ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 373 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 373: Roars of the Beast Echoing In the Crystals Part 2

While we were talking like that, all of a sudden a huge plate with an equally huge piece of meat with bone was placed on our table with a loud “THUD!” sound. Whatever this thing was, it was so huge and heavy that the table actually bent down a little bit.

「…… Wow! Look at that! What the hell is this? How would you even classify this thing?」

「…… I don’t know man, but…… I must say, it sure looks delicious.」

「Ahh…… Incidentally, how much is this thing going to cost?」

When he heard the actual price of this thing, Survival smiled happily and asked if he could pay in installments with a stone-faced expression. I, on the other hand, took the opportunity to take a closer look at this dish. Despite being a piece of meat, it had a smooth and slippery texture, almost like an eel or some other sea creature like that.

I happened to learn that fact much later, but apparently Tias-sensei possesses a unique skill that allows her to accumulate about one hundred percent of her hunger gauge or more and not die as a result. As for why she would have a skill like that, it was a total mystery for me, since I can’t see it having any sort of…… Wait a minute. If the accumulation of the hunger gauge can exceed one hundred percent, it means that the duration of “Tachyon” can also……

It was at this exact moment that I decided not to think about it too deeply, for the sake of my own mental health.

Now, with the issue of experience being out of the way, the only real problem right now is money. As sad as it may sound, the great amount of money I have accumulated during the Kutanid quest was really close to running completely dry at this point.

Well, I still have around one hundred million mani on me, so it should be all good, but…… I want to have about one billion mani if I can help it.

「Good, good! I like how money inflation is never a problem in video games, no matter what you do!」

To that end, I have come to the Crystal Cliffs. As usual, there was literally no one else here beside me. Funny thing is, it’s not because no one knows about this place. No, it is because the overall survival rate of this place sits at around zero percent.

Well, I can’t really blame people for thinking that. This place is literally like a freaking minefield where you have no foothold and little means of controlling what you are doing. Mainly because the only strategy for getting through here is to run straight through, consequences be damned.

However, I heard that some magic casters discovered that there is a spell that allows them to fly through the skies, and if the research and development of the Beast Tamer subclass will go smoothly, there is a possibility that its going to be possible to farm this location safely.

Well, strictly speaking, the materials from the Crystal Scorpions are not all that hard to obtain. It is possible to exterminate them swiftly (or force them to exterminate themselves), and if you are quick enough on your feet you will be able to obtain all of the drop items before the next wave of the scorpions arrive at the battlefield. However, there is one body part that must be hit directly for it to fall off and leave a drop item: the tail. There are also different drop items depending on what the type of the last attack dealt to them was. So you must be prepared to switch things up from time to time to obtain the optimal amount of drop items. All this intel was only possible thanks to the many turns of verifications that I managed to perform throughout my days in this game.

However, this time around I won’t be using my favorite INVENTORY escape strategy. That is because I have one more thing I need to confirm, and for that I need a huge amount of opponents, preferably tough opponents.

「Alright then……」

In fact, this was my second visit to this place right now. At first I needed to die just so I would be able to use a certain little thing. And I must say…… being used as a lacrosse ball after a good round of mining is a rather refreshing feeling.

「Right, it’s time for me to pay my dear friends a visit and thank them for everything they had done for me!」

Holy Grail in one hand. Black Crystal on the other hand. Combined together, those items make it possible to turn me into a Magical Girl. Now, we need one more item for this specific verification process…… So I take the Blood Crown in my hands and slowly march towards the pathless area where there is nothing but crystal as far as the eyes can see.

「Ooh, here they come?」

Seeing just how aggressively the Crystal Scorpions were charging forward I was deeply hurt. Does that mean that our friendship meant so little to them that they would outright murder me without asking any questions? However, I understand. It’s not their fault. It’s in their nature to act like that. So I guess that we are best friends after all.

Now, it’s a mystery why a group of monsters, and such strong monsters at that, would befriend their opponents like that. However, even though we are friends here, I still need to get my money. So you will have to excuse me, but I shall take as much money from them as I possibly can.

「Hmm, let’s see…… So we wear this thing, and there was some activation word, right? I wonder if you can use your thoughts to activate it?」

Nowadays, people can be so absorbed in their own world that they can bump into one another or say something carelessly, regretting that they said those words. But with Full Dive you drive your body with your thoughts alone, so being able to think the right way is absolutely crucial!

Well, but the system is not absolute, so glitches and instances of friendly fire are still a rather common occurrence. Besides, it’s always good to have an excuse like that when you end up “accidentally” stabbing someone in the back. But delivering Divine Punishment onto someone for a careless mistake like that is not allowed!

Also, looking at those scorpions charging towards me like that, I can see a whole lot of similarities between them and the Bakumatsu Online. Both here and there people tend to charge right in blindly, not giving a single thought to why their opponents are simply sitting and waiting for them.

「But that’s actually perfect.」

But even if we can not understand one another because we speak different languages or belong to different species, we can still communicate. That’s right, through the wonderful language known as physical violence! This is a universal form of communication, known even before the fall of the tower of Babel!


Wearing the crown and chanting the words, I could feel my body raise up and look down on the charging scorpions. It seems that the activation of the power of “Red” was a success after all.


There was a slightly oppressing feeling in my head just now, as if there was something squeezing it hard. I can see my field of view becoming red, and something way thicker than water runs down my temples…… It then reaches my jaw and starts to crawl all over my body.

「No matter if it’s Erotic or Gross, this thing is still as R-18 as it getsaaaaaaaaagh!!!」

Whoa, what the hell!? All of a sudden my voice began to change!?

The crystal wave is already right in front of me. Now that the INVENTORY has been nerfed, there is no hope for me to be able to escape from my impending doom……!

「The time has come for a slaughter to begin!」

Right now, I’m…… Do my ears deceive me, or do I really sound that more ferocious all of a sudden?

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