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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 323 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 323: Numerous Trials and Errors Due to Punishment Due to Exaggerated Environmental Destruction Part 2

To sum things up, over the course of three days I managed to perform a total amount of sixteen different trials. I even managed to improve RIP’s stats so much that its initial stats essentially doubled as a byproduct here. I even managed to score for myself thirteen copies of the item strengthening material “True Quiet’s Tears”, as well as an item called “Noble’s Insurance”.

I can feel my desire getting more and more satisfied!!! (Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. In reality, my soul was crying so much that I thought it is going to basically dissolve any minute now).

「So you’re saying that the Knights Corps are soon about to head out?」

「Yes, that’s right. Although they seem to be calling it a “Survey March” of all the things that they could call it…… it is for that reason that they are ordering a large amount of supplies from all the merchants that are here for the current moment. Now, it is only a hypothesis on my end, but I think that the presence of the members of the royal family may have something to do with it……. Now I do have to wonder: is the new king just way too straightforward, or maybe it’s just that their communication basically sucks?」

The branch office of the café “Snake’s Apple” is yet to be opened here in the new continent, however, they are making necessary preparations for that. One of those preparations is the way for the Avengers to be able to go into the “Wondering Sword” without much of an issue here. The entrance for now was located in the back room of some other café around here, and I was able to get there without problems. It was then that I heard something really interesting from Ruthia-paisen.

「Since this is the contract that you have acquired on your own, I do not mean to be interfering with it…… But I do wonder? Are the Knights perhaps going to march out at midnight, about two days from now on?」

「Two days later at midnight…… Alright, I get it. I understand. Thank you very much.」

As a matter of course, I had school that I had to focus on during the weekdays, so I was secretly hoping for this quest to be happening at a date or a time that would be more suitable for me, but I see that this time around the Gods of RNG were actually smiling down on me, huh? Since the date of the marching out was going to be at midnight on Friday, I could stay up all night without worry and do this thing!

「The one in charge of the Third Platoon of Knights…… His name is Julius, and he is known as the “Sword of Desperation”.」

「Sword of Desperation, huh?」

「Basically, it’s a pretty boring sword that only aims at the vital points of the body and pierces them without fail. Then there is the First Knight, Albrecht…… if I had to put a finger on him, he is like the “Prodigy of the current generation”. He’s also a King’s Paladin and a Hero to boot. So overall, he’s pretty darn amazing, I would say.」

This description may sound pretty terrible and intimidating, but it really is not all that bad. I mean, if you know which places someone is going to target, it’s all the easier to actually mount a counteroffensive, right? That’s that, but I guess that the one with whom I should be more concerned is the First Knight, since he is being described by such big words here. However, why do I get a feeling that those knights are that kind of people that is nice to one another on the inside while actually doing their best to crush one another behind the scenes?

「Aah…… I have heard that he is a noble person, but…… Would he be someone who would prioritize the “good of the nation” over the “well-being of the ruler”?」

「Who knows? At least we know that he is a righteous person, so as long as someone will not pull some wool over his eyes we should be alright here.」

Yea, it is a given that if the current king, the one who chased his own father into exile, will want to get violent with him or the First Princess, that he is going to go about it in a discreet way rather than striking dead in the open. But that’s what Joset and her people are here for, right? To protect the NPCs from harm? Well, but they are all players, so I would assume that they know very little about the nobility of this world and their affairs.

Technically speaking, since I am doing this quest on the Saint-chan’s behalf, it would more or less mean that I should have Saint’s Guard full cooperation with this thing. However, they seem to have their own things that they need to take care of, so I cannot actually rely on them in that regard. I even tried to ask them about the First Princess, but I ended up not learning anything useful at all. I only learned that apparently she is a very “beautiful woman”. So that marks wasting an hour and some of my time, only to not learn anything. Great, nice to know that people are actually so useful here.

「…… It is going to be bad if we try to pull something here off ourselves, right?」

「Worst case scenario, you will end up making an enemy of the entire Brotherhood of Knights.」

So it has to be a no-kill rescue mission, huh……? No, there should be another relatively easy solution here, but will it really work out? But still…… This here new continent looks to be extremely easy place to perform an environmental kill onto people, so…… and since I have played a whole bunch of Survival games, I know of more than one way of eliminating someone with the help of the environment that makes it all look natural…… Hmm.

「Fufu…… Looks like the conflict is going to be inevitable here, but that’s okay with me. I wouldn’t want it any other way.」

「Thanks, I feel mostly the same way.」

「I am sorry for the wait. Here is our newest product, dear costumers. I bring to you the “Crimson Place Parfait”, made from the carefully selected ingredients from this new continent. I would like you to share your impression on its subject with me.」



Since we had this heated discussion going on here, the appearance of the Master of the café gave us quite the scare all of a sudden. As for the actual parfait, it was huge, with bright red bananas right in the middle of it. As for the Master itself, he was supposed to be the “cousin” of the Master back at the old continent. Yeah right. As if anyone is going to fall for that.

「It’s really awkward to talk about though jobs while we eat, so allow me to say one more thing before we start.」

「Hmm? What is it?」

Ruthia-paisen pointed her silver spoon toward me and said in brief words:

「The kingdom has some information regarding the new continent, though limited they can be. But those information serves as a fissure as well between people: the former king is the moderate one, and the new king is extremely radical.」

「…… I see. So that’s how it is.」

「We are the wandering swords, those who grants the wishes of the people, no matter what they could possibly be. But still, even the tool that is a sword has the right to choose the one who is going to wield it. That being said: who do you wish to be wielded by?」

「It does not really matter to me who is going to wield me. However, I would want for that wielder to at least be someone who respects its sword and does not think that I am going to follow every single order obediently.」

Treat your sword with respect, and all of your enemies shall be disposed off. But treat you sword poorly, and you are going to find out that it was the exact thing that was lodged into your back at some point in time, bringing death upon you.

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