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Chapter 136: A scene seen from the perspective of a parents




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

「Ahh. Feels like nothing can be done. I’ll just go and destroy a country or something and distract myself from this…」

「Don’t, don’t get desperate, Yoro-san. You are just shocked right now, it’s temporary. Your wounds will heal soon.」

After he walked out of our sight, I chased after Yoro-san and found him sitting on the ground in the back alley.

He took out a bottle of sake and started to chug it down. If someone would look at his actions and words, he would look just like a homeless alcoholic if he didn’t have his fine armor on.

「I don’t understand. Why is he so angry? All I said is that I want both of us to kill each other openly…」

「Please remember that not all words and deeds can be cleaned up for it being “Fair and square”」

「No, wait. Is it because it is not in his schedule? A festival is going on right now. Was it rude to request a fight right now without considering his convenience? That’s right, if I ask again on some other more convenient day, then there is still some possibility…」

「I don’t think the reason is even close to an atom of that.」

It may have been a long awaited revenge match opportunity for Yoro-san, but if i think from that god’s perspective, it would be something like a “A dangerous enemy that has been subdued long ago has revived and threatened peace once again.” It is natural that the god acted like that.

「But well, it is true that I actually got to meet the god.」

「What are you talking about suddenly.」

「Well, it’s something like this. I’m just wondering that, if the god said that to other demons, the demons would probably get enraged and rampage around the town. But all it did to Yoro-san is that you started sulking. I wonder if the god knows that you have that kind of personality.」

At first, I was wary of Yoro-san because he is a demon king. But now, I know that Yoro-san isn’t actually that ferocious. If it was Rēko or Sousou-san instead of Yoro-san just now, a battle would have started on the spot when they heard the provocation.

The god’s previous remarks are probably because he already grasped Yoro-san’s character.

「Don’t look down on me too much. I am the Demon King, you know? I don’t have a good sense like ordinary people. If I want to rampage around, I’ll do it. I didn’t do it—only because I am right here right now. Because If I go wild right now, a lot of people will die.」

「Isn’t that some good sense?」

「No. I don’t care much about human life. However, if a person in this country dies, he will lose a believer and his power as a god will decline. If that happens, I will not be able to fight that god with full strength. As long as I hope for a fair and square battle, I will not cause an unnecessary death among his servants.」

U, umu. I groaned.

He isn’t thinking that it would be an inconvenience to the people, but just because he is prioritizing the duel.

Well after all that, I think he is more thoughtful than Rēko.

「Nee Yoro-san. What would you do if the god didn’t respond to your duel even after the festival is over?」

「Well… I would try provoking him for the time being. I’ll climb to the roof of the church and scream “Bakabaka, I am way stronger now. If you are feeling frustrated, come down!” it might be a good idea.」

「So you are that type of person, huh?」

Also, if he actually did that, the guard would have taken him away thinking he is a drunk guy with suspicious behaviour.

Thinking that it was Yoro-san, maybe he will be instantly taken to the prison as is so that he won’t resist strangely.

「Anyway, getting possessed means that that girl will probably be chosen as the Shrine Maiden. Should I keep an eye on her so that I could get in touch with her as soon as the festival is over…?」

「Rēko is good but, isn’t it bad for a big man like Yoro-san to sneak around a small child?」

「Who is the one sneaking around. I will make her feel like a champion and feel proud of herself.」

「What should I do about this guy.」

Even if he didn’t do anything dangerous as a demon, he looks dangerous simply because of his suspicious actions.

And then, Rēko walked into the back alley.

「Evil Dragon-sama. The Shrine Maiden candidate has been sent to the nearest church as a lost child. 」

「Oh, thanks. Did someone make a fuss about the god possession?」

「I have sensed a few people staring at us, but they probably thought it was just a little girl magician going crazy. Nobody seems to suspect that it was god possession.」

「Well, her speech is something.」

What she said is just like a child ranting.

「Even so, as expected of Evil Dragon-sama’s prospect. She is chosen as the Shrine Maiden after all.」

「I think that is because Yoro-san is nearby. It is just a temporary possession, it didn’t actually say that the girl would actually be selected.」

「No, there is no chance that Evil Dragon-sama’s prospect is wrong. After she is officially appointed as the Shrine Maiden, I will be prepared to kidnap her at any time.」

「Oh, good job girl. I will give you some pocket money later.」

「Fuh. If you want to praise me, praise Evil Dragon-sama. All of my actions are Evil Dragon-sama’s actions.」

A plan that is riddled with crime and doesn’t fit my will.

Of course, I try to protest it while half weeping, but at that time—

「That is a story that I can’t ignore.」

A voice came down from above. When I looked up, there was a large number of armed people on top of the buildings on both sides of the back alley. Moreover, they are not just simple ruffians.

All of them wore clothes like a priest.

「Hahaha. Apparently you were noticed by the church, girl.」

「It’s nothing like that. I noticed them and pulled them here on purpose.」

Bow and canes are pointed toward us, but both Rēko and Yoro-san are calm. They were quite bold even though both of them are ringleaders.

On the other hand, a young man with a monocle who seems to be the leader of the group opened his mouth without being aware of his crisis.

「The Shrine Maiden who heard the voice of God is the treasure of our country. It is outrageous to try to kidnap her! The youngest cardinal, the servant of god, the genius that is me! That’s right, me! The one and only me!, will cleanse your sins on behalf of God! Well then, let’s save your unscrupulous soul—ugh!」

Having said that, he shows the white of his eyes and falls down.

Yoro-san is not surprised by it. I myself am also already used to it, so I am not surprised either.

「This guy seems to be the leader, so I neutralized him for the time being.」

Said Rēko, who ran up the back alley wall in an instant, and stunned the young man with a knife hand strike.



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