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Chapter 107: I think even touring around the local places for sightseeing in any world would still require money.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 41 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn.

Guiding principles. Basic guidelines, dictating which actions should be taken, under what kind of notions, seeking what kind of results.

No matter how I look at it, I lack funds. If I don’t do something I won’t even have enough to pay for the inn. I’m seeking money. Seriously.

「And so I’m thinking of going to a labyrinth? A dungeon? It seems dungeon tours are pretty profitable, so I thought I’d make some money while also sightseeing?」

「A labyrinth? A dungeon? Do you mean that place where everyone was desperately trying to kill as many monsters as possible to at least somehow get their numbers down? That thing? Just where in this world is such a fun dungeon where you can make money while sightseeing?」

Well, monsters’ numbers will go down with just me being inside, and I also have a person fully capable of destroying it on her own? Aren’t I working hard?

And she finally got outside, so I’d like to show her the world? I mean, I also didn’t see anything apart from the town and the forest.

Yes, it’s important to expand your horizons. After all, we don’t even have published travel diaries. Or actually, doesn’t something like 『Travel Diaries of the Remote Frontier』sound pretty cool?!

「So? Are you going to traverse it like the Great Dungeon?」

I wouldn’t say that I 『Traversed』the great dungeon? More like, took a wrong step and fell all the way down? Can you really call that 『Traversing』?

Even if you can, it was still just climbing up the stairs, step by step. Speaking of which, the stairs there were way too long!!

「No, just go inside, stroll around up to the point we can safely reach, make money, and go back? Kind of?」

「「「Was a dungeon a place where you can safely loiter around, make money, and go home?」」」「I kind of remember almost dying there?」

Well, that’s because you don’t account for a safety margin. Since you have no concept of risk management, you come close to dying… That is what I thought, but didn’t say aloud… Even so, they are glaring at me for some reason? Glaring really hard? Yeah, I guess I should keep my mouth shut.

「I tortured geeks a bit, and turns out there are quite a lot of dungeons here and there? And well, there are no monsters in the forest anymore?」

「Yeah, seems so. But are you going to destroy dungeons now? Just because you exterminated all of the monsters in the forest? And why are you casually torturing geeks!!!」

Well, there are no other sources of income? There is only 50,000 ere of pocket money per day? I think it’s fine for the Avatar of Avarice to get angry demanding a raise as well?

「Torture? Don’t say such terrible things. Since I didn’t burn their heads yet, we just chatted for a bit while I was trying to do so? Just a friendly chat?」

「「「You are the one who said you tortured them! And you can’t call chatting while you are trying to burn their heads 『friendly』!」」」

But they didn’t burn? It was another failure. Because I sold them『Profession Medal -【Job Specific Trait Up】』, the guardian’s abilities were boosted. I mean, even Meteor wasn’t enough. Even though I threw 16 of them in rapid succession. As expected of a cheat job. He should apologize to the jobless!

「So, after breakfast, I’m going to assess the new dungeon property near the village downstream.」

「「「The new dungeon property? It is indeed a new dungeon, but it’s not like it is up for sale?」」」

「Eh? Just what is a dungeon? Can you assess it?」

「And regardless of that assessment, he is going to usurp all floors if he likes it.」

「And it’s not like he is going to buy it or anything! He is going to seize it from monsters! Eh? It is supposed to be a good thing, but why does it sound so evil?!」

Well, looks like there are no lots for sale. But the hotel pay is a constant problem, I stay on the tab, collect all the money I can from the town, pay the tab, then stay on the tab again, and when I eventually run out of money again, go to the guild and take all of their money, pay the tab. I’m barely staying afloat? After all, I even have the Avatar of Avarice with me. Well, I ordered a sexy dress at the general store, and then forced her to buy it… Which is fine, but the underwear to go along with it was very expensive. Of course, since I was there, I bought all of it, and that’s how all of my money disappeared! Well, naturally, being a highschool boy, I then worked really hard during the night!

I mean, I was summoned to this world when I was in the second year of high school. so the only chance I had to see hostess bar ladies was on TV. And then there is a sexy backless dress! The cut is so low that her back is completely exposed! Of course, as a highschool boy, I couldn’t afford not to buy it. Both the dress and what’s inside were amazing.

「Coincidentally, it’s a pretty new and weak dungeon with only a few floors. Wouldn’t floors 10 to 20 be just right for an underground residence? And it is also close to the town?」

「「「「As I thought! He wants to occupy the dungeon! There is nothing coincidental about this! That was your plan since the very beginning!」」」」

I mean, if it grows gigantic, reaching 100 floors, then I will be able to build a huge bath there, but having to walk the stairs to the 100th floor is too much! One would definitely get cold on the way back from the bath?

「10 floors sounds reasonable. Should be affordable. The only thing in question is the arrangement of rooms, I guess?」

「「「Are we still talking about dungeons? You didn’t switch to real estate talk, right? And there is no 『Affordable』to dungeons!」」」

「And what kind of arrangement do you expect to see? I’d be very surprised if the dungeon map had 3LDK written on it! 」

「In the first place, a house spanning 10 dungeon floors is 『Reasonable』?」

Close to the town, fully equipped with a village in proximity, an underground housing of reasonable size, and moderate floor count.

Surrounded by nature you also will be able to enjoy a great panorama view? Well, not like it’s a very unique point. Everything is surrounded by nature here.

I’d rather prefer some kind of trading center. A Shopping Mall-like dungeon with a huge bookstore would be the best. Yeah, if I find one I will immediately capture it!

Well, first I will have to take a look anyway, so let’s head there. The Great Dungeon was too big. And for some reason, the lower floors are in danger of collapse, because they are riddled with holes, so it’s not safe? Hm, Armored Pres-san is looking at me with a flat gaze?!




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