill someone with nothing but a pencil to the head? Or Katsu advocating for purging an entire region of NPCs just because he did not like them? Or that one time when I went into space just so that I could…… You know what? Nevermind that for now. That’s a story for another time.

However, I am going to agree with at least one of the statements here. It is indeed hard to find anyone in Modern Japan who would be brave enough to call themselves a Magical Girl at heart.

「That being said, if you look closely here, you can walk with almost no shaking animation to you. Isn’t that way too scary in a sense?」

「Ah, you did noticed that? That’s way more convenient move around rather than using my feet all the time.」

Somehow, I was starting to think that horror role playing in this game was becoming more and more fun by the second. And if that is going to be the case, I would really like to find an appropriate weapon for myself for horror role playing. Something like dual swords that would resemble a pair of overgrown scissors. But where would I even find a weapon like that…… Oh yeah, that’s right. There should be a weapons like that available in Rabbitz.

It was exactly at that moment when that happened. I failed to notice that there was actually a monster that looked like a combination of both horse and triceratops that was stampeding right at me from the side. That is why when it rammed itself into me it was a direct hit, and as the result of which I died on the spot.


Ahh, I knew it…… You cannot beat physics no matter how hard you try to do so……

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