Chapter 131: Verbally abused over my overwhelming acting ability.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 48 – Morning, White Weirdo Inn

Despite my drowsiness, the morning already arrived. For the whole night, I was busy with my side job. While the manufacturing process for each ring was time consuming at first, midway it turned into a smooth conveyor-like mass production, and before I noticed, it was already morning! Well, midway I was also busy doing other secret stuff with Armored Pres, but for the most part, I was working. One shouldn’t let a business opportunity slip by. But now that I think of it, I already ripped off all of the money from the girls through clothes, so they probably don’t have anything. If anyone has money, it is the geeks and the idiots, but would the boys wear rings? Well, let’s rip them off anyway.

Using cheap magic stones I mass-produced rings meant to be sold to the townsfolk, attaching Warding and Healing (Petty). Let’s sell those to the general store. It’s about time that the suspicious merchant returns to the town, so it’s better to save up money for then. Just how far did my Affection Rating go? Speaking of which, 『Temptation Shirt – Allure (Greater)』from the dungeon, should sell for quite a price, but that’s not something that should be allowed into the big world. Sealed it is.

Today we were to continue in the golem dungeon from the 36th floor, if I remember correctly? The lower the floor the better the loot from the treasure chests get, and middle floors already have a lot of promise. On the way, I check villages here and there, buying their specialty products, and oh, how mysterious, all the money disappeared? I’m going to use those ingredients to make dishes that I sell at rip-off prices for great profits, so it can’t really be helped, but as soon as I waste money even a bit they all disappear like the mist… This world is filled with mysteries.

But since there is nothing but golems there is no room for Death Scythes. At this rate, they might end up as glorified lawnmowers. Maybe I should deforest the evil forest? Wood sells for a good price and there is not enough of it.

I wanted to get Abnormal Status Nullification rings out there as soon as possible, so when I showed them during breakfast they immediately sold out. Introducing a new payment method of『Pay when you find a new dungeon item』I sold them even to the broke girls as well, and just like that all of the rings were gone, despite the number I initially prepared. Well, wearing two rings won’t double the effects, but it should strengthen them to like 150% power, so it’s fine… But why should I be lectured by them about my unnecessary spendings? This is absurd! I merely stayed in the inn on the tab a bit because I couldn’t pay for it, having spent all the money I had and going into a bit of debt. Absolutely baffling.

Now, it’s time. Onwards to the dungeon.

And once again golems. A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon would’ve been wonderful, but we are stuck with golems instead. Not fun at all.

But since I need both money and dungeon items I have no choice but to work my butt off every day, and yet, I’m stuck with no Job, 『NEET』title and no money. No matter how much I earn, they disappear when I use them, just why is it?

「「「We are off!」」」

It seems Tailing Stalker Girl is going to stick to me all of the time. Don’t really want to reveal my abilities or skills to her. And she is also going to write a report on me, so there is a possibility that if I do anything weird the information will spread. On the other hand, if I take actions that will improve my image, and spread that report, it might explosively boost my Affection Rating.

Okay, actions that can raise Affection Rating. But what exactly are those actions? I kind of suspect that if I knew that my Affection Rating would’ve been quite a lot higher, but generally speaking, doing things that are considered by society to be good, should naturally lead to a more favorable image. What would be good? Distributing sweets might give a good impression, but doesn’t a person that gives sweets to girls every time he sees them sound incredibly suspicious? Wait, that’s me!

Well, what actually shouldn’t be known by Stalker Girl is Armored Pres-san’s existence. There is a matter of her previous occupation, but what’s even more important, that strength is not something that should be seen by other people.

Moreover, bringing Armored Pres-san together will put Stalker Girl at risk. Even during yesterday’s meeting, it seems she was overflowing with caution, half glaring at the girl. Wish I could see that, a Flat Gaze showdown!

That being the case, today we are acting separately. The injury rate of the girls from culture clubs is too high. The dungeon exploration itself is going well, but they seem to be taking too many hits, and going through potions way too fast. Not even to mention that with a Holy Magic-user in possession of『Cure』that potion consumption speed is no good. It’s fine while the damage is limited to wounds, but when something happens it will be too late.

They should greatly improve under the protection and guidance of Armored Pres-san, so I asked her to go with them as a coach.
Most of the culture club girls lean towards middle guard or rear guard, proficient with the sword, control, and debuffs. Their party has almost absolute strength over favorable opponents, but as soon as they encounter someone resistant to magic or status effects they begin to struggle. Well, since they have the librarian they should do fine, but they still should level up their close combat skills, or things might get dangerous.

Sending Shield Girl to them should’ve been enough, but Armored Pres-san can also coach while protecting them at the same time. Plus I also want to get Armored Pres-san away from the Stalker Girl and allow her to get along with other girls as well.

She probably will get happier the more friends she gets, and I want to avoid her sacrificing herself for my sake or following me in death. So I want her to form bonds with more girls, so she wouldn’t be lonely even if something were to happen to me. And in the first place, I think there is a problem with having her Tamed all of the time. Especially in terms of my public image. Seriously.

Armored Pres-san was objecting, vigorously shaking her head, but after pleading, giving her sweets, and a ring, I was able to send her off with the culture club girls. That’s Master’s dignity for ya… I also promised that I will make her a new hat when I get back, so tonight I’m going to be busy with work again. The girls act as if everything is fine, but unlike the boys, this is probably mentally taxing for them, so it’s better to not press them too hard.

So today I’m going to act the part of a harmless nice highschool boy who isn’t that strong on his own, trying to make a favorable impression in order to raise my Affection Rating!

「Whooa, that was super close, right? Aaah, somehow we got them? Or kind of like something like that? Everyone, are you alright? Are you injured? Are you hungry? Want sweets? Is the kind of impression that I give? I guess?」

Show off doing my best to overcome foes in a hard struggle. Now I will be reported as a fine young man, and my popularity will be boosted.

「Haruka-kun, the way you speak is incredibly weird? On top of being monotone, what did you even mean by that『Is the kind of impression that I give』?! You talking nonsense is nothing new, but today your weirdness is off the charts.」

Eh? I didn’t appear like a fine young man? Doing his best during a hard battle and yet worrying about everyone, giving away sweets. Hey, look, ain’t I a nice guy? Like, a super good person?

「Hmmmmm? I~ think the problem~ is that for saying『Whooa, that was super close, right? Aaah, somehow we got them? Or something like that? 』you didn’t struggle at all~, and easily~ were annihilating golems~? Rather~ than showing how earnestly~ you fight, it turned into a golem abuse demonstration~? On top of that~, you keep muttering「Fine Young Man Play」or~「Affection Rating Up」~for everyone to hear~? The plan completely failed~. The role was too much for you~. You are more of a erophiliac type of character?~」

That was a no. And what type of character is that? That’s my first time hearing that? Is there such a thing?

「OOOOoooh! Yeeeeeeah! I found an amazing hidden room at such a place! What a surprise, what do we do? How about this? Kind of?」

40F had a hidden room. Yeah, very natural acting of being surprised after accidentally discovering a hidden room by accidentally touching a wall. Hollywood-level acting, how terrifying.

「You are voicing all of your thoughts aloud. In a way that’s indeed a terrifying way to ruin everything. Also, going in a straight line to a wall and then going『OOOOoooh!』, even we are troubled about how to react. And「Yeeeeah!」was completely unnecessary.」

The acting coach is strict. Stalker Girl is looking at me with a flat gaze. Well, she said that she is going to report what she saw and heard, so it’s fine as it is at the moment.

「A-A treeasure chest at such a place~? What~ an ama~zing find~? What do we dew?」

「Acting stupid won’t help as well, okay? What even made you think that it will give an image of a fine young man? What exactly? Did you ever see such a person anywhere?」

Finally, even Vice President A-san joined with criticism? But I even said it with a sparkling smile? Still no good?

「H-How long have you been under the delusion that I’m not a fine young man? Hmm? Isn’t that weird? Am I not giving away sweets? Am I not?」[1]

「If anyone sees you as a fine young man that’s not a delusion but a legit hallucination! Even hypnosis won’t help, one has to be sleeping to see that!」

「If there was a Fine Young Man Haruka then he undoubtedly would be a fake one! A sham! A fraud! I mean, all he would be doing is giving away sweets at random!」

「Look~? If you go for a lustful young man, I think you might make it~? Or actually, you are already making it in a present progressive form~?」

「「Yaay, sweets~. Yaay!」」

For now, everyone rejoiced when I gave them cookies, so I guess I’m a fine youth? I mean, they are happily munching on them? No one is even looking at the treasure chest at this point. For real.

Opening the chest that no one was interested in I find『Cowing Hat – ViT 10% UP, Intimidation Effect (Greater)』, not an Affection boosting item? Read the mood. Shouldn’t the skill be『Fine Young Man』or something? Isn’t this the time?

What am I supposed to do with Intimidation when I’m trying to raise my Affection Rating? I don’t need it. And it looks kind of like a cowboy hat? There are no gunfighters in this world. Is it because they use magic instead? Speaking of using magic… No! I shouldn’t look at the Great Sage that instead of using magic keeps hammering enemies to death in a grand massacre with great jiggling and swaying and boing boing. If I look at her I will be reported.

「I can take it! It’s cute, and it’s intimidating! I’m gonna be like an adult woman!」

What is this shrimp with cookie crumbs around her mouth talking about? Cowboy hat makes her an intimidating adult woman?

As a result, we now have a mysterious small animal in a cowboy hat and leather armor, that holding axes in both hands spins all over the place. There is nothing adult or intimidating about that.

[TL Notes:
[1] Reference to BLEACH chapter 392. Haruka is using almost the same line as Aizen when he was asked since when he was using Kyōka Suigetsu. It seems that frame became a bit of a meme over there.




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