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Chapter 109 – A new recognition




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

It was still too early to be crying tears from being deeply moved. Even now we were still in a pinch.

However, I felt that we could do it.

At any rate, the source of power for these wings is the spirit— Consequently, she became a storage cell for Rēko’s magic power.

「Raiotto. We’re breaking through at a single point, so we’ll be aiming for those fissures – the window of opportunity will only be an instant. When we reach the fissure, you will use that sword to slash open an exit as quickly as possible.」

「I got it.」

We’re essentially doing the same as a chick breaking out of its egg.

This time, we have Rēko providing some fissures from the outside. If it were left to just us it would be hard to do, but with the power of the spirit and the cursed sword, it wasn’t impossible to do.

「I heard you… Revendia. Are you trying to run away from me?」

From above the golem’s head, we heard Sousou’s eerie voice.

「…Yeah. Although I feel bad for you, Rēko is waiting outside for us. But, the meals you made were truly delicious. If possible, please cook for me again someday.」

「Don’t underestimate me.」

Sousou instantly replied while trembling.

The light pouring down from the crimson moon created a streak of shadow on the doll’s face, as if you could see tears of blood flowing down.

「Did you think I was such an easy girl…? Unforgivable. Something like eating my meals only when you feel like it, taking such a thing for granted is absolutely unforgivable. For 1 year, 10 years, 100 years… From now and forever… If it’s not everyday then I won’t cook for you.」

「That’s right, speaking honestly, I would have liked to close myself up in here eating your meals for even a thousand years.」

「If that’s the case, then why not? Just what is the problem…?」

「I can’t just leave my grandchild to rot out there.」

When Rēko went out of control before, I had said this, that “I think of Rēko like my grandchild.”

There were no lies in those words. So that’s why, I won’t think of living an easy life while leaving my unsteady grandchild to fend for herself.

Then, Raiotto knocked on my horn.

「Hey Revendia. This conversation sounds like a fight between an old married couple but what kind of relationship do you have with that rabbit doll…? No, I respect that everybody has their own tastes but…」

I saw that his expression was extremely perplexed.

I’ve already accepted that I’m misunderstood like how I accept eating food everyday but this is a type of misunderstanding that I can’t pass over.

「You’re wrong, that rabbit over there thinks of me as her rival, it’s only turned a bit twisted so that it ended up like that. There’s definitely no love drama going on.」

「Ahh…. That’s a relief. I was about to overturn the image I had about you in my head… You were talking about grandchildren so I thought you were arguing about who takes the child.」

「Youngsters these days have vivid imaginations…」

The tears I thought I wiped away started to appear again. I never thought you would think of me in that way.

Raiotto lowered the sword in his hand and with his other hand, strongly held my horn.

「Now then, let’s go, Revendia. I don’t know what kind of person your grandchild is like but… you also have someone you care about huh? In that case, let’s hurry up and leave this place.」

「Un, that’s right. I’m absolutely not the kind of cold and evil dragon that you think I am.」

「Please, use some of those feelings for Rēko too. She also has people that are waiting for her return. She’s kind— She isn’t a girl that desires conflict.」

「I wonder if that’s really true.」

I believe that she undoubtedly has a disposition for combat.

I leaked out my true feelings but with my words, our mood for reconciliation was clouded over.

「Is that true…?! What do you mean Revendia? Are you saying that Rēko uses that power because she wants to?」

「What should I do? The only option I have is to agree.」

「Shit, as expected, an Evil Dragon is an Evil Dragon… It was wrong of me to think for even an instant that he could be a nice guy.」

It seems no matter how I struggle, I can’t direct the flow away from being framed for evil deeds.

“Use some of those feelings for Rēko too” or whatever, in the first place, by grandchild I had meant Rēko.

「But, I’ll still protect my promise. I’ll definitely show you that I can turn Rēko back into a normal girl.」

「…Che, at the very least you have to protect that promise. Absolutely.」

The “someday” still hasn’t ended though.

However, the “fear of the Evil Dragon” that should have gathered towards me and instead turned into magic power and flowed into Rēko… but if we corrected that flow to return back to me, then I can return Rēko back.

The Walu operation with the Saintess had failed. However the path had not closed yet, so from here on, we can find many more solutions.

—That’s why, I should grow into a vessel that holds enough courage to match.

After progressing up to here, I suddenly felt something was wrong.

I had talked with Raiotto until now but there was no movement from Sousou.

I turned my gaze back to Sousou who was floating above the golem’s head.

「Grandchild…? Revendia, you’re a married man…? How dare you… How dare you play around with me…」

Sousou was trembling with rage.

From my back, I could feel that Raiotto felt weirded out. Now that it’s come to this, there’s no longer any room to resolve the misunderstanding.

「Raiotto, that’s just words spoken to rile us up. You shouldn’t take it as truth.」

「Oo, ooou. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone.」

He’s been completely riled up. Other than being labeled as an Evil Dragon, I’m now also going to be labeled as something strange.

It’s come to a point that whatever happens, happens.

My tears had already gone dry and I remembered the days when Rēko flew me around like crazy.

Then I relied on the spirit’s powers to drive the wings to match those times.

「Now then, let’s go!」

My body instantly accelerated and I almost lost consciousness.  



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