ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 330 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 330: Evil Is the Concept that Exists Solely in the Brain Part 2

Tottori the Simane…… I can see both from your expression and the titles people have given you that you are willing to accompany the Elves to the very end, to see that they are safe. Such actions take guts and serious conviction. And if it is indeed like that, then you surely would not want to risk the Elves encountering any kind of danger. So that also means that you should not risk getting on the wrong side of the government. Now, I don’t know if it is because of your preferences, but allying yourself with Elves is always going to have your work cut out for you.

Yes, in this case, it is not like any normal business. Normally, if some monsters or evil NPCs were threatening those you hold dear, you could go hunt them down and eliminate such threat. However, the enemy right here is the old and abstract form of hatred. As for me and my group, the only problem is to ensure the safety of the King and the Princess, who surely are squishy and would not hold their own in a fight. I assume that even someone like Rei, the ultimate warrior tank, would have problems with clearing that quest solo, seeing just how powerful the monsters around this continent are.

「…… I guess that I do not have much of a choice in the matter, do I? As expected of Arthur Pencilgton’s puppet, you drive a hard bargain……」

「No, no, no, I’m no anyone’s puppet here, so please remember that. I do not know what Pencilgton did to get on your bad side, but whatever beef you may have with her is entirely between you two. I don’t want to have anything to do with this.」

It was a common thing that both Katsu and I agreed on some time ago: if we can blame something on Pencilgton and get away scot free, then that’s what we should do without any second thoughts. But that also means that from time to time we will have to deal with the problems this might cause us, or Pencilgton herself might drop on us…… No, we are all guilty here from time to time, so does that mean those bombs are a form of divine punishment? …… Hmm, nah. Everything is Pencilgton’s fault. It’s so much easier to think that way.

「Alright. I understand. Many people are waiting for their chance at interacting with some other races, so it would be a shame to deny them that. So as long as we can prevent any drastic or gruesome developments here, I’m all in. You can count on me.」

Great, I guess that means that our contract is formulated and sealed. With that being said, I disbanded my temporary party with Emul, and then I formulated a new party with Tottori and the Elf that was accompanying him. Speaking of which, that Elf…… Erina and one more Elf that looked more like a Magic user rather than a ranger that you would expect out of People of the Forest…… Hmm.

「But you know, there is one thing that I was worried about for quite a while now…… We have forest elves added to our party, but that about the party judgment? Does that influence it in any sort of way? What about the other NPCs?」

「Expect for the NPCs that has been added to the player’s party, monsters seem to ignore the normal NPCs and go after the players and their party members. So if we stumble upon any monster out there, it is our job to aggro them and but the time for the other People of the Forest to escape to safety. That way, no monster should give chase after them.」

Hmm, sounds reasonable, but it also sounds hellishly difficult to me…… No, from the community point of view this solution makes a whole lot of sense. Look, I don’t know what your problem is with the People of the Forest, Emul, but you’ll just have to suck it up for now. We have a job to do, and protecting the weak is also a stunning display of one’s Vorpal Soul.

「Muu…… Those guys look like total wusses! They do not radiate enough Vorpal Soul!」

「Now, now. Calm down, Emul. I know how you feel, but in this magical world, isn’t it only reasonable and responsible to pick your fights and avoid unnecessary danger?」

「Then what would you like to do when the danger comes at us in here, Sanraku-san? Are you going to run away with your tail in between your legs?」

「You’re kidding me, right? Meat, ingredients, possible loot, experience points…… Who in their right mind would like to miss all of that?」

「Now, this is the Vorpal Soul that I can get behind!」

Together with Emul we high-fived one another, and then I saw that Princess Aphilia was heading this way. I broke into a cold sweat and looked for a possible way out of thie inevitable conversation. Fortunately, Tottori was right here, so I went to him to “talk” about some more things. Safe!

「Well, well, I’m really glad that we have formed this contract of ours, you know? Truth to be told, my group was being chased by thugs…… Or more specifically, we were being chased by the Royal Knights, out of all people!」

「…… Oi, what the hell does that supposed to mean?」

「Wait, wait, wait! Nothing is going to harm the People of the Forest, I assure you! Those Knights are not the brightest, and besides, I have an ace up my sleeve! We can successfully mingle with the crowd of the elves, and no one is even going to recognize us! What better way to hide a tree than in a forest, huh?」

「Trees in a……? You know what, I get what you are going on about here, so let’s just leave it at that. So in other word, you want to hide amongst the elven refugees and enter the frontier base like that, right?」

Yes, what really matters here is not the power and force of the Elves, but their sheer numbers. Plus the fact that they are Elves, a race other than humans, at the chance of meeting with which many ShanFro’s players have been waiting for.

The fact that the Elves arrive at the front line base is sure to cause quite the commotion out there. However, it would be increasingly harder for anyone to harm the Elves and anyone hiding amongst them. Even if the NPC did try something here, I highly doubt that the players would have taken kindly to that.

Yes, this is all going to be about a loud majority, not the silent majority! And in such a battle with this many, even the best of musou game players would have to admit their defeat and surrender when faced with such a force.

「Plus, as long as no one really pays attention to your name tag, it should all be okay, even if your name was to turn bright red…… It was a joke, man! A joke!」

I don’t really like to view things like Pencilgton does, but it is undeniable that more often than not it gets the job done. It’s like knowing your opponents strengths and denying them all, capitalizing on their weaknesses.

However, the matters here need to be handled with caution and care, otherwise I risk failing the quest and losing my job as an Avenger. In that regard, it was actually a blessing that the tri—headed tyrannosaurus rex came in when it did, otherwise it would have been difficult for me. Now I wonder, what materials would it drop?

Then, as if he remembered something, Tottori clasped his hands and turned towards me.

「Ah…… Actually, I would want to take a slight detour while we are on our way to the frontline base. Would that be alright?」

「And what’s the reason for that detour?」

「The Altar of Awakening. I heard that it is supposed to be somewhere in the vicinity. And I belong to the mapping guild, so I would like to map the way towards it.」

Altar of Awakening…… !!! Is this the way to get rid of the level cap!? Eh? Is it seriously nearby!? No way!!!

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