Vol.4, Ch.3, P.1


Frieda: a swift sword, and a freelance not to be forgotten—more so now that a missive by her hand has come into mine. Addressed to “Rolf the rescuer”, and yet reaching “Rolf the rebel”; by her words, she had the Roland inspectors to thank for the hint. Yet the missive’s surprises hardly ended there: Frieda, as it turned out, was in fellowship with the Roland Concern’s guildmaster, Torry, who himself was father to Ina, another soul I’d liberated from the Albeck manor moons ago.

As for the main thrust of this communication, it was a mite too grim for a greeting, to be sure. No; my former superior and sitting lord of Tallien, the Viscount Bartt, had been wringing dry the folk of his fiefdom, oppressing their meagre purses and neglecting their many needs… all the while indulging himself in debauchery and abuse

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