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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 325 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 325: From Love to Joyous Celebration Part 2


There are still some monsters in the area as well. However, they are only mob monsters, so for now let’s just keep my distance as to not aggro anything and see what happens. Mob monsters and a Rare Monster, how is this situation going to develop?

The one to move first was the Black Death Spirit. It reaches out its hand towards the Dullahan slowly. The way it was acting right now was so unnatural for it and so out of character that right about now it was hard to believe that it actually possesses the firepower and attack patterns so tricky and unusual that it is basically able to mow down sinners and blood-lusting players with the efficiency of the assembly line robot.

Come on……! Come on……! If the romance between the two of you will be unable to progress, then the Unique Quest is not going to progress, either! And that would be a whole lot of problematic for me!

However, the thing that responded to the Black Death Spirit’s extended hand was the edge of the sword.



A huge blade of the flamberge tears through the air with a might roar, as if it was trying to reject the Black Death Spirit’s hand with every fiber of its being.

But of course, for the monster of this caliber an attack like that would prove to be not all that effective. This principle does not change even in case of mob monsters, so no matter just how long and hard the Dullahan would try to attack with its full power, it would never be able to deal any kind of damage to Black Death Spirit.

「…………, …………」

However, the fact that it would rather reject the hand that was offered to it than accept it seemed to have caused severe mental damage to the Black Death Spirit. That’s not good.

It did not caused physical damage per se, but even after that, the Black Death Spirit was trying to reach out its hand to the Dullahan over and over again, only to be rejected by it every single time. And the fact that none of them would receive damage here only proved to throw them into this sort of nightmarish loop without any kind of end in sight.

There is a ghost that comes right in front of us from behind a huge rock, laughing all the time.

There is a female ghost who holds some strange object in her hand. That object looks like a small ball or crystal.

I may be wrong here, but this strange object looks like a helmet? Yeah, I could be wrong here, but I think that’s pretty much it……

…… Huh? For some reason, that helmet looks kind of familiar? Yeah, it looks almost exactly like that headless armor I went against all that time ago. Could it be just a coincidence?

The two monsters continue to relentlessly launch an attack after attack at one another. But what is their reason for acting so hostile to one another? The reason for that can be somewhat understood from the flavor text of the Dullahan’s Blade.

The flavor text says the following: “A sword of a skeleton that has forgotten its memories, its pride, and its love alongside losing its neck. That is why the body that was left behind indiscreetly targets not only the necks of the living, but the necks of the dead as well.

So, does that mean that the Dullahan’s body lost all of its memories for some reason? No, that’s not it. I think that he might have lost his memories when he was still a human. That would make a whole lot more sense.

「So if it has come to this, what could possibly a player do in this situation…… What can you do to restore the memories of the corpse?」

There is one saving grace to this entire situation: as long as the two monsters cannot cause harm to one another, I do not need to be worried about time limits of any sort. …… No, wait. Hey, Black Death Spirit, the fuck are you doing!? Why the hell do you brandish that scythe like that for!?

「Oh shit, the Dullahan might not be on a time limit here, but the True Quiet sure is……!!!」

Where is the event progress flag when you need it the most!? Think about it, think about it…… What would be next here? No, not “next”. The right word here would be “what needs to be aligned properly”?

I feel like all of the missing parts have already been assembled here. Now, I am missing but one more piece, but that piece is the most important one of them all.

「Where the hell is the Dullahan’s neck!?」

It’s a really solid development, and if you are carefully study all the facts, you can quite easily see where it is all going.

The moment True Quiet swings its scythe at the Dullahan’s neck, the Dullahan is going to die for the second time. True Quiet, causing the second separation with her beloved by her own hands, will let out a bloodcurdling scream…… Oh, what a fine tragedy it is! A twist that nobody would even suspect.

「How would you find a neck of the (poor) husband that his demon-like wife separated from his body? Without some pre-discovery system there would be no way of actually doing that……」

Just when I thought about that, I could see that something started to move at the corner of my eye……

「Found it! Found it! Found it! Found it! I have finally FOUND IT!!!」


You bitch! You can try to hide it all you want, but you are the First Princess of that country, right!? The one who fell in love with the Black Knight! Now stop wiggling your head like that so I can slash through it and give you what you rightfully deserve!!!

「Monsters of the Spirit class, huh……? Then how do we even attack them……? No, no, no, Unique Conditions, progressing the quest forward…… Yeah! That’s it!」

Come on out, oh Noble Silence! I have no idea just for how long you have been waiting for this moment to occur, but it’s finally here! The revenge match that you have been waiting for!

How am I on activated skills? Good, they are still on. What about Levin Trigger / Disaster Hand? Still going strong, I see. Alright, time for some slaughter here!


It was at that moment. The ghost woman started to wave her hand at someone, and right after that a ghost soldier appeared in front of me. But when you cut through it illusionary flesh with my scythe, it disappeared into a cloud of black smoke and vapors.

The images of soldiers, wizards, commoners and…… Wow, there was even an image of a fat and disgusting king. No matter how you look at this man-pig, it does not look wise or just at all.

Hmm, I see, so that’s how it is, huh? It’s like that, huh? However, as long as the only things that appear here are small fires instead of the boss rush…… then I should be absolutely fine!

「Come on, you undead bastards! Come at me all at once! I’m not afraid of you! I shall take you all on!」

You see, it just so happens that this monstrous mourning Grim Reaper is THIS close from running out of patience. If you think that you are going to just dash through me like some American football player, then you are gravely mistaken! Think again!

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