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Chapter 179 – Let the questioning start.




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

「…in other words, the Demon King is someone as incompetent as you?」

「I do wonder if that was the case.」

Currently, that interpretation seems to be the most possible route.

According to Rēko’s clairvoyance, the organization of the Demon King army can’t be confirmed, and it is possible that the Demon King has already pulled out a rag and been destroyed.

「But still, Yoro-san did say that it was strange. He thinks that there is a blind spot on Rēko’s clairvoyance. He also said that there is no way the fake kin, who is an executive, could get deceived by an incompetent Demon King.」

「Yoro-san? Who’s that? A skill?」

「Ahh yeah. He’s a demon that I made friends with during my trip. He’s the Demon King.」

「I see, Demon King, eh. If it’s none other than the Demon King says that much, then there is no room for consideration…」

Stopped talking halfway, Ariante grabbed my face.

「Wait a minute. Are you fooling around? You say that the Demon King didn’t actually exist, but you met the Demon King that time? And you became friends with him?」

「It-It’s different. Yoro-san is a Demon King, but he is a former Demon King. He’s just a harmless person now.」

Then, I started explaining about the story of Yoro-san and Enka.

Along with the details of the battle with the fake kin.

「In short, that Yoro-san you’re talking about, is the Thunder Armor Ragan, huh? So you’re telling me that he resurrected…」

「Huh? Ariante, you know him?」

「As a Demon King who reigned a long time ago. It is said that he is a powerful demon that competes for the first or second strongest in history.」

「Yeah.  When we first met, he had an atmosphere that seem to be stronger than Rēko’s.」

Now that Rēko’s strength has increased to more than 300 million times, even Yoro-san probably can’t stop her.

「Hm.But Yoro-san…Thunder Armor was well known to be an ancient Demon King, right? When the current Demon King came out, no one thought that Thunder Armor was back?」

「According to folklore, Thunder Armor is well known to be a lone wolf. It is said that he did not rely on any strategy and applied for a duel from the front when fighting humans. The image of Thunder Armor and the current Demon King who relied on strategy didn’t fit at all.」

It is true that when I first visited Peryudōna, the city was attacked with sneaky tactics. With a large number of human-faced carcases, wasn’t it using a “Freshly Severed Head” to control them as a strategy?

If Yoro-san is the Demon KIng, that kind of strategy will not be executed even if he were to die.

「In the first place, Demon King is something like a title for a particularly strong demon, not for an individual. Although not as strong as Thunder Armor, there are few demons that have called themselves the Demon King so far. It is more natural to think that a new one has appeared rather than a past one has resurrected.」

「So it was something like that.」

「Well, there are actually too few details about the Demon King in the past, so it doesn’t really make much difference if it is a “Resurrection” or a “Newcomer”. As for Thunder Armor, only the information that he was “Fair And Strong” remains.」

I think if you take that into consideration with Yoro-san, that alone has probably covered 90 percent of the information.

The rest of the 10 percent would be filled if you add the information that he tends to get drunk and his stalking temperament.

「Then, let’s ask Sousou-san and Doradora-san in detail. Just what kind of demon was the actual Demon King?」

「That’s right. Let’s do that.」

Ariante and I nodded before beckoning everyone to gather.

Rēko stopped watching the surroundings in the air and descended to the ground, and the Saintess and Sousou stopped their quarrel. As for Doradora, he’s still laying down, so I’ll just wait for his condition to recover.

「I’m sorry to make the cave noisy like this. Here, this is the souvenir for Hunt God-sama.」

The Hunt God who is sitting cross-legged at the entrance of the cave will receive an assortment of quick-acting energy drinks.

It is an indispensable tool for the Hunt God to give spartan training to the practitioners who visit here more efficiently.

『Thank you. I’ll use this, to train you more mercilessly.』

「Please pardon me if possible.」

『I’ll, give you plenty of these drinks later.』

I didn’t hear the Hunt God’s death sentence for me, and I bowed to everyone who gathered in a circle(excluding Doradora).

「Thank you for coming all the way here even though you are busy. First of all, Sousou-san. What kind of a demon was the Demon King?」

「Uun…I don’t know.」

There is silence for a while.

「Eh? But aren’t you one of the executives?」

「Nobody came to my executive party… So I never met the Demon King himself…」

Sousou began to droop her head down and sit on the ground while hugging her knees. That’s right, this child was basically isolated in the Demon King’s Army. I may have inadvertently stimulated a trauma of hers.

「But wasn’t there an order from the Demon King?」

「There is…or not…I wonder if there is?」

She is not making herself clear.

Right here, Ariante sighed.

「I already asked her a lot of question to get information when she turned over a new leaf of course, but as you can see, I can’t get any useful information since her memory was sealed.」

「Eh? Then the meaning of our return…」

Ariante pointed at Rēko as if to cut my words.

「Hmm? What’s wrong with Rēko?」

「It wouldn’t be impossible if her power increased by more than 300 million times. Right here, right now, unseal away all of those sealed memories.」

「Eh? But, is it okay? I don’t really want to search through Sousou-san’s memories.」

At that time, Sousou climbed on top of my back.

After getting out of her humanoid body, it is the original stuffed animal.

「It’s okay, you know Rēvendia. Because all of me is yours… I’ll let you peek into my memory! Kyaa!」

Sousou, who is swinging her bunny ears happily, was grabbed by Rēko by the head.

「As you wish, let’s suck out all of your memories and make you into a cripple.」

「Don’t make her into a cripple. Just look at the part that contains the Demon King.」

「Understood. Let’s also project the memories into a screen.」

「Your power is really useful, isn’t it?」

Rēko grabbed Sousou’s head with her right hand and her left hand started to radiate light towards the rock wall of the cave.

What is clearly projected on the dim rock wall is a clear scene just like reality.

And what was reflected there is—

『Kukuku…Sousou. Your ability, is beautiful. I really liked it… Become my toy. And do your best to serve me..』

『Rēvendia…! Yes! Because we, are always together…!』

In a fantastic landscape that was shining, a glorified sight of me and Sousou-san talking happily was there.

「No. Everyone can see the memories of my secret encounter with Rēvendia…!」

Sousou’s cheeks are blushing heavily, but needless to say, it’s a forgery of a malicious memory.



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