50. Found You

「Geli will use golems to solve the labor shortage. In exchange, Geli will be guaranteed personal safety, food, clothing, and shelter, land and materials for the workshop, a clean bed, and…」

I thought she would be pleading for her life but she was at the point of completely determined to build her own research institute here. Does she have a steel heart or something?

Although it was unexpected, it is true that there would be some benefits to us if she stayed. Angelina nodded in satisfaction as I accepted her deal.

「Geli’s workshop has finally been strengthened. Now she can fully research [Skill Lender] and golems.」

「Sorry to burst your bubble, but [Skill Lender] is not such a convenient skill.」

「The principle of the world is always trade-offs. Cost is always assumed.」

「Even if there is a possibility of losing your [Mud Infant]?」

I tried to explain the possibility so that Altora’s foolish act would not be repeated.

In that respect, these intellectual types are rather easy to control. If you just explain it in a logical manner, they will understand. And if they agree with it, then there is nothing more I can ask for.

After I finished explaining about the skill specifications and interest rate, Angelina tilted her head with a “So?” expression.

「Geli can give it to you, the [Mud Infant].」


「You can certainly create golems with [Mud Infant]. But production and control are two different issues. Geli is the one who can use the golem best, so you will surely lend it back to her again.」

That’s a lot of confidence. Is it because she has mastered it as a scholar?

Actually, it would be difficult for me to control all the golems and make them work in the fields. It is better to leave such things to others.

「Then, the deal is done. As long as you don’t try to escape from the village, you can do as you please and serve as an assistant.」


The next day, the golems immediately began to streamline the work. Although it was strong and tireless, some werewolves looked at it with skepticism, wondering if it would start destroying the houses.

When I checked the situation, the villagers said, “although not versatile, it is a useful agricultural tool”. It was quite a sight to see a golem about a few inches taller than me striding through the village where the waterway ran. Asagi also checked the progress and nodded with satisfaction.

「It’s like a farming horse that doesn’t eat and is also able to work harder. It seems to be doing an amazing job digging waterways.」

「Geli has adjusted the width of the gutter to rectify the flow and minimize water loss. Incidentally, do you want to have fishes in the waterways?」

「Fish is fine, but it would be helpful if you could also calculate the amount of water loss, as it would help determine the amount of work needed in the dungeon. Can I have you calculate the amount that permeates into the ground and evaporates?」


In addition to her golem, Angelina’s own calculations were reliable. While knowledge based on experience was Asagi’s forte, Angelina’s knowledge as an academic was much more overwhelming.

「After tracking you down with the dog golem, Geli didn’t think the first thing she would be doing was fluid mechanics.」

「So that’s how you found this place… Did anyone follow you here?」

I asked just to be sure. Angelina puffed out her chest and said, “I’ll make sure.”

「Geli also considered the possibility of being followed. She heard from Eria-chan that Mr. Pervert was looking for Marge-san. That’s why Geli took two months to reach here.」

「Two months…」

Two months!

「Geli crossed mountains and valleys, walking in the morning and night, turning around here and there. If there was someone following Geli, she would have lost them by now.」

「The golem must have made it easier.」

「That’s right. The big child was made after the road got steeper. Geli’s sure she was out of sight by then.」


I wanted to be more sure, but the conversation was interrupted by the werewolves who had just finished a task and came for more instructions.

The day before.

There was a man. He looked exhausted from a long journey, but his eyes were fixated at his target with an implacable gaze. Before his gaze was a giant golem towering over the trees. For some reason, it disappeared in the middle of the mountain, and never appeared again.

Although he was far away, the man was convinced that that was the place he was aiming for.

「Are you over there… Marge…!!」

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