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Chapter 121 – Moniker of the ruler of the seas




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

I am but a lizard.

Definitely not something like a boat.

As if denying that truth head on, my body flew full speed ahead while rippling through waves and into the vast ocean.

Fortunately the water pressure that came from crashing into waves was reduced by Rēko’s magic power –  but despite that problem solved, asking me if I was scared would be a totally different issue.

Meanwhile, Rēko was excitedly talking about her new original settings.

「Fufufu… For the great Lord Evil Dragon who rules over the land, seas and skies, there is nowhere where he can’t go. With this anti-ocean mode Lord Evil Dragon is like the god of the seas. No matter what kind of violent waves come, it wouldn’t be a problem and even diving into the depths of the great deep where light cannot reach is possible….」

「Rēko. I beg you, diving is absolutely forbidden. We’re in a hurry right?」

Using the excuse that we’re in a hurry, I pleaded with Rēko to avoid the deep sea route.

There’s no longer any chance to return. Now that Rēko has come to this, speaking from experience, she won’t stop. In that case, I can only endure this until we reach our destination and land.

「Yes. I understand. From the darkest deep sea filled with darkness lies Lord Evil Dragon’s ancient ally. If you meet such a friend, then you would talk long about the past and you fear that it would take much of our time… To meet this being, we will go only after we have defeated the Demon King– Is what you’re saying correct?」

「That’s right. It’s as if I don’t know the person at all but for now, I have no intention of meeting.」

「I understand. That being from the abyss loves its solitude. So you’re saying that because you respect each other, you won’t approach each other. Such is the optimal form of your relationship I see.」

「Yeah, please understand it like that」

By the way, as we were having this conversation, before my eyes, rose the rotting corpse of a large fish but of course I ignored it.

On the other hand, Rēko said “Offerings from the deep sea huh…” while in admiration but it’s probably a coincidence. If that’s not the case then I don’t want to be here anymore.

Fortunately, there weren’t any more inauspicious occurrences and we proceeded through the ocean peacefully.

It was probably due to Rēko pushing us to extreme speeds, soon we could finally see the figure of land through the end of the blurry ocean mist.

—-We saw a grey precipice.

That was our first impression.

The grey cliff was like a finely cut wall that blocked the ocean while towering above it and the white waves could only scatter at its feet.

I heard that the Olivia Theocracy was an island nation but looking at the precipice that spanned to the ends of the horizon, the amount of land they possessed must also be something.

Rēko looked at our destination and then tilted her neck.

「It’s rather strange. We heard that it would be hard to land from above but… I don’t seem to see any special means of defense. If it’s like this, then wouldn’t it be better if we flew?」

「You can’t do that. You have to follow the rules, if not, then you won’t know what problems will occur later down the road.」

「In that case, we can only go by sea— As expected of the Lord Evil Dragon. Though we also have hindrances here, numbers mean nothing to us.」



As I was digesting Rēkos words, the identity of those hindrances appeared.

A whale with a single horn growing on its forehead jumped out from the tide in front of us and blocked off our route.

「Wh, what’s this? Don’t tell me it’s a monster—….」

It didn’t seem like it.

While I was still agitated, I concentrated on my vision and looked closely at the whale and realized that it didn’t possess the violent tendencies of a monster.

However, from the magic power overflowing from its whole body we could tell that it was definitely not just a normal animal.

Rēko stared intently at the whale.

「It’s presence slightly resembles that water demon.」

「Water demon, are you talking about the Saintess? If that’s the case then… Is that something like a guardian god?」

If it’s like that then, I can understand how it could possess such a powerful magic power without showing any violent tendencies.

Also, if it’s a guardian god, then as long as we don’t show any hostility then it probably won’t initiate any attack.

「Listen well, Rēko. You’re forbidden from unnecessarily conflict. I will try to speak with it peacefully so you behave.」


Good, with this, my biggest concern of Rēko initiating preemptive fire is avoided.

Our propulsion from magic was also stopped so I used my four legs to doggy paddle towards the whale.

「Ehh, can you understand my words? We aren’t anyone suspicious. The boats were stopped so we had no choice but to swim over but we didn’t intend to secretly enter the country or anything.」


What came back as a reply was a sound that was like someone blowing a conch.

「….Eeeh. What should we do… If we can’t communicate then we can’t justify our actions.」

However, we also felt that the opposing party held no hostility. The proof is that it didn’t attack us.

If only we could communicate then we can get it to peacefully let us pass—

「….Hey Rēko, is it possible for you to communicate with this whale?」

「Lord Evil Dragon, even I can’t communicate with a beast.」

「I thought so. That’s a relief, there’s something that even you can’t do. Not being able to do is in fact making me feel at ease.」

「Yes. At the very least, the only thing that I can do is to match our magic powers wavelength together and convey our thoughts. If you wish, I can transmit a message.」

「Is that so. Then, tell it “we come in peace.”」

Well, I thought something like this would happen.

Now that I think about it, back when the spirit was in the form of a golden mountain and couldn’t speak, she also communicated with it. This girl is basically universal.

Well, everytime she displays her all-round utility, a part of my heart is carved away.

A reply came back from Rēko who was communicating with it.

「Lord Evil Dragon, the other party has also said that it has no hostility. It seems like it guessed that we have no ill intentions.」

「Ahh, that’s great. But in that case, why is it blocking our way?」

When I asked this, Rēko laughed fearlessly.

「Thats— it’s such a laughable story. In this area of the ocean, this whale takes pride in being the fastest.」


「Just a while ago, it saw the speed at which Lord Evil Dragon swam and his confidence was shattered into pieces. It said “There’s no doubt that that’s the legendary sea dragon.”」

「You properly denied that right?」

「No, I affirmed it. It we’re talking about a legendary dragon, then it would be Lord Evil Dragon.」

What has she done.

As I understood this and turned my sight back to the whale, it’s eyes were sparkling as it looked at me… ba.

Please stop it. Without the boost from Rēko, at best, I can swim at the speed of a dog.

「And so, it said that it would like to have one match.」

「One match?」

Rēko then pointed towards the stone wall beyond the ocean.

「Yes. With the pride of the title, ruler of the seas on the line, it wants to race towards that wall. It wants a race where we devote all our hearts and strength.」

I turned towards the whale and smiled gently.

And so despite hardly ever coming to the sea, I spoke with the presence of a ruler of the seas.

「Listen well, the ruler of the seas must have a heart as vast as the deep deep sea. That’s why you shouldn’t compete in needless competitions.」

The whale blended its body into the water and Rēko exploded her magic from around my tail.

A race began where we competed with all our willpower, pride, hearts and devotion without bothering about my circumstances.


What had happened? My memories are heavily jumbled.

Breaking through the white waves and without reducing our speed, the fast approaching stone wall. The whale who saluted us as it left. Rēko who was greatly satisfied.

Just, as I was stranded floating near the harbour by the precipice, I only remember asking the entrance inspectors who had come running this:

—-Please save me.

And so we were treated at shipwrecked drifters and allowed entry.  



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