Vol.4, Ch.2, P.10


In two days’ time did Torry know the viscount’s mind at last:

Ina had been beckoned to the lordly manor, and to this moment, had yet to return.

Though perhaps “beckoned” is putting it too kindly, for it was in broad daylight that her carriage was stopped and surrounded by Bartt’s minions, whose many hands then whisked the damsel away to the Tallien estate.

Soon thereafter had a missive arrived at Torry’s desk. Quilled by the viscount, its contents were as much as the fraught father could have expected.

“Dearest Ina and her companion, Carola, are in much need of care and comfort,” so the nobleman had writ. “I have extended my helping hand, and they have accepted. Their wish now is to heal within the hospitality of my household. As their faithful lord, I have but to oblige.”

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