ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 326 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 326: And that is why you do not forget about Death Part 2

This here is a monster rooted in hatred and resentment, not to mention that its appearance is only triggered by the particular Unique Scenario.

The First Princess is a monster that runs away with the Dullahan’s head in her hands, her lips twisted in the creepiest form of a smile you would ever see. In the first place, that head she was holding onto should have never left it’s owner’s neck. She was the embodiment of evil in this scenario.

Every passing second and minute that she runs away means that the tragic couple only suffers more and more. And the First Princess takes pleasure in their suffering, that is why she runs away. That is why she uses her knights and even her own father as a shield that separates her from danger.

「Hey there, you Shitty Princess…… Don’t you think that you’ve had enough fun? Your twisted games ended long time ago, and they should stay that way!」

I could hear a voice like that.

The voice I have heard was not the one of the Black Knight who lost his memories and his head. It was also not the voice of the woman who went crazy from sorrow and grief and became a murderer taking delight in slaughtering countless people.

However, that voice was not of the scythe-wielding woman, but it was at the same time a voice that belonged to her. How is that possible? How could she possibly try to interact with other spirits like that? The answer to that was most probably……

There is a ghost right in front of me. The ghostly apparition of the former King, aiming to protect the First Princess from me giving chase. However, even during his lifetime the King was nothing more than a fat punching bag, so his noble desire to protect his child is nothing but a temporary setback to me, nothing that would stop my advance right here.

「Those words are from the different game, but whatever. Here goes…… The dead should stay dead and go back to sleep…… And so should you……!」

It happened way faster than the AI was able to process the meaning of the words spoken by the mourning woman.

「–––– Heave, ho!!!」

The head of the evil ghostly First Princess was cut from her neck and sent flying in the air by the jet black blade of the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

What fallowed here was all in accordance to the flavor text of this exact weapon.

After the scythe finds its mark, the only thing that is going to be left is the silence of death that spreads around.

「There! Catch!」

Alright, serves you right, you filthy princess, you! However, now was not the time to be basking in the afterglow of my splendid victory here. I put the Grim Reaper’s scythe back in my inventory and with the Dullahan’s head in my arms I begin to retrace my steps all the way back to when I started my chase.

On my way back, I ran through the ghostly hordes that were quickly collapsing like melting ice cream. I technically could defeat them myself to get some nice stuff out of them, but that was not important now. They were only an obstacle here. The real goal way waiting further ahead for me.

「UUUOOOHHH!! Running in high heels, hell yeah!!!」

It is true that while wearing high heels you cannot really run at full power, but the state of Overflow was actually really helpful here. What I mean here is that even if I have to run on the tips of my toes, I can at least obtain a speed of the normal dash.

Run, run, run…… There! I can see them! Hey there, you two! I bet you are not going to believe what a wonderful gift I have right here!



Uwaaaaaahhh!!! Isn’t this a total bloody battlefield!?

It seems that ever since I have left, both True Quiet and the Dullahan continued to exchange blows, even if both of them knew that it would not change anything. I wonder if their AI just devolved like three generations backwards now? Or could it just be a bug? Yeah, bug or something different, like a glitch…… But we’ll talk about it later!

「Thank you so much, oh the mysterious Arcana!」

The recast time for my skills is over, and I can cast them again with no worries!


I jump from the ground.

「Let’s just hope that I’m not too late here……」

Make a step with all of the strength that was in my legs! One more boost that is going to be of huge help here! My timing seems to be good, but let’s just hope it won’t count as indirect kill here……


Yet another big jump.

I go high in the air, higher than the Dullahan was even if it was riding a horse. My long dress dances in the air, carried by the wind currents.

I take aim and swing the head in a helmet that I was firmly holding in one hand.



My aim could have been a little bit off here, but since the head was originally separated from the rest of the body, there should be no problem with this thing. At least I hope so.


At the very end of my dunk shot, I happened to smash my face right into the shoulder armor of the Dullahan. As a result, I fell to the ground and bit the dirt. Ugh, what a gross taste is spreading throughout my mouth!? If I did not ended the Overflow state right there, I would have been a goner right now! Quick thinking managed to save my skin yet another time!

「But…… How about it!?」

I have successfully delivered you your head, so what is going to happen now!?



Ooohh…… It seems that the ticking time bomb was successfully disarmed in less than a second here. This silence right here was neither anxiety-inducing nor deadly. It was actually kind of nice.

The Dullahan stopped his hand with its sword from moving, and the True Quiet lowered her scythe and dropped it to the ground. It happened at the same time, almost on command.

While I was silently striking various guts poses for everything to be alright now, I watched as the two monsters reach out their hands towards one another…… This time to touch one another for sure with love and affection.

「…… Joha… nna……」

「…… Vin… cen… t……」

What a touching reunion this is! Should I start showering the two with fresh rice? Or maybe salt would be more accurate and fitting in here?

Both of them are monsters, that much is true. And as long as they are not Unique Monsters, there are not quite the same as Wezaemon.

It is true that Johanna and Vincent died without being saved, that their love met with a tragic end. Even with the two of them being like that right now, that fact will always remain unchanged.

But still, even if it was nothing more but two monsters licking each other’s wounds. It is also true that both of their regrets and sorrows managed to find a happy ending right here in this place.

Since this is a game, I would expect a gentle breeze to sweep through the field right about now. And it comes our way, indeed. It brushes against my cheek and goes forward, as if to carry the souls of the two monsters away from here.

All that was left in this field right now was me, and a pair of wedding rings that were interlocked like the pieces of the chain, that fell to the ground silently.



Ah well ,what the hell. I gave that fucking First Princess some of the other game’s dialogue, so I might throw those guys some of that as well. Okay, here goes!

「Thou shalt not forget about the fact that because there is peace in death, there is also joy to be found in life. That is why, Memento Mori –– always be mindful of Death……」

That’s literally perfect…… If this was a story happening anywhere else but in the game world where a ton of whacky stuff was happening on a daily basis, I would have given this story about one hundred and twenty points out of one hundred.

Now then, now that’s been taken care of, it time for me to go reclaim some of that Vorpal Soul points, as well as to farm some ore back at the Crystal Cliffs.

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