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Chapter 63 – Kidnapping




Translator: Luk2048

Editor: Ghost Ape

I believed it was worth asking her, but I didn’t believe we were qualified. After all, our last meeting ended with Lady Saintess being violently thrown by Rēko. I had no idea what happened to her after that, besides even if we met her we’d only scar her even further.

“Well Rēko, that was on my mind too, but Lady Saintess must be busy one way or another, so we can’t just go and make her listen to our problems whenever we feel like it. Also now that I think about it, we’re banned from entering that town.”

After saying so I turned to Rēko, just to realize I was too late. Rēko’s figure had already disappeared, leaving behind only a whirlwind that blew up a cloud of dust.

Looking up at the distant skies I could see Rēko’s figure, fluttering her black wings and heading in a straight line to Lady Saintess’ town.

“Noo! Rēko! Return quickly!”

It was already a distance where I could only see a dot, but I still clearly knew, mainly by intuition, that Rēko turned to me and clenched her fist as if indicating she understood.

No, not that. Not “Capture Lady Saintess and return quickly”, but I simply wanted you to come back right now.

“… Aah, I can’t see her anymore.”

“Sir Evil Dragon, just where exactly could Lady Kin be headed to? Did she go in pursuit after that demon?”

“Not really, no. There’s a person, an acquaintance of ours, who might be well-informed about spirits, so――”

“Eh, for reals? That’s Evil Dragon Lord for you, impressive connections.”

Sheina came close, rubbing her hands in an ingratiating manner. Saying frankly, her secretly smiling expression was that of a small villain.

“Ah, but don’t expect too much. She might not know anything, and there’s also no guarantee she’ll come in the first pla… well, even if she refuses Rēko will probably bring her along anyway.”

Sure enough, like a bird of prey holding tightly its spoils, Rēko came back after a few minutes with a person’s shadow suspended mid-air. The person’s figure with swaying aqua coloured hair―― Lady Saintess wasn’t particularly noisy. However, that was because she fell into a daze with her mouth hanging open, as if her soul was forced out.

“By all means Evil Dragon Lord, interrogate her as you please.”

After landing on the ground Rēko solemnly said in an unsettling manner.

“Ah, excuse me, Lady Saintess? Are you okay? I’m really sorry for bringing you here so suddenly.”

“M-Mr. Lizard…? This is…?”

Before giving Lady Saintess a reply, I first had to take care of Rēko, who already has wordlessly drawn her dagger after hearing how I was called.

“It’s fine Rēko. I didn’t tell you yet, but I recognize Lady Saintess’ strength despite her looking like this. She has all sorts of vexing and annoying points, but she’s a brave warrior that challenged me one-on-one fair and square, you know? We’re already comrades after fighting once. So I don’t mind at all if she calls me a lizard. Okay?”

“I see. If Evil Dragon Lord says so I’ll let it slide.”

Maybe because she calmed down after she got on the ground light was gradually returning to Lady Saintess’ absentminded eyes.

“Ahem, that’s right! Me and Mr Lizard are best pals that experienced a death match together. So, what happened? I was really startled when Lady Rēko came so suddenly――”

Haizen, Sheina and everyone present immediately raised a commotion cornering Lady Saintess.

“You survived a fight to the death with Sir Evil Dragon…?”

“Awesome! You don’t even look much older than me!”

Sheina probably couldn’t compare to Lady Saintess’ actual age, but I decided to not mention anything. Thus, once she repeatedly garnered praise from all sides her stupor from just a while ago seemed to disappear somewhere, and her face quickly began to turn smug.

“I don’t understand what’s going on, but it looks like there’s a lot of people who realize my value here! Ah, but still, I can’t immigrate, okay? After all I’ve a town that waits for my return.”

“Ah, I don’t really care about that, so could you talk with that child?”

Since she was getting carried away, Sheina cut her off and dumped the spirit on her. Lady Saintess, who suddenly had the feral child forced upon her, stared in puzzlement while embracing the spirit.

“Erm, what’s this about Mr. Lizard?”

Once she inquired clearly looking for help, I lowered my voice and said close to her ear.

“Aah, I’m sorry that no one explained anything. It seems like this child is a spirit. But it’s like we can’t reach a mutual understanding. And so, if it’s you who has turned from a demon to a god, we wondered if you could understand spirits’ feelings that are in between the two.”

“I see! After all I’m the only one reliable!”

Pyoon, Lady Saintess perked up her ears that were a bit too long to be called common. Then she enthusiastically picked up the spirit high up into the air, saying,

“Come now Ms. Spirit, open your heart to this pure Saintess of abundance, in other words me!”

『It became higher.』

“Don’t be shy, it’s okay. There once was a time when I also was a rascal, so it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings…”

『The ground approaches.』

“Lady Saintess, you’re dropping her due to all your boiling enthusiasm. Moreover headfirst.”

Back on the ground, the spirit simply resumed her meal crunching on a rock. Seeing that, Lady Saintess’ conclusion was,

“―― Yup, I’ve no idea!”

“I figured.”

“Thinking about it now, from the moment I was born I always wanted to drown or help the humans, I don’t think there ever was a period of indifference like this. In short I became aware just now, but it means that a time when I was a spirit doesn’t exist!”

I see, I guess it meant that look-at-me types couldn’t turn into spirits.

“That’s enough. You’ve served your purpose, you can go back now water demon. I’ve finished the preparations for your return.”

“Rēko, don’t call spinning your arm around and getting into a throwing posture as return preparations.”

Just when I was about to instruct Rēko that we have to send her back normally, Lady Saintess raised the spirit once again.

“However, demons and spirits are born in the same way – from the humans’ wishes. It’s just a guess, but, even though this child might not be a chatterbox like me, didn’t everyone pay attention to her anyway? I think that’s why she’s so my-pace and doing things at her leisure. But her environment changed suddenly, didn’t it? Maybe the reason she’s so hungry is because the attention receded and in turn the magic power became not enough…? The stones around here seem to contain a bit of magic power, probably something like a precious metal ore. So I think she’s eating that to replenish her magi――”

With serious faces Haizen and Sheina put their hands on Lady Saintess’ shoulders respectively and solemnly dragged her away as potential reference material.




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