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Chapter 112 – Her first magic




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

In the next instant my eyes were blinded by glaring white light, and my body was thrown out into the wide plains.

The feeling of falling on the ground was strangely softer than before. If I look closely, a person has become our mattress. Looking at his long hair, he resembled someone I know.

—-But, now’s not the time to be bothering about such trivial things.

「No-not good! Self-destruct! I-it’s going to blow!」

I started to panic at that moment and jumped out to shout warnings.

Likewise, Raiotto and the spirit also collapsed onto the familiar long haired someone, also to the people who were waiting outside, Rēko and Sheina… Ariante, a silver dragon and a person wearing a black mantle…?

「Eh, what’s with this situation. There are a lot of people around. Hey Raiotto, did Ariante come together with you?」

「Hya haaah—–!! That silver, is the dragon for my reward, right!?」

「Ah, sorry, you’ve been taken over again.」

The cursed sword with his tension rising through the roof, had taken over Raiotto again. 

I looked around to get a hold of the situation but– No good, there’s too much information to process. As I was doing this and that…

「Revendia…. Ufufufu. I’ll always be alive in your heart…..!!」

The rabbit doll spoke ominous words and started releasing white flashes of light.

I can’t be mistaken. The magic power looked overinflated and could explode at any time, it could explode within the next few seconds.

At this time, the person who became our mattress crawled out from underneath. Looking at his face, I remembered it was the Ikumen demon, who was also Sousou’s subordinate.

「Impossible, Master! Are you saying you’ll self-destruct in such a place! That’s why you’re no good! You only know how to push and push in human relationships and it’s as if you don’t know how to hold back….! Sometimes you need to take a step back and let the other party feel flustered. Acting like sticky mucus plastering yourself onto them, anyone who sees that would be disgusted–」

「Shut up!!」

It seems like he touched on Sousou’s landmine, the long haired Ikumen was blown away with a single punch. Thanks to that, for an instant, the self-destruct was postponed.

However, it was still impossible. It’s impossible to evacuate everyone within a few seconds.

「I beg you Sousou! Please rethink this!」

「Fufu. No can do, I won’t stop. Because, the only souvenir I can give you is this…」

Kah! Sousou released flashes of light that covered the whole plains in white.

It’s no good. If anyone was hit by a Demon King Commander’s self-destruct in close range, only Rēko would be able to—


At the same time we heard that ridiculous sound effect, the white light that covered the surround area disappeared.

What popped out in my vision as I fearfully opened my eyes was the figure of Rēko holding onto Sousou’s rabbit ears and smacking it onto the ground. 

「Don’t just explode out here, it’s a bother.」

I seem to be having some deja-vu.

Before, the Ikumen had his self-destruct stopped by being smacked into the ground.

「Im-impossible! You stopped my self-destruct…?」

「I’ve stopped that long haired blockhead’s self-destruct before. Something like this is easy to do.」

「Impossible! It’s true that you can stop that blockhead’s self-destruction by breaking the magic stone. But I don’t need a magic stone. I can explode with only my magic power! So then why?!」

「Ahh, if it’s the me from before then it’s true that I couldn’t stop you.」

Speaking up to that point, she suddenly turned towards Sheina.

「I thank you Sheina. It’s all thanks to you.」

「Eh? Me? What did I do?」

Being told that, Sheina could only reply with a dumbfounded expression. As a matter of fact, the only one who wasn’t dumbfounded was Rēko.

「Before, in the base that you were in, wasn’t there a night where the Lord Evil Dragon drank alcohol? That day, I heard from you how human mages practise their magic. All in order to develop a new technique…」

「Ah, that’s right. Though I honestly felt I wasn’t able to teach Rēko anything.」

I had also completely forgotten.

After that, Rēko started talking about dangerous things like developing new brainwashing techniques but in the end everything ended vaguely.

「The foundations of magic. The results of combining the foundations of magic. The unique magic that can only be cast by masters. Though there were extremely interesting topics but… The thing that links up everything is like this–”If you think you can do it, then you can do it.”」

「Nnnn, it’s a little different compared to what I taught but if Rēko thinks like that then that’s fine too.」

「As I thought.」

Glaring at the dumbfounded Sousou, Rēko laughed with a scary expression.

「I had once stopped that blockhead’s self-destruction by destroying his magic stone. In other words, I had already gotten the experience of “smashing the enemy into the ground to stop self-destruction” once before. In that case, everything afterward becomes simple. “Smashing into ground = stops self-destruct”, using this structure, I carve it into the absolute laws of the world. In other words, I developed new magic– This is the true origin of what human mages desire. Fufu, are you watching Lord Evil Dragon? I have finally been able to develop my own original magic… I name this “Kin Style Self-Destruction Seal.”」

With such a logical naming, Rēko became intoxicated in her own growth.

I trotted lightly over to Ariante.

「Uhh Ariante, is what Rēko saying true?」

「It’s not too farfetched to say that it’s an insult to all the mages in the world.」

「Don’t be so angry, she doesn’t have any bad intentions.」

「It’s okay, if anything, all my anger is directed towards this brat here.」

It wasn’t known when but across her arm was an unconscious Raiotto with bumps on his head. The cursed sword was shouting “Blood! Give me blood!” while being planted into the ground.

「In these busy times, this idiot was taken over and started attacking Doradora. It was a bother to settle it peacefully so I knocked him out.」

「It can’t be helped.」

Though I wasn’t fond of violence, if this place got anymore complicated, my brain will short circuit. There’s no other choice but to put Raiotto to sleep.

The self-destruction was stopped and I knew almost everyone present. Also, the final unknown person—

Clapped his hands with a light “pachipachi.”

「Marvelous, not only using the techniques given by Lord Revendia, you have also developed your own techniques. As fellow kin and your senior, I marvel at your aspirations.」

「Eh, kin?」

A bit further away from us, a person who had rolled over, stood up and started clapping in our direction.

No matter how one would look at it, being wrapped up in black cloth and wearing a mask, they would think he’s someone suspicious.

—That suspicious person somehow called me “Lord Revendia” and called himself a senior kin.

I circled behind Ariante and shrunk myself down while trembling.

「Hey Ariante, what’s with that guy? Has another one like Rēko appeared? I’m not the one you’re looking for, I’m just your average everyday lizard. So that’s why can you go over and tell him to go home?」

「You’re…trembling like a little puppy. It’s overbearingly shameful.」

Ariante looked at me with a gaze halfway towards contempt.

「You see, I’ve already got my hands full just looking after Rēko. A second is impossible.」

「Don’t worry, from the looks of it, he hasn’t sworn loyalty to you from his heart. It seems like he’s plotting something by naming himself as a kin.」

「Ah, so that’s the case. That’s great.」

「By the way, it seems like he’s a Demon King Commander.」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. Rather than having another Rēko appear, it’s better if a Demon King Commander attacks.」

「It seems like you’re already pretty broken in the head.」

Maybe that’s true. In fact, I can’t continue on without having my head going crazy just a little.

The self-proclaimed kin applauded while walking towards Rēko step by step.

「However, in the end, we’re kin. Rather than developing minor boring techniques, it’s much better to train the techniques given by Lord Revendia no? No matter how many tricks you have, as long as your claws and fangs are dull, it’s a disgrace. As your senior, I can say that your claws still have room to grow further.」

「That’s right.」

Rēko nodded without being flustered but her voice held strong anger in them. I could tell.

As expected, the next instant, the earth trembled from the magic power she released and her dagger rose highly.

「If that’s so, then I’ll show you my fully powered claws. Since Raiotto has gotten out, there’s no longer any need to hold back. Don’t even think that your ashes will remain in this world.」

Rēko threw Sousou with a “Poi” sound, to which the Ikumen picked her up.

It seems it lost all its stamina when it hit the ground so it couldn’t do anything crazy anymore.

「Ah? Howcome Rēko looks like the time she turned into an evil dragon thingy? It doesn’t seem like she’s lost control either…」

「That just shows how strong that self-proclaimed kin is. Just before, with all three of us, we couldn’t even push him back.」

Eh, I got flustered.

They couldn’t win even with Rēko in that state with two supporters?

「Isn’t this bad?」

「It’s true that we can’t see through him. However, she couldn’t use her full powers because you and Raiotto were trapped inside the doll. If it’s now, then maybe she can do it.」

「If that’s how it is then hopefully it’ll turn out well…」

From the raised dagger streamed a torrent of magic power, and from the direction in the sky it was pointing at, the sky rumbled with the sounds of thunder.

But even with Rēko’s massive amount of magic power, the self-proclaimed kin didn’t step back.

Suddenly the self-proclaimed kin turned only his neck to look towards me.

「Lord Revendia, I would like you to forgive me. I don’t intend to fight amongst fellow kin but–」

I could certainly feel that he was laughing under his mask.

「–I would like to offer some teachings for a while.」



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