ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 340 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 340: Dragon! Dragon! Part 6 Part 2

While the Red Dragon tries to have a bite of Deepslaughter, she strikes its neck with terrifying precision with her dual short swords made out of magic.

The way in which she was moving. The way in which she was attacking. The way in which she was dodging…… This was no longer Deepslaughter there. No matter how you look at it, this was exactly the me from the times of Spell Creation Online.

「Eh? You mean to tell me that you were doing imitation builds of my playing style in other games?」

「I thought that you would be more impressed than that! Why do you take that in so casually and normally!?」

No, look, how do I even say it……? If it was anyone else who would have done that, like Akitsu AKane, for example, then I would have been shocked and impressed at the same time. But…… you? You have acquired so many personal information about me that it would be surprising if you were not able to pull something like that off. So no…… a totally normal reaction is all you get here.

「Hmm…… That’s strange…… This technique should have worked flawlessly, and yet it did not work here……?」

「Hey! Even if it did work properly, I don’t think I should be the one at which you should be directing that thing!」

Alright, Aradval. Disregarding Deepslaughter for now, it is good to know that Eldranza the Red Dragon apparently inherited some of the attributes and quirks of its aquatic incarnation. This means that Aradval’s flames should work exceptionally well against this particular monster.

Maybe it is impossible to slash that raid boss monster in half with a single slash, but if I try to slash at it over and over again, sooner or later I am bound to succeed. However, there is a serious problem when it comes to realizing that strategy, namely; the forms that the raid boss assumed and was probably to assume in the nearby future. And the fact that even though the Red Dragon was way bigger now than during the first form, it managed to retain its mobility from that form.


「Kuh…… What now!? Making a pool all by yourself? But remember! You should not jump head first into water that is less than ten centimeters deep!」

The pool of red liquid was not all that deep, but the Red Dragon managed to swim inside of it just fine. However, I sure hope that we won’t have to deal with much of surprise attacks coming from the water. Because that’s the epitome of shitiness: retreating to somewhere where the players can’t touch you and attacking from there.

Then, a huge red squirrel appeared right at the Red Dragon’s feet, as if it just jumped out of the water. However, this time around the motion was not as if you were pulling a tablecloth from under a marble.

If we can deal with the ground motions, then the options other than simply escaping can become available to us. As I await the incoming small fry, I take the Aradval Rebuild in both of my hands and take the appropriate stance. Then I stab the sword forward, lodging it into the creature’s abdomen firmly. From there, I swing it up to cause some massive damage to the monster’s chest as well!

「Nuh! Kuouh!?」

I get the feeling that I did not manage to lodge the sword that deeply, but when I tried to pull it out I actually had to put some effort into it, because the sword was getting sucked right back in.

It’s like trying to slash the water torrent vertically with a paddle…… Even though there is some degree of resistance to it, the process alone seems to go smoothly. With that being said, I move towards the Red Dragon and take a quick stab at its crotch area with Aradval, only to withdraw the sword right after that.

Although the wound itself was shallow, it certainly managed to cause some degree of damage to the main body. At the same time, a stupid thought occurred in my head: hey, how about slashing away Eldranza’s dick while I’m at it? But wait, does it even have one? Can’t see it anywhere here? Maybe this thing is actually a female?

「Well, not that I would expect a single blow to be the decisive one, but still……!!!」

The Red Dragon jumps into the air and makes a dive into the pool of red liquid, splashing it in every possible direction. It was actually kinda cool maneuver to see. It was still a cowardly move, but you cannot deny that the way it looked was top notch.

「Now then…… I wonder what I should do next?」

But even if I continue to cut them or bake them, why do I get the feeling that more and more will just keep on coming? It’s as if their stock was now programmed to have infinite numbers. So how should we proceed from here?


Sorry, but if Japanese is too much for you, could you at least try speaking in English? That would be much appreciated.

About twenty minutes later, together with Deepslaughter we evacuated inside of the abandoned house again in order to exchange the things that we managed to take notice of.

「Isn’t that thing way too durable?」

「I agree here…… Being surrounded those reddish, thick, swollen and big things from every possible direction is already hard enough as it is…… By the way, I know that Dragons are technically reptiles, but do you think that they have turtle heads down there as well? I was wondering about that for quite a while now……?」

「I think it’s more like a fish’s.」

「…… Nah, it’s a turtle head for sure.」




「…… Let’s go to the middle ground here and say that it is like a shrimp! Short, but carved and cute! …… Are you like a shrimp, Sanraku-kun?」

「So now you switch to crustacean completely out of the blue!?」

「Ngaaaaaahhh!!! Shit, you’re right!!! Noooo! Turtle! I take that back! They are turtles!」

Now it would be a good time to add insult to injury. But let’s add a chili pepper to the wound instead of the salt.

「But that being said…… I think that we might be in for some deep shit here, Sanraku-kun.」

「I must say, it surely has to be that way, looking at how quickly you turned from stupid humor to being all dead-serious…… The hell?」

Deepslaughter was pointing towards something, and I directed my gaze towards the point she was pointing at. And there it was. A strange red substance oozing into the house through the gaps and holes in the floor and the walls. After all, this was an abandoned house, so it should not be a surprise that it was not in the best shape possible.


Kicking down the decaying door and jumping outside in a hurry, we could see that the pool of red liquids was slowly spreading towards the residential area of the village, where the People of the Forest once used to live. However, that area should have been way outside of the red liquid’s range.

「Does that mean that its range can expand as well……?」

「Sanraku-kun…… I’m sorry to say this, but I have good news, bad news and worst news. Which one would you like to hear first?」

「Let me guess…… Good news is that this thing is probably on a timer. Bad news is that the red pool does not stop on expanding, no matter what obstacle is in its way. And the worst news would be……」

You can understand it just by taking a quick glance around your surroundings.

「Just a quick estimate here: the numbers of small fries happened to increase by at least a threefold?」

「That’s the bad news, actually. The worst news is that…… at this current rate, this thing is going to reach the Altar of Awakening sooner rather than later.」

「Oh shit, you’re right…… This is really……」

This is really the worst possible news out there.

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