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ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 329 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 329: Encountering Big Name Part 2

But we should have all visited Fifthsia, so there should be no problem with us going there if need be. It is something that is good to know if the worst case scenario was to come to pass and I needed to evacuate the king and the princess.

Not to mention that getting to the specific location from inside of this forest might actually be pretty hard. The way in which we have come here was pretty twisted and roundabout, so I cannot really say that I have managed to memorize it well.

「If it was not for you, we would have already been dead, so we are going to follow you wherever you decide to go from now on……」

There is no shame in choosing the safe route to your goal, especially if it guarantees some success. It is certainly better than heading down a path that would certainly lead to failure and death. After all, fifteen seconds of one hundred percent success rate is way better than eight second of eighty percent success rate.

Alright, for the time being let us reconfirm our current situation and a few other things. Starting with the clearing conditions for this quest.

First of all, our current situation…… When in peril or lost, it is important to know where exactly you are. I would use the stars for that if I could, but it was pretty much impossible right now. So I need to wait until sunrise to confirm that.

Next, about the people and monsters chasing us…… The Knights Corps and the tri-headed Tyrannosaurus Rex that are somewhere out there in the forest, looking for us. Out of those two, only the latter seemed like a serious threat to me.

And then the clear conditions…… It should be something alongside the lines of returning to the base with the King and the First Princess while both of them are still alive. Or maybe it would be better to put them under the patronage of the Church?

Now I’m starting to hate myself for not bringing a map with me on this tour. But can you blame me? The whole area of the old continent was basically a straight road wherever you go, so there was no need for a map there in the first place.

But there is no such thing here in the new continent. Actually, I do get a feeling that this whole continent is underdeveloped and the civilization and its blessings are only starting to be implemented in here. Take for it the fact there are hardly any roads here. So once you get lost here, unless you have so means of proper navigation you won’t be able to go back. I mean, you can always ask monsters for help and respawn in the town, but…… as a player, I refuse to use the respawn function for something as trivial as fast travel.

「Ideally for us, it would be nice if the Third Knight and his people got slaughtered or at last incapacitated in the battle against the tri-headed dinosaur. But since it is always wise to assume the worst possible scenario, we must assume that both of those parties are still around. So we should get a move on, but at the same time avoid moving in the open or making anything flashy. I suggest that we move away from here some more, and then we should find a suitable place to stay at…… Are you okay with that?」


「It is too dangerous to light a fire. For safety, we should climb on the trees…… Oh, wait, what if there are owls there?」

Even without the Active Sonar around, Emul’s ears are sensitive enough to pick up the sound of approaching danger. So if push comes to shove, we won’t get taken by surprise. But if we do have to respond to danger, I would much rather like to fight on the ground than on top of the trees.

「…… Sanraku—san, there is something on that tree over there.」

「Please wait here for a while, you two, I’m going to hunt something for us to eat……」

That being said, I start making my preparation with various memorized moves and processes…… It’s really refreshing to do something like this on your own once in a while.

「If they are going to run, we won’t chase them. But if they stay here, we kill them!」

I break into an overly excessive run as naturally as I walk. I activate Zero Gravity and Trial Traverse one after another, I run up the tree and activate my shield at the same time.

I twist my body in the air, thinking that it would actually be great to be able to activate more than one skill at a time rather than having to use them one after another…… and then I launched a surprise attack onto something that was hiding amongst the tree branches.

Fuhaha! No matter if it’s an owl or some other kind of a monster, as long as the initiative is on my side I have the upper hand here…… but then I heard a long “Hueeeeeehhh!?” scream. What the……? A monster with a soprano-like voice?

I then jump like a bullet and grab the neck of whatever it was that was hiding on that tree. Then I pull strongly to drag it down. Apparently that thing was trying to escape from me, but the physics engine here cannot be cheated: strong and fast guys will always emerge on top.



Monster…… No, it was surely not a monster here. This thing fell from the tree neck-first, but if it was a human being it would certainly suffer a lethal damage because of a fall like that. But nothing like that happened here. I wonder why?

The worst thing that could happen here is to meet another player…… They are not as easy to work with as NPCs, but in case of emergency I can always bribe them with money or items. No…… Apology would be the first order of things here.

Let’s confirm it…… Alright, it’d actually an NPC. I don’t know what their intentions are, but while I looked at the person laying on the ground in front of me I strengthened my resolve and wore the nastiest glare I could wear here. …… Oh? Those pointy ears…… could this person be an elf?

「You have three seconds to answer my question. If you don’t, I’m going to use you as a decoy dummy next time a monster comes around here.」

「Y-Yesh…… Pleash, don’t kill me……」

Ahh, this is…… This here was actually an Elf, but because of their characteristics it was actually hard to estimate her age. But they were supposed to be Elves inland here, right? So does this mean that she’s one of the forest people? She must be.

「Why were you peeking at us right here? Was it simply a coincidence? Or maybe……」

「Whoa there, would you kindly get away from Erina, my odd-looking player fellow?」


Making meta remarks? So this is no NPC, then.

Turning around, I could see a bow aimed right at me…… and the lightly equipped male who was holding it in his hands. The arrow was pointed right at my head, ready to headshot me at any moment. Needless to say, I would be dead before I would have been able to react in any sort of way.

「I’m going to leave your sexual orientation alone for now, but those guys are the key persons in the Unique Scenario I’m currently doing, so could you not hurt them for the time being? But just in case I’ll let you know that my names red until some time ago, so that means that……」

「That’s strange…… I’m also on the NPC escort mission, so I was on high alert…… and I was also escorting the members of the Royal Family.」


The man was giving off a strong vibe of the “Ranger”. However, for the time being we can assume that he has no connection to the Knights Corps, so I let the Elf go.

Encountering Elves when escorting the King and the Princess who are both Pro-Demi-Humans? I get that the player’s involvement was needed her for this to happen, but isn’t that basically an event flag?

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