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Chapter 167 – A Single Word To The Benefactor




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

Rēko’s strongest attack ever left a terrible scar on the ground.

After the claw attack that seems to be returning everything into nothing, the enemy—the figure of the fake kin cannot be seen.

「Did you do it…?」

「Mu. My apologies. Because my output has increased so much, I have no idea whether they have escaped or have been erased.」

Rēko is apologizing, but she is somewhat lively.

With a happy tone, she clenched both of her fists.

「Well, it doesn’t matter either way. If Evil Dragon-sama is together with me, then I will be completely invincible. Even if the opponent is the Demon King, there is nothing to fear.」

I nodded to that.

It was not out of relief, but rather a heartfelt agreement.

Rēko showed her strength in the head-to-head fight between her and that mysterious fake kin. This child is surely stronger than anyone. And if I were to support her confidence in that, there would be no one left that could be counted as an enemy.

And if I have the courage to fight together with her, I’m sure that Rēko could go anywhere.

——And Yoro-san is the one who gave me that courage. No, I am the one who realized it, huh?

「Um… Rēko. Should we go back to the capital for the time being? Yoro-san was defeated for various reasons, but I didn’t hate him as a person… Rather, I think of him as a friend. I don’t know how long it will take to go back there, but I want to say goodbye at least.」

I think that the Kami-sama, Enka, has the same feeling as me.

「If Evil Dragon-sama says so, then of course. I also looked up to that armor quite a bit. Well, I am powered up now, so I can kill him instantly…」

「Even in this case, you will casually make an appeal for yourself, huh?」

I had Rēko grow her wings and we flew back to the capital. As far as I can see from the scenery of the ground that is flowing by, the hordes of monsters caused by the fake kin seemed to have disappeared completely.

Did we safely defeat them? Or did they just retreat?——……

「Ohh, we’re back!」

While I’m thinking about that, we reached the sky above the capital. I can see the people pointing at me while raising their voices.

Not only the Cardinal and the people from the church, but also the general public. They no longer have a frightened face, but a welcoming one.

When we landed on the square in front of the cathedral, the Cardinal walked up to us.

「Looks like you have defeated the demon that has been pulling the thread behind the scenes.  And the suspicious magical power that has been covering the entire country has disappeared too. I would like to give our gratitude」

「Uh, yeah. Well not me but Rēko though…」

「No. It is you who have protected our God from that Thunder Armor. That act alone deserves millions of our gratitude.」

Uhh, I cleared my throat.

「About that. The Thunder Armor——Yoro-san, wasn’t a malicious and rampaging demon at all. He is dropping thunder strikes in order to kill the monsters, even when fighting Enka-san and me. That’s why, could you not treat him as a bad guy?」

「Of course, I know about that. Because God said so.」

「Enka-san? Is she in a state where she could talk?」

「Ahh, our God is waiting for you in the cathedral. If there is anything you want to talk about…Come, come in.」

A crowd of people is gathering on the square, but the church soldiers are restricting access inside, probably to reduce confusion and to keep the people in check.

While me and Rēko were observed by the surroundings from a distance, the main gate opened under the Cardinal’s lead.

And waiting right there is——

「Umu, seems like the enemy has been defeated. You could do it as I thought. You can do it if you try, huh? As expected of the one who was able to defeat me.」

「Ah, Yoro-san. Thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to be courageous… I wanted to say thank you to you at least once, and I’m really glad I could actually say it.」

「Hahaha. You can thank me twice and three times instead of just once. Oops, why don’t we drink some sake to celebrate? It seems that there is some good wine stockpiled in the basement of this church. I hope that the young cardinal can give me that as much as he can.」

「Ohh. That would be nice. For cheering up, right?」


I’ve been having a good conversation with Yoro-san while chuckling to myself for a while, but I felt something was wrong so I tilted my head.

I should calm down and organize the situation.

Where is this——the hall of the cathedral.

Who you are talking to——Yoro-san dearu.

Doesn’t seem like there is anything wrong with that…

「Huh!? Why is Yoro-san here!? Didn’t you disappear!?」

「Mu? Didn’t I say that I will “resurrect”?」

「You did say that but…Is there no tasteful amount of resurrection span needed?」

It is a big event that could be called the Resurrection of The Demon King. I wanted it to have a cool-down period for at least 100 years or something. That length of time feels right to me.

「Mu. When you say it that way, it made me feel like I shouldn’t have resurrected. That hurts a little.」

「Ah, sorry. I am indeed happy but…」

When I was starting to feel bewildered, Yoro-san laughed happily.

「It’s just a joke. I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast either. It’s this fast because Enka helped.」


「Umu. She’s over there.」

Saying that, Yoro-san pointed at a shadow behind a pillar in the cathedral.

I understand——I think.

For some reason, Yoro-san and Enka have an inseparable relationship with each other. She may have taken some measures in anticipation of him disappearing.

And when I turned around to look at the person behind the pillar,

There was Ria(With Enka’s hair color) staring at Yoro-san——with a terribly annoyed face like one would have when looking at a stalker.

With that alone, I could somewhat guess that Yoro-san’s resurrection is probably something accidental.



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